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21st of December 2011-12.

Blessed Love, My Lord and Empress, Prince and Princess and Little Ones, Come One! Come All! For this BLACK CHRIST-MAS Call! Come to own your Black God in Flesh, The Risen Lord (1st Epistle of St. John Chapter 4). Bring your Bible and your Hymnbook too! Come and hear the rousing sounds of Daniels Number 1 band, the Number 1 Band in the Land! Life to the Righteous! Death to the wicked! Come and hear seven Priests on the Altar of Melchizedec chant and praise to Our God and King, The Most Right Honourable King Emmanuel Charles Edwards. Come on the 7 th of January to the Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress Church of Salvation from the 6th of January through to the 12th of January 2012, the hills will be alive with the sounds of Nyahbinghi service. The 25th of December is the white worlds Christmas, their Xmas. This is the birthday of Queen Elizabeths grandfather and so it became Christmas for the Black Slaves to this day. Our God is the God of Ethiopia and Our Christmas is the 7th of January and Our New Year 7th of February. Our calendar carries 13 months, not 12 like the western world. For ensample, 7 days make one week, 4 weeks make one month, a month of 4 weeks should only be 28 days, not 29, 30 or 31, that is Babylon. So you have 13 months in Our Ethiopian calendar. We could not give away a continent Ethiopia/Africa for Jamaica, and all small islands. I, King Emmanuel Charles Edwards, worthy Founder, President and Leader of the Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress Church of Salvation with Apostles, Priests, Prophets, Empresses, Princes, Princesses and Little Ones present to the Black Sovereign Nation a time of Peace, Love, Comfort and Joy and Happiness. On LOVE hangs all the Laws and Commandments of the Prophets on the face of the Earth.

Lift up your heads O ye man and be ye lifted up ye ever living hearts and the King of Glory shall come in: who is this King of Glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle JAH is Our King of Glory: Lift up your head O ye man and even lift them up ye ever living hearts and the King of Zion shall come in: who is this King of Zion? The Lord of Hosts he is Our King of Zion: (Psalms 24) Come One! Come All! To this grand Celebration call! Calling all Ethiopian Sons and Daughters, and Sons and Daughters of every nation come to give your thanks and praises to the Black God of Ethiopia: for years ago when he bear the cross in this land of Egypt for us the people. He is the Way, He is the Truth and He is the Life. No man goes to the Father but by the Son, Black Jes-us Emmanuel I. One thing lasts forever and it is Salvation, one Salvation stand, Jes-us Christ Salvation. Give the Black Christ in Flesh your Heart and He will give you His Fathers Ever Living Kingdom: give Him your moments and your days fill them with ceaseless praises. Give Him your intellect; let Him use it in every power that he choose. He is Our Defender and Peacemaker. We love Him because He first loves us. The beginning without end, First without last, Protectorate of all human faith and Ruler of the Universe. Peace and Love! My Peace I leave with you not what the world give unto you but what I Jes-us give to the world. All Black Sons and Daughters must drop politics immediately. No one could mark x to get improvement, x is a symbol of wrong. Satan and Lucifer kingdom is a dead world or a wrong teachment that could not help any one. Hold on to the R Kingdom, the Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress Church of Salvation, RastafarI Righteous Kingdom, Black Supremacy in Righteousness of Salvation. The 5th Kingdom of Jes-us stand. Black people four wings of earth are blood Brothers and Sisters, first Gods and Goddesses of the earth. The Black Man and Woman bring all nation and not one can bring a Black Son and Daughter. All Royal Black Sons and Daughters must come in one Unity not with guns but with the true Divine Salvation the Black Christ Salvation. Drop the white men teaching find love one to another. A loving heart of a loving people true divine Peace and Love. Remember the laws and commandments coming from Moses. Jes-us says if you love Him keep His commandments. Remember the Sabbath day therefore to keep it a holy day. Six days must you labour and do all thy work but the Sabbath day, the seventh day is to be kept holy to the Lord. The Lord blessed the Sabbath, therefore and hallowed it, (Exodus 20 and 31) a truly blessed day. Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. For all that is in the world is the lust of flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life (1 John Chapter 2). Articles 1-2-15-19-30 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights shows that everyone has a Right. Africa for the Africans those at Home and Us Abroad. President Kennedy did pass such Declaration for every one to benefit, yet there is no Human Rights in Jamaica and world wide for the Poor and Have nots.

Freedom, Redemption and International Repatriation is what is needed Right Now! Calling for 7, 9 or 13 miles of Black Starliner High Water Ships to take us Home to Ethiopia/Africa. Education without Justice is slavery. Who is born of God is God, who is born of the devil is satan. Blessed are those who rise in the first resurrection, the second death has no power. R over x, Life over death, Right over wrong, Good over evil.

Christ Kingdom is one of Righteousness an R Kingdom. A Kingdom of Salvation Jes-us Salvation stands forever. It carries no price it is FREE. I am defending a Free World of Righteousness, Peace and Love, where every one live with Equality and Justice, where you visit me and I visit you, where you are rich and I am rich. Where there is no poor! But you do not want that. You want to live on us and have us as slaves. We do not want that, we want the Free World of Christ. We want the Black World. A Black Heart of Peace and Love to One and All! Come with a Heart of Joy! No weapons! No drugs! RIGHTEOUSNESS is mightier than sin. Righteousness exalts a nation but sin bringeth any people to a reproach. All Black Ethiopians come hither and seek the Black Christ Salvation, the only Salvation that stands. The Black was the First from Creation Birth. So in the beginning, so in the end. When you see one you see Christ. Close with 7 words of Love: God Is Love, let us All LOVE. The Royal Committee of the Most Rt. Hon. King Emmanuel Charles Edwards, Brother Moses, The I AM the I AM King of The Rasses, King of The Masses, Creational Crowned Champion of Human Rights, Crowned Champion of Human Justice, Black Secretary General of the Black United Nation, I.N.R.I.