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JOHN MURCER 190 Rockaway Avenue Rockaway Boro, NJ 07866 Home (973) 625-0713 Cell (201) 522-1927 jm15b191e@westpost.

net DIRECTOR of OPERATIONS OBJECTIVE: To add value to an organization that can use a well-organized individ ual who is skilled in business management, personnel, operations, accounting man agement, and administrative functions as well as a strong customer service orien tation. SKILLS: Software: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Peachtree, QuickBooks. Accounting: Profit and Loss Analysis, purchasing, inventory, cost analysis, gen eral ledgers, budgeting and forecasting, and monthly reports. EXPERIENCE: DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS & ACCOUNTING Always Express, Carlstadt, NJ (February 2006- Present) I currently work for a small domestic/international Freight Forwarding company located in Northern New Jersey with annual gross sales of nine million. I run th e operations and accounting department, with direct reports from the Operations manager, Warehouse manager, Bookkeeper, Payroll manager and Administrative manag er. My major responsibilities include hiring, rate negotiations with all our dom estic LTL/FTL carriers, Commercial airline carriers, Air cargo carriers, local/n on-local agents, as well as our domestic and international integrators. I also m ake sure we are TSA compliant whenever the TSA implements new rules and regulati ons. I am very active in the accounting department and approve all invoices for accounts payable. I also assist in a minor role in sales trying to bring on addi tional accounts. EXPERIENCE: DISTRICT MANAGER NEW JERSEY Associated Global Systems, Elizabeth, NJ (May 2005-February 2006) I worked for a major freight forwarder in the transportation/logistics industry . I handled all Domestic sales/operations in New Jersey, as well as profit and l oss responsibilities at the station. Some of my functions included overseeing ou r warehouse operations, dispatch operations, owner operators, delivery/pick-up a gents, customer service, inventory management and quality control management, tr ade show logistics, asset recovery and return, product delivery and home deliver y, and our in-house parts distribution division, as well as handled all maintena nce issues at the facility. I was directly responsible for negotiating rates wit h the LTL and FTL Carriers, Air Cargo Carriers, Commercial Airline Carriers and Vendors. I was responsible for bringing in new business, overseeing new start-up accounts, and account management with there existing customers. I also handled all accounting functions, payroll, and customer /vendor billing. EXPERIENCE: OPERATIONS MANAGER NORTHEAST NETWORK Velocity Express, Teterboro, NJ (December 2004-May 2005) Responsible for all major accounts such as Omni care, GE, EZ Rack, Rochester Dr ug, Rite Aid, Nokia, and several other accounts. I accountable for (190) indepen dent contractors working for Velocity out of my facility. I handled all driver s ettlements, rate negotiations with vendors, and I made sure our accounts were pr operly billed. I was also responsible for all new start-up accounts, analyzing c ustomer needs and making sure we were one-hundred percent DOT/OSHA/TSA compliant . I directed all dispatch and warehouse operations, and always maintained a very strong customer service focus. EXPERIENCE: OPERATIONS MANAGER NORTHEAST REGION DHL Danzas, Elizabeth, NJ (July 2003-April 2004) Oversee northeast operations i n logistics, transportation, and warehousing.

Reinforced companys Best Practices in my facility, and made sure all managers a nd employees follow the summarized guidelines. Controlled the overall operations of my agents/vendors at the outer points for the Northeast territory. Responsible for the overall productivity and performanc e. Certified hazardous/dangerous goods coordinator for the entire Northeast Region . Made sure my region was in compliance with TSA rules and regulations, and comp leted CFR 49 and IATA training. Responsible for the performance and productivity of my Night Operations Manager , Administrative Manager, Warehouse Manager and Traffic Manager. Negotiated contract rates and tariffs with our LTL carriers, cargo carriers, an d commercial airlines. Lowering carrier costs increased revenue 15%-20%. Demonstrated excellent account management skills, resulting in an increase of revenue between 20%-30%. Scheduled daily staff meetings to evaluate the progress on specific projects. A nalyzed various methods that accelerated projects to meet required deadlines. EXPERIENCE: OPERATIONS/CONTROLLER. Let it Grow, Inc., River Edge, NJ (Nov. 2001-Ap ril 2003) Prepared monthly, quarterly, and annual reports while supervising six people in the accounting department including the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable personnel, Purchasing Manager and the Payroll Manager. Reduced cost in the overall operation through the application of my knowledge a nd experience in business management and cost analysis. Responsible for all aspects of finance and business administration ranging from bookkeeping, cost accounting, processing all accounting data, and to accounts r eceivable and accounts payable. Prepared and managed the companys finances as well as account reconciliation. Maintained general ledgers, job costing, transferring of funds from one account to another, and handled all cash disbursements and paying the vendors in a time ly manner. Resolved a wide range of customer service and vendor related problems. Controlled inventory from ordering supplies and merchandise to setting prices. EXPERIENCE: DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS. AirNet Systems, Teterboro, NJ (Dec. 1992-Mar. 2 001) Influential Operations professional with comprehensive experience in cost a nalysis, client relationship management, accounting, and general daily operation s. Strengths also included productivity resolution, employee counseling, time ma nagement and vendor relations. Prepared company budget for the branch office. Worked on job costing, P&L state ments, cost accounting and monthly accounting reports. Restructured two other branch offices-New York and Connecticut-with new adminis tration, personnel, branch managers, and also implemented new policies and proce dures. Responsible for the performance and overall productivity of my Operations Manag er, Accounting Manager, Payroll Manager, Sales Manager and Office/Customer Servi ce Manager. Reviewed cost-reduction methods in order to meet quarterly budgets. Made necess ary adjustments if needed to increase overall efficiency. Evaluated all employees and managers, assured compliance of exceptional custome r satisfaction. Influenced the direction of others through compliments and praise. Provided gui dance when needed, and gentle criticism if necessary. Staff members were strongl y motivated to work in this kind of environment. Delegated tasks to other managers. Project completion was always based on indi vidual or team knowledge of appropriate objectives. Assisted in setting up the b est strategy in managing projects. Established an open-door policy for all employees and managers. Personal and/or work related issues were resolved as direct results of personal intervention.

EDUCATION: Rutgers Newark University, School of Management Bachelor of Science in Finance 2001 Montclair State University Bachelor of Science in Accounting 1995 DeVry Institute of Technology Associate in Electrical Engineering 1988 CERTIFICATION: Completed training in the Code of Federal Regulations 49 and IATA - 2005 References available upon request. Willing to travel