Jamaat upholds action to crush armed rebellion Lahore, Aug.

20 (PPI): The action taken by the Government of Pakistan to crush the armed rebellion in East Pakistan by the outlawed Awami League in connection with Indian warlords and their agent has been fully upheld by the central council of the Jamaat-i-Islami which went into session for the third consecutive day here today under the presidentship of the Deputy chief of the party Maulana Abdur Rahim. The meeting which was also attended by the party's founder Maulana Syed Abdul Ala Maudoodi unanimously adopted a resolution after considering the issue in all its details and said the Governments action had become inevitable in view of its responsibilities towards preserving national integrity and solidarity. The resolution said the outlawed party had entered into a conspiracy with certain foreign powers for bringing about the secession of the East Wing of the country and had given a blood-bath to the non-Bengali population there. The rebels not only put to sword the civil and military officials of the Government but also mercilessly massacred helpless women and innocent children. In view of these facts the resolutions said central council had hoped that big powers and other civilised Governments of the world would have denounced in clear terms this rebellion and the consequent large scale massacre within the boundaries of a duly recognised country. It was hoped that they would use their offices for curbing the rebels and the powers patting them on the back unfortunately, however, certain powers failed in their duty in this hour of trial and actually fell under the influence of highly mischievous and misleading Indian propaganda. They were now trying to interfere in the internal affairs of a sovereign state by preaching a political solution of the whole issue. These powers openly held the brief for those rebels who were carrying on the Bangla Desh propaganda from soil of a hostile country. This said posture was regarded by the central council as something undermining world peace and dealing a moral blow to the committee of a nation. The resolution said while it is within the rights of a state to curb rebellions these postures had surprisingly enough challenged this right only in the case of Pakistan and had never adapted this attitude towards rebellion within

their own territories and the bid to bring pressure to bear on Pakistan in a matter which was within her sovereign rights was an insult to Pakistan. She could never being treated on the cononial level, it added. In this context the council considered the statement on behalf of the UN Secretary General U Thant as a bid to overstep the limits of his authority. The Statement had greatly damaged his position and status of neutrality as the Secretary General of the world organisation, it said. The resolution also condemned the anti-Pakistan propaganda in which the British press and Radio had been indulging in the recent past to the Indian line. The Central Council urged the Government of Pakistan to ignore totally all political pressure exercised by foreign powers in this matter and go ahead undaunted with the necessary measures for curbing the rebels and preserving the geographical and ideological boundaries of the state. Jamaat urges all-out preparations for Jehad Lahore, Aug. 20 (APP): The Central Council of the Jamaat-e-Islami yesterday called for all out-preparations for Jehad in view of India's continued hostilities and provocations. A resolution passed at the second day session of the Council yesterday said that the spirit of Jehad which is one of the main characteristics of the Muslims, must be sustained to keep the country integrated. The resolution condemned the Indian attempt to disintegrate Pakistan and jeopardise her independence. India, by sending armed infiltrators into East Pakistan, had openly contravened the international law and conventions in complete disregard of moral and human values, the resolution added. The resolution also condemned the Indo-Soviet treaty signed recently in Delhi and said that the treaty had further escalated the Indian hostilities. The Indian rulers first got an Indian airliner "hijacked" through her own agents and then by putting blame for it on Pakistan banned flights of Pakistani planes over her territory, This was a part on Indian plan to disintegrate Pakistan, the resolution said. It added that such conspiracies by India were still going on and by setting up so-called refugees camps she was

not only receiving foreign aid but also making it ground for her false propaganda against Pakistan. The resolution warned the Indian rulers that if they did not change her present attitude the Pakistani masses and armed forces could meet their aggression in the same manner. Peace council will observe Defence day The Pakistan Peace and Welfare Council will observe the "Defence of Pakistan Day" on September 6 with a public meeting at Paltan Maidan to be presided over by Moulvi Farid and addressed by by Maulana Muhammad Nuruzzaman Khan and Mr. Asghar Hossain, former speaker of East Pakistan Assembly, reports APP. The council will also observe the death anniversary of father of the Nation on September 11 with a symposium on "Pakistan is the undying legacy of Quaid to the Nations."

Jamaat for enforcement of MLRs. Lahore, Aug. 21 (PPI): The Central Council Majlis-i-Shura of the Jamaat-iIslami has expressed deep concern over deterioration of law and order situation and urged the law-enforcing agencies of the Government to promulgate the Martial Law regulations strictly for the creation of a peaceful atmosphere in the country. The council met here on the fourth consecutive day under the chairmanship of Maulana Abdur Rahman, Deputy chief of the Jamaat. In a resolution passed at today's session the council observed that if peaceful atmosphere was not created under the cover of the Martial Law, the functioning of any civil government would become extremely difficult. It was all the more necessary when the Head of State had expressed his view in clear terms that his sole aim was the restoration of complete democracy, it added. The Jamaat Council said if the proper attention was not paid towards improving the situation, Fascist elements would disrupt the public peace in West Pakistan as had been done in the East wing.

The Council maintained that the chief Martial Law Administrator after taking over the government had announced that it was the responsibility of the Armed forces of Pakistan to create an environment of complete peace and normalcy. A lot of work was to be done in this connection when tendencies of murder, abduction, murderous attacks in law courts and escapes of convicts from the Jails were increasing. Smuggling of heavy quantity of ammunition and the illegal manufacture of firearms would further aggravate this situation it added. The Jamat Council said no doubt the Government has issued Martial Law Regulations 60 and 78 to control the Law and order situation but these had become ineffective because the administration could not enforce the Regulations strictly. The result was the disruption and disturbance in the economic, political and social life of the country. The Council warned if the Government did not adopt drastic means to improve the situation it would disappoint the people of their future and would result in constant crisis in the country.