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Lynx 2012 Advert 1.

The product that this advert is trying to advertise is the new LYNX FINAL EDITION body deodorant for men, as framed in the last shot of the advertisement. There are several shots in the entire advertisement that represent this fact and are a clear and manifest to what the purpose of this product is. For example, we can tell that this product has a target audience of men and therefore, the deodorant is targeted for male buyers. This is because in the entire advert a man is represented and featured as a representative for the institution (Lynx), that in the end is attracting all these women, by wearing the brand or the product, to show the success of the product. This is clear when (seen in chronological order) that women are attracted to the smell or brand AFTER he wears the deodorant. We can also see that this product is an edition of Lynx; this is clearly shown in three frames, whereby in two there is the logo and the brands name clearly stated. This is shown before the character wears the deodorant, to show the audience what kind and which kind of deodorant he is wearing and spraying onto himself. We can also state that the product used is a domestic product used at home or is personal because in a shot in the advert, there is a scene where the character has finished building his ark and where he is just polishing up the remains- sweeping up the floor. Furthermore, we can also state that this product is for hygiene purposes because throughout the whole advert, a man is building an ark and that requires a lot of hard work and by wearing this deodorant it can repel any sweat or unwanted smells that you may have. Lastly, the slogan at the end which is part of the copy written on the advert- stating GET IT ON BEFORE THE END OF THE WORLD- suggests the fact that putting it on, where the it is substituted for Lynx, will make it a better experience for you before the end of the world. 2. The story behind this 2012 advert is based on two concepts- the story of how 2012 is a time to escape supposed ideas and events happening and this is followed on by a form of the protagonist rescuing himself in the way of the escape of an old story (can be called mythology). In order to escape these terrifying events we all associate with 2012, the protagonist is preparing himself as if he were Noah, who had created an ark to overcome fatal floods in the past. This could be the case that this character is trying to overcome floods, but we do not know this for sure. In the beginning of the advert, several shots of a destroyed environment, flock of black crows and devastating vent all set us a scene about the period of time this is occurring. Because of the cars and the modern surroundings, we can conclude that this is occurring in 2012 like the spray suggests.

Towards the end, after the spraying of the Lynx deodorant, it completes the narrative in a more advertised and modern way, whereby it refers to the part of the coming of animals in twos- but this time the spray attracts women in twos. To simply conclude, this is a narrative told in a more unique and advertised way as a form of rescue before all the calamities that are supposed to occur. So that the person can make the most of the product before any calamities or whatever may occur.

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