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MARK A. RICE 435 Pinehurst Drive Akron, OH 44333 330-515-1846 mr15ace78@westpost.

net OPERATIONS ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP Highly-decorated operations specialist and organizational leader adept at develo ping and leading teams of up to 1700 to maximize productivity. Excels in high-pr essure environments and meets challenging deadlines and requirements. Career his tory includes securing 70% rise in high school recruitment with U.S. Army and ge nerating 280% profit margin growth for private organization. Areas of expertise:

Team Building Leadership Development Organizational Design & Improvement Trai ning Talent Recruitment & Development Budget Management Performance Management P&L Operations Management Program Management Strategic Planning Executive Present ations

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE WHITE HAT MANAGEMENT, Akron, Ohio 2009-2010 President and Chief Operating Officer Redesign educational models, direct improvements to enrollment programs and prof itably manage P&L for three business units with $141M in revenue. Oversee collab oration with 44 school boards across 6 states. Manage performance of Chief Finan cial Officer, Chief Human Capital Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Acad emic Officer, Chief of Staff and the Director, Office of Strategy Management. Re port to CEO, Founder and Board Chairperson. Recruit and hire for key school and corporate leadership positions. Oversee 51 school leaders and over 1700 corporat e, teaching and administrative staff. Key Contributions: Designed academic improvement program using data-driven targeting to develop sp ecific student interventions which saved four schools from closure for poor acad emic performance. Delivered dropout recovery division operating income in excess of $16M for seco nd consecutive year for the first time in the companys 11 year history. Personally negotiated new management agreements with 3 governing boards respons ible for 6 schools Realized second largest graduating class in dropout school division history whi le simultaneously improving academic performance rating of 10 elementary schools Expanded accountability and performance management metrics to all business unit s. Designed companys first 5-year strategic plan, corporate and business unit stra tegy maps and balanced scorecards. Supervised development of 2010-2011 annual operating budget to increase corpora te operating margin by $3.5M despite having 6 fewer schools under management. LIFE SKILLS CENTERS LLC (A White Hat Management Company), Akron, Ohio 2008-2009 Operator of 36 charter schools with 770 employees; specializing in dropout preve ntion and recovery. President

Strengthen educational programming, drive increased enrollment and profitably ma nage P&L for $73M for-profit charter school company. Collaborate with 33 school boards across 5 states. Enhance and manage performance of 4 VPs overseeing finan ce, governance, academic achievement and operations. Report to Founder and Board Chairperson; consult with senior staff and 2 presidents. Recruit and hire key s chool positions. Oversee 36 school leaders and 770 corporate, teaching and admin istrative staff. Key Contributions: Grew student enrollment 31% to 11,900 and exceeded 3-year enrollment peak 8% af ter spearheading grassroots recruiting and retention program. Jumped operating margin 280% over previous year after adding $7M in increased r evenue from enrollment and saving $4M after implementing cost control programs. Increased student attendance 15% and student retention 25% year-over-year. Realized largest graduating class in school history. Improved accountability and performance management for school leaders and staff by launching a data-driven decision making model and key performance indicators ; leveraged process to acquire daily data-based performance feedback. Earned SACS/CASI accreditation for 5 Florida schools. WHITE HAT MANAGEMENT, Akron, Ohio 2008 National education management organization with 3 business units and ~$141M in r evenue. Executive Vice President Coordinated and developed a high-performance team of 45 professionals within the following departments: human resources, finance, governance and compliance, pur chasing, facilities, marketing and public relations, community outreach, state r eporting, business analysis and customer service. Key Contributions: Cut overhead $2M and corporate staffing costs 30% by decentralizing staffing co ncept. Improved decision-making processes by gaining consensus for, and streamlining o rganizational structure of, the Life Skills business unit. UNITED STATES ARMY POSITIONS SPECIAL ASSISTANT FOR RECRUITING (to the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Man power and Reserve Affairs), The Pentagon 2007-2008 Turned around army recruiting center operations as senior military officer in Re cruiting Affairs; championed, architected and presented the Army Experience Cent er concept, achieving approval from Secretary of the Army and leading team of mi litary officers, Department of the Army civilians and civilian contractors to or chestrate design of $15M project. Awarded Legion of Merit. RECRUITING BATTALION COMMANDER, Cleveland, Ohio 2005-2007 Increased recruiting results 15% during tenure by commanding Army recruiting org anization encompassing 222 military and civilian personnel and 28 recruiting sta tions throughout the state. Realized 70% uptick in high school senior recruitmen t during tenure. Improved recruiting performance 300% during 2-month test by lev eraging Gallup Managements Strengthsfinder concepts to launch a team recruiting program; eventually adopted by 6 battalions. Awarded Meritorious Service Medal and Most Improved Battalion 1st Quarter FY06. DEPUTY DIRECTOR, STRATEGIC ADVISORY GROUP, Omaha, Nebraska 2003-2005 Teamed with military liaison officers to orchestrate group committee meetings. P

artnered with the Nuclear Weapons Stockpile Assessment Team to coordinate transp ortation, lodging, financial reimbursements and report compilations for 10 membe rs. Selected as 1st liaison officer with team to draft, revise and submit its an nual report to the Secretary of Defense and the U.S. President. Awarded Defense Meritorious Service Medal. DEPUTY CHIEF EXECUTIVE AND CHIEF OF STAFF, Schweinfurt, Germany 2002-2003 Served as 2nd-in-command for 751-soldier Division Cavalry Squadron. Administered $4.5M operating budget and directed maintenance program for 242 land and air ve hiclesscheduled, trained and ensured performance of 50-person squadron staff. Ma naged delivery of combat support and combat service support during training, pre-combat and combat operations. Played pivotal role i n preparing squadron for deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom within 5 months, including overseeing procurement of 108 armored HMMWVs, designing a targeted mai ntenance program and directing preparation of 30 sea-land containers. Achieved o n-time, on-budget completion of comprehensive tank fleet upgrade. Attained 90% v ehicle operational readiness rate for the entire fleet. Awarded Meritorious Service Medal. OPERATIONS OFFICER, Schweinfurt, Germany 2001-2002 Implemented and executed squadron training strategy, including an unprecedented combined arms maneuver training exercise. Oversaw tactical operations of squadro n battle staff. Developed, trained and managed welfare of 26 officers and soldie rs. DEPUTY CHIEF OF STAFFTRAINING, Wurzburg, Germany 2000-2001 Developed and directed training for the 1st Infantry Division. Designed new trai ning model and managed division ammunition accounts. Ranked #1 officer of 20 on Division Staff. PROGRAM DIRECTOR AND DEPUTY CHIEF EXECUTIVE, West Point, NY 1996-1999 Second in command of a cadet organization of 8 managers, 8 section chiefs and 1 043 cadets. Primary trainer, manager and leader developer for an organization of 110 cadets . Best of 36 in athletics, drill and ceremony, discipline and military skills for school year 1996-1997. TRAINING OFFICER, 3RD ARMORED CAVALRY REGIMENT, Ft Bliss, TX 1994-1995 CAVALRY TROOP COMMANDER, 3RD ARMORED CAVALRY REGIMENT, Ft Bliss, TX 1993-1994 DEPUTY OPERATIONS OFFICER, 3RD ARMORED CAVALRY REGIMENT, Ft Bliss, TX 1992-1993 STUDENT, ARMOR OFFICER ADVANCED COURSE, Ft Knox, KY 1991-1992 AIDE-DE-CAMP, ASSISTANT DIVISION COMMANDER-MANEUVER, Schweinfurt, Germany and Op eration Desert Shield/Desert Storm 1990-1991 PLATOON LEADER & COMPANY EXECUTIVE OFFICER, Schweinfurt, Germany 1988-1990 STUDENT, US ARMY RANGER SCHOOL 1987-1988 EDUCATION Master of Science in Education - Counseling and Leader Development Long Island University CW Post Campus, Brookville, New York

Bachelor of Science in American Politics United States Military Academy West Point, New York Chief Executive Leadership Preparation Course, U.S. Army Corporate-Level Staff and Resource Management School, U.S. Army