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Messages of Love and Inspiration from the Future

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We Asked Our Readers: If You Were Living 100 Years in the Future in the Year 2109, and You Could Send a Message to People Living in the Year 2009 – What Would You Say?
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We asked our readers: If you were living 100 years in the future in the year 2109, and you could send a message to people living in the year 2009 – What would you say?… We took the many inspiring responses and condensed them into 15 KEY messages .

Motivation. and empower you in every possible way. others are touching. and we received many wonderful words of wisdom in response. Encouragement and Joy) $14.95 FREE We asked our readers to share their personal paranormal experiences. plus we added a few of our own. You’ll also learn      How to research a home’s history The dangers of ghost hunting Types of haunting activity Simple ways to catch a ghost And much more Click here to claim all your FREE gifts . and the overwhelming response far exceeded our expectations.95 FREE We asked our readers to share some of their favorite motivational quotes with us. Some are downright spooky. why not take your time and allow each one to soak into your consciousness? Absorb the meanings behind the words – and apply them into your life to enrich. enliven.Words Of Wisdom (for Inspiration. Not just motivational quotes. but wisdom that spanned a wide array of truly inspiring topics. but all of them are simply …unexplainable. We have compiled those words of wisdom for you here. and we have now compiled 36 of the best stories for you here. Rather than just reading them. Many interesting stories were submitted. 36 True Ghost Stories $14. .

.." "You must look into yourselves.. You need to slow down.. .. Or click here to watch A Message from The Future video with audio..." .." "If you could step outside your perceptions for a moment you could see.that the vastness of the Universe is teeming with possibilities.. If you begin to do these things NOW you will find a new future opening up for you . ..Please click here to watch A Message from The Future video with captions.a great future. The Message… "You must wake up and take back responsibility for yourselves. pray to your higher being and follow your intuition. so you can learn quicker! Meditate.and even the future that I come from can be changed now.

. the world outside of you will just be a reflection of who you really are inside. .allow yourself to experience the moment.. Choose not to accept the human limitations and disempowering conditionings of your time.... Make your contribution a big one" "Your mind is a very powerful and sophisticated vehicle.We start to find what really is important in our lives and it is not just eliminating toxins. You cannot imagine the glory.. Above all.. love and respect" "You are a being with infinite amounts of potential. caring.. Ending war is possible if enough people truly believe it has already ended and hold onto this vision."Take heart because when the times get hard we tend to go back to our roots in ourselves.. The Ripple effect is amazing!" "Decide now to become one with universal consciousness in all human endeavors. relieving stress. young or old." "Believe that we are all connected.It is our real connection to everything" "Think and dream big. Stop quibbling and bickering over triviality. rich or poor. Choose wisely and Be accordingly. Aspire to higher spirituality. treat everyone." "Avoid regret rather strive for progress. Every person changes the world in some way.. Know that every time you believe and really feel it. . A single person in every city and town of the world holding the same vision puts it into warp speed. Love unconditionally. .. Once you accept this truth. and appreciate every aspect of life that you create.. Keep up the belief and soon the trees will bow in your presence. and eating natural foods. greater awareness & peaceful serenity.. beauty. Believe and reinvent the fine art of pretending as if it’s real." "Fear not. and soulful freedom that await you. Remember to Re-member yourself.." "Continue to take care of your own DNA and that of your children. Believe in your innate power. Give and receive love and work towards a better future. Believe that love is the ultimate good. . The best is yet to come.. . black or white with courtesy. Learn to use the rest of that untapped 90% that limits you from true freedom" "Pay attention to dreams and children. Love creates and nurtures. sharing.." "Loving. there is wisdom to be learned if you choose to see. simply being and so much more..." . healing. across time. are all only possible in the 'living now'. Choose to acknowledge what is. Across continents. creation alters herself by bending to your will." "You have the choice of how you live this experience." "Believe in yourself." "Live in joy. we are connected by the simple fact that we exist.. communicating..whether in struggle or harmony on Earth.

We all live together as one. transformed the world in ways you did imagine. ."You tended to that which supported your life force. . Don’t lose hope. The energies of Oneness." "Those of the Light do not be discouraged – your heart filled diligence to spread the Great taught your children from the cradle. even now it isn’t yet over. You will create it.. you are amazing. and they in turn taught theirs..and awaken humanity to a passionate and joyful way of being..” "Be Renegades for truth. we are truly powerful. we are here because you did this. We asked our Evolution Ezine readers "If you were living 100 years in the future and could send back a message to humanity today..” "We have no borders or boundaries. We love you.You are part of the quest that gave rise to it. You must understand that we are all but one." "My era is grand and beautiful. Tomorrow is coming.. no bombs or guns. .. fed it with truth and when you learned how to do this. Love and Gratitude abound in a world where every Being is having a glorious grand adventure. what would it be?" You answered and we put 23 of your messages together to create 1 united message. justice and humanity" "If we all work together as one with unconditional love for humanity we can accomplish anything" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Where is the message from? From You. thank you. Together. This journey will be long and sometimes trying... Individually.. The world is peaceful and safe ... Don’t fear.. Peace.

Before long. So if you have read this and times are hard please just stay with in yourself and be happy that better things are to come I hope this message helps you to see what is really important bye from 2109 and thanks for finding your way so I could have the life that I have had. If we instead see problems as an opportunity to reflect and reconnect with our inner selves. I know you have had a rough year. rather than assuming that all is lost. meaning and growth in all areas of our lives. denial or anxiety. resistance. But take heart because when the times get hard we tend to go back to our roots in ourselves. or even make them worse by taking hasty actions born from fear. – Contributed by Charles Challenges Give Birth to Great Opportunity When we’re in the midst of challenges it can be hard to remember that they are temporary. a wise first move is to recognize it for what it is: a situation that can play out in many different ways. we often open ourselves to the perfect solutions to make the challenges fade away – or at least find ways to accept and deal with them effectively. Rather than assuming that the universe is punishing us for something we’ve done wrong. If we react with anger.” A wise second move is to look within ourselves and acknowledge any role that we played in the creation of the circumstances that birthed the challenge. We get stuck in feelings of fear and powerlessness and struggle – and we forget that our reaction to these hardships can either make them better or worse.Messages From The Future Reader Contribution: Hello 2009. When challenges come knocking on our door. “You have no power over me. we are sure to keep the problems going. Have we been ignoring our intuitive insights? Have we been trying to force outer conditions to adhere to our wishes? Have we been unclear about what we want? Through a period of inner reflection and surrender to the universe. We start to find what really is important in our lives and it is not just stuff. . we can simply look that challenge right in the face and say. the problems turn into gateways for building something even better. rather than assuming that disaster is just around the corner. we realize that our willingness to face our challenges and trust the universe has opened the door to a new period of clarity.

and forgiving those who have wronged you so you can let go of the pain and move forward feeling whole and happy. . joyously and eagerly. While it may not be possible to avoid changes that seem negative at first glance.Contributed by dshawn101 It’s easy to forget that we cannot stop change from happening all around us. anger and frustration. . But how? The first step is to acknowledge that trying to control outer circumstances is an exercise in futility. This process of inner transformation is not a one-time event. . like feelings of helplessness. That may sound defeatist. young or old. Within and Without Reader Contribution: Change is the only constant. The second step is to accept that things are the way they are in our lives. believe and do right now in each moment is actually paving the path to your future. your inner strength even stronger. The third and final step is to remember that everything you think. Unfortunately. we will become masters at handling change – gracefully. There is great power in working each day to get your thoughts into a positive place. love and respect in this life‟s greatest lessons are learned and it‟s greatest riches unfold…. above all treat everyone. rich or poor. but we are not powerless in the face of change – far from it! The secret lies in knowing how to change ourselves rather than trying to control everyone and everything around us. You cannot change the past. That may sound easy but you’d be surprised how much resistance many of us have to that truth. changing limiting or self-defeating beliefs. places and things that are familiar to us. black or white with courtesy. We are fighting against forces far bigger and stronger than we are.Change is Constant . therefore change your mindset (attitude and actions) and you change your future (expectations and outcome). letting go of regrets. Trying to stop things in our outer lives from changing is like trying to stop the ocean’s tide from coming in. Therefore live like this is your last day on earth. our fear of change is usually responsible for many of our negative emotions each day. avoid regret rather strive for progress. it will continue as you grow and learn for the rest of your life. you can only alter the present so that your then won‟t be a repeat of your now. and your enthusiasm for the next amazing phase on your journey will grow bigger than you ever thought possible. If we can learn how to adapt from within whenever we are faced with a situation that makes us feel uncomfortable. say. Many of us resist that truth because we feel more comfortable with people. and remember that they do not always have to be this way. we do have the power to call forth many more wonderful changes to balance the negatives out. But with each passing day your thoughts will become clearer.

Love and joy are abundant. Keeping a detached attitude like this is the surest way to a successful outcome. Rather than expecting immediate miracles. Don‟t lose hope. and that is by acting from a sense of love and a desire to make a difference. This journey will be long and sometimes trying. we can hold an inner expectation that everything we do is making a difference. but when nothing outwardly seems to be changing. we can’t allow an apparent lack of results stop us. – Contributed by Elithian Can you imagine how motivating it would be to receive confirmation from the future that our present efforts have helped change the world for the better? Often. Amazing scientific and technological discoveries have been made. You are part of the quest that gave rise to it. and then letting go. When it comes to large goals that take many years to complete. You will create it.Acting From Love and Letting Go Reader Contribution: My era is grand and beautiful. You have a claim to it. Poverty is virtually eradicated. There is simply too much at stake and the consequences are too vast. We can see our actions as laying an important foundation upon which growth and progress can happen later. no matter how long it takes to become obvious. we have to trust that they will become obvious at some point and simply stay focused on taking the actions that feel right to us now. They may start out feeling inspired and eager to help make a difference. even if we can’t see that yet. they may think that they aren’t making a difference after all and give up. “Letting go” means trusting that our positive thoughts and actions have made a difference. . There is a way to overcome feelings of disillusionment however. This is not only my world. The world is peaceful and safe. We can see our actions as a labor of love that makes us feel good that we’re doing what we can. people who are working for the greater good end up feeling disillusioned and defeated because they cannot see immediate results from their efforts. Tomorrow is coming. Humans live sustainably. harmoniously with nature. Middle Eastern issues were solved with the cultural explosion now called the Muslim renaissance. even now it isn‟t yet over. Don‟t fear. Even if the changes won’t be obvious for another one hundred or two hundred years.

This perception comes from our linear view of the universe – seeing the past. The happier we are.NOW is All We Have Reader Contribution: Truth is. present and future as consecutive events. that anyone who has taken the so called “ride of the ages” is so much more appreciative of the now than those without the experience. I can say unequivocally that “now” is the time ever. Such is our manifest destiny. a work of genius in applied quantum mechanics. – Contributed by Eduard Many of us have a habit of expending our energy in two directions: past and future. If you were to accept this as the truth. actions and attitudes right now will keep echoing and replicating into every aspect of our future lives. Loving. is it not. simply being and so much more. electrical engineering and who knows what! It is interesting though. We don’t have to purposely try to control the future because our thoughts. What we often fail to realize is that by making THIS moment the best it can be. Many a participant has stepped out of the machine looking both wide eyed and full of wonder like children . But we often forget to focus on now. communicating. sharing. we automatically lend that energy to creating a better future. We focus on the past with regret. the more we focus on the blessings we have right NOW – we carry that positive energy into every moment in our future too. caring. . All possible realities and experiences are actually happening simultaneously. healing. anger or resentment. Recent scientific theories tell us that there is no past or future – there is only now. are all only possible in the “living now” it is our real connection to everything. the more kindness and compassion we can express to others. physics. This being Christmas Eve allow me to share with you this “present” through which all change comes. and we look toward the future with hope.… We have all been to the future as we have all been to the past. this moment. the more love we share. „without a doubt the time machine is a marvel of the ages. just in alternate dimensions. determination and excitement. how might it affect the way you live your life today? Would you stop worrying about things that happened in the past? Would you stop trying to control the future? Would you let go of old hurts and grudges and fears and instead just focus on enjoying this present moment? One of the reasons people often resist living in the present moment is that they believe they must control the future by taking specific actions today.

so you can learn quicker! Meditate. The answer may come through a mental image. a spark of an idea. Some of you are afraid the world is ending. and then turn your attention inward. The more you consistently tune in and use your intuition. regular practice is required. Learn to trust yourself and you will be better able to trust others in turn. What if this advisor always had the perfect answer to every question. I‟m sending this message so you know the world has hope. Spend a few minutes getting very relaxed. the more easily you will be able to discern between random thoughts and true intuitive insights. They’re not sure how to tell if they’re really getting an intuitive insight. This message is to tell you there is hope! BUT. meditate and listen to your inner self. or if they are imagining things. a great economy and abundant JOY. others are afraid there job will soon end. or even a sense of immediately knowing the right course of action. They’re afraid to trust their intuition because they might be misinterpreting the signals.Slowing Down and Listening Reader Contribution: Hello folks! This is Shell from the year 2109! I‟ll bet your really surprised to hear from me today. even before you could ask it? What if this advisor didn’t charge you a cent for his or her wisdom and guidance? Would you seek the insight of this advisor frequently? Most of us would! Believe it or not. because your intuition can easily guide you to the solutions to every issue. a feeling in your gut. If you begin to do these things NOW you will find a new future opening up for you…a great future…2109 is beautiful. problem and challenge that relates to the world and humanity as a whole. do your best to surrender the situation and they will likely show up at a later time. yet others are just plain scared. You need to slow down. that there is a future. And all we did to get here was to: Relax. you must look into yourselves. . breathing deeply. We have clean air. – Contributed by Marshell Russell Imagine if you had a wise and loving advisor that could tell you how to create your best possible life. Ask questions regarding issues you would like to receive insight on. Has this been your experience too? Learning to work with your intuition isn’t hard – but like anything else. sit quietly and wait for an answer. He or she is always with you – it is your intuition! Intuition can be a confusing concept for some people because they haven’t had a lot of practice using it. There are a lot of you feeling desperate right now. If no answers come right away. you DO have the ability to consult this advisor any time you like. and follow your intuition. The best way to get started is by sitting quietly each morning and having a “meeting” with your intuition. Learning how to use and strengthen your intuition is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself – and doing so will benefit future generations too. pray to your higher being (god for me). no worries. take your time. such as: “Is accepting this new job the best move for me right now? What can I do to heal my relationship with my spouse? How can I increase my income and provide more security for my family?” After asking each question.

feelings of anger or victimization. and fatigue. But it’s when life is at its busiest that we really NEED that time to reconnect to our source. Inwardly you may notice an increasing sense of emptiness or loneliness. community obligations. volunteer work and more. without and all around you! – Contributed by Alpha Omega Some might say that the state of our world today is a result of people becoming disconnected from their inner selves. What kind of future can be created by joyful. It’s the part of you that is always connected to a higher source of spiritual energy. Once you strengthen that inner connection. it is the part of you that transcends the physical. peaceful. within. busy social schedules. and experience physical symptoms like random aches. you feel joyful. family obligations.” but the concept is the same. Rather than depleted. pains. you feel empowered. Outwardly. Rather than angry. you may notice that your relationships seem distant or dissatisfactory. The good news is that it doesn’t take much effort to remedy that.Connecting With Your Inner Self Reader Contributions: The message I would send back is to have more people help others to realize that they indead do have a higher self(spirit if you like)and that if we all work together as one with unconditional love for humanity we can accomplish anything. everything else seems to mend more easily too. you feel peaceful. tired of the daily grind. All of these symptoms can be signs that you are not allowing the energy of your spirit to be fully present. You may call your source “God. and a yearning for something deeper that you can’t explain.” “universal energy. – Contributed by Ralph Endeavour to discover God (SELF). When you become disconnected from this part of yourself. empowered people? We’re betting on a breathtaking one! . In such a fast-paced routine it’s easy to feel as if we have no time for spiritual pursuits like meditation or reflection. heavy traffic and long commutes. We have a lot of distractions in our modern-day society – cell phones.” “spirit. hectic work schedules. you may feel disinterested in your work.” or even “love. Simply sitting quietly in meditation or spiritual reflection for a few minutes each day can go a long way in reconnecting with your spiritual center. it shows clearly in both internal and external ways. Rather than stressed.

The Power of the Ripple Effect Reader Contribution: LIVE in JOY. but the truth is that we are interconnected with everyone and everything on the planet.” or you could simply see it as a ripple effect – what goes around. Just like tossing a pebble into a still body of water. and those people will spread it to still more people – and those ripples will make their way around the entire globe! The result: massive positive change. The question to ask yourself is. water – everything animate and inanimate has a “life force”. insects. But you can just as easily choose to color your pebbles with joy. all because you cared enough to improve the quality of your thoughts. love. you can see tiny waves rippling out from the center of impact. For example. words and actions. LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY NOW!! The Ripple effect is amazing!! – Contributed by Anna Banguilan Have you ever considered how your day-to-day attitude and actions affect the world in a broader sense? Most of us have the perception that we are islands unto ourselves. love and kindness – and joy. encouragement and peace everywhere you go can have a powerful effect on the world in general. will spread that positive energy to still more people. you attract people and events that amplify your happiness. The life force in every one of these things reaches out and mingles with the life force of everything else. plants. you attract more irritating people and events. rocks. have you ever noticed that you tend to attract people and experiences that mirror how you are feeling at the time? When you feel irritated. People. comes around. communicating and sharing energy back and forth. kindness. you can see how a negative attitude or fearful thoughts might create a ripple effect that carries waves of negativity to everyone and everything that you encounter while in that state of mind. . When you feel happy. in turn. animals. animals and objects around you. That means that everything you say and do – even everything you think – has an effect on the people. Keeping this in mind. what kind of pebbles am I tossing into my life? If most of your pebbles are negative in tone. and negativity must come back. love and kindness must come rippling back to you in endless wonderful ways. the ripples that go out from you will be negative too. You could call this mysterious magnetism the “law of attraction. simply because your life force energy will ripple out to influence others. Creating a conscious habit of spreading joy. They.

by flowing your own powerful. It doesn’t feel like work. It means rising above the thinking that created the problems in the first place and connecting with our inner passion to create something better. live it. they believe that the solution must be there somewhere if they can just focus hard enough to see it. what if you were passionate about finding ways to feed the hungry? Rather than feeling frightened about violence and terrorism. photography.Living With Passion Reader Contribution: Do it. you may be passionate about a creative activity like painting. and they allow outer expressions of misery and hardship to paralyze them – which does nothing but make them feel even more powerless. what if you were passionate about spreading a message of peace and harmony? What if. they wallow in feelings of sadness and helplessness for those who are suffering. While you are immersed in this activity you lose all track of time and you feel invigorated and energetic. the physical actions you take seem to flow easily. That doesn’t mean ignoring problems and doing nothing about them. But they forget that the solution never exists in the same place as the problem. it feels like fun. passionate energy toward the solutions. When you are passionate about something. live it. you flow tremendous amounts of energy toward it – have you ever noticed that? For example. you inspired others around the world to do the same? Can you imagine the power of such a movement over the span of 100 years? “Do it. be it. It’s understandable why people form these habits of negative focus. To find the solutions. This same concept can be applied to the resolution of any and all problems – just stop focusing on the problem and start feeling passionate about finding and applying the solution! Rather than feeling helpless about world hunger. As a result. love it” – a perfect example of the kind of passion can move mountains! . or gardening. be it. we must turn our attention away from the problems. LOVE it!!! – Contributed by Josh Holmes Have you ever noticed that many people tend to get stuck in focusing on the problems of the world? They obsess about the excessive use of resources.

and I like myself. Make your contribution a big one that is highly satisfactory to you. such as subliminal CD‟s that can help you accomplish this.Loving Yourself. . low self-esteem simply means not liking yourself very much – and obviously. – Contributed by Helon Clay You may have heard it said that you can’t love others until you truly love yourself first. When you truly love yourself. People like me. Think about the good things you have accomplished in the past.” Over time. so we learn to downplay our brilliance. At its core. Say to yourself regularly. you can do it! Every person changes the world in some way. and you don’t hesitate to take action to make a difference. liking yourself will gently and naturally turn into genuine. all of the people you could have touched in your lifetime will not receive the gift of love. Everything you say and do stems from the perception you hold of yourself. You are more loving toward others. you will find that people. “I’m a good person. Learning to love yourself isn’t as hard as it may seem – simply start by liking yourself. healthy self-love. encouragement. you will hold back using them to their fullest possible extent. If you don’t like yourself or love yourself. There are many books and other products. Changing the World Reader Contribution: If you have high self esteem. You may think that this would only affect you. because with high self esteem. you can accomplish anything. you probably can’t recognize your own talents and abilities. resources and opportunities are magnetically drawn to you from every possible direction and you become much more empowered to live a life that contributes immensely to the world in endless ways. we eventually stop recognizing it altogether. The problem is that many of us are taught that loving ourselves means being vain or conceited. Sadly. I have a lot to offer the world. Make a list of your positive qualities. Building your self-esteem is a powerful way to increase the impact you have on the world around you. When you feel good about yourself. Think and dream big. insight. You feel inspired and eager to make a difference. not liking yourself definitely means you don’t love yourself. which means you will give less to the world than you could. compassion or guidance that would have helped them not only improve their own lives but would have helped them reach out to help others too. but it actually has a powerful impact on everyone you touch. Not only do we downplay it. And if you don’t recognize those talents and abilities. you are more confident.

During this time you can meditate. start small. not less. If this describes your life. by taking the time to properly care for yourself. more productive lives. by putting yourself at the top of your priority list. relieving stress. read. and they in turn taught theirs. You may feel some resistance to this idea if you have a demanding job or family responsibilities and don’t feel as if you can spare time for yourself. Our lack of attention to self-care is often the result of skewed priorities. To compensate. what if you began to feel increasingly more happy. you could more easily handle these life challenges? What if. – Contributed by Kerry Self-care is something that many of us fail to devote a proper amount of attention to – yet it is one major thing that can help us lead happier. fed it with truth and when you learned how to do this. efficient and energetic so you were able to meet your daily obligations with ease? Even better. – Contributed by Stacy You understood that you are responsible for your own life force. . light and peaceful so that your interactions with others became more harmonious too? When you make time for yourself each day. and when you understood that as truth you cleaned up the mess that not being aware of this responsibility created. You tended to that which supported your life force.Caring for Yourself and Future Generations Reader Contributions: Thank you for making it possible for us to be here! Continue to take care of your own DNA and that of your children. If you feel intimidated about taking time for yourself. soak in a bath. healthier. we are here because you did this. the solution is clear: start caring for yourself as one of your top priorities. but over time their effectiveness declines so we need to take more and more of them. you will be teaching future generations by example that selfcare is good for you – and it’s a requirement for a truly healthy. We allow our work. you ended up being more organized. Try allotting five or ten minutes for yourself once or twice a day. or just enjoy a few minutes of silence. Eventually. but instead prosper and become blessings to everyone else. happy world. Carry on the importance of love so that your great grandchildren will not destroy themselves. by eliminating toxins. everything else in your life will seem to flow smoothly and easily – and ironically it will seem as if you have MORE time available to devote to others. family obligations and chores to take priority over our own well-being. we rely on stimulants and chemicals to provide energy. Not only will you feel better. and eating natural foods. But look at this situation from a different angle: What if. The problem with doing this is that over time we end up depleting ourselves far beyond our reserves of strength and vitality so we are consistently running on empty. thank you. you taught your children from the cradle. continuing down this road will result in illness or other expressions of physical and mental imbalance.

Share your knowledge with your children. family members and friends so they can also start doing their part. you can cover quite a distance! One of the main contributors to feeling overwhelmed with such a big job is confusion about where to start. Learn as much as you can about the benefits of reducing water and energy consumption. Focus on what you CAN do rather than feeling overwhelmed by what you can’t. Just like improving the health and well-being of our own bodies. and doing your part to keep the environment clean. Join forces with other people in your community that are working toward a healthier planet. Do you think the people in 2109 and beyond would thank us for that? . There are thousands of great organizations working toward various causes that will have a positive impact on the environment. Imagine the impact that even modest conservation efforts could have in a 100 year time period. One Small Step at a Time Reader Contribution: Please save water for us. we could extend the life and vitality of our planet by thousands of years.Healing the World. Getting involved is one sure way to shake off those feelings of confusion. helplessness and fear. a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. recycling. As the old saying goes. when we remember that any large goal can be broken down into numerous smaller goals. How do we take that first step when there seem to be endless directions in which we should be focusing? Education can go a long way in reducing confusion and provide a clear map of the initial steps to take. moderate daily changes in lifestyle habits can yield powerful results over time. it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the goal. like the preservation of rainforests or endangered animals. However. Support causes that are important to you. And if you take hundreds or thousands of single steps. If each of us did our part and made enough small changes each day during the next 100 years. – Contributed by Madhav Looking at the changes that are still needed to heal and balance our planet’s eco-system. suddenly the end result seems much more achievable.

and that you can’t trust anyone. gentle yet firm when necessary. or excessively meek. violent. see more examples of fear around you. Fear inspires actions that are petty. It can even mean standing up for what you believe in. Nor does it mean turning yourself into a doormat for people to walk all over. and that you are invulnerable. how to search for it. Living in love does not mean turning into a person who can’t express anger or frustration. fiercely and powerfully. unkind. making you believe that you need to gain the upper hand over others before they gain the upper hand over you – or fear can make you feel powerless so that others do gain the upper hand over you. Love inspires actions that are compassionate. Be at Peace Harmonize. There is no need to compete or fight with others because we are all one. As Best We Can Try Harder. see more expressions of love around you. A fearful mind-set can stimulate aggression. that others are trying to manipulate you. To do the same as I have done is wisdom and time then comes the keeper of love. that most people are generally good. or a person who is annoyingly positive all the time. ask for it and be it. The funny thing about these two opposing mind-sets is that everything in your world will seem to mirror back how you feel. Live in fear. Live in Love Amen – Contributed by Roberta Devine My message would be: to all those who read this I have lived and seen many things in the hundred years I have lived. A loving mind-set fosters the perception of peace. and respectful.Living in Love Reader Contributions: One thing and all things. harmony and plenty for all. jealous. . Correct decisions a must. It means treating others as you would like to be treated. A loving mind-set creates the perception that the world is a wonderful place. A fearful mind-set creates the perception that the world is out to get you. I was born from love and during the hundred years I learned what this love was. Live in love. Every moment lived. aggressive. examining your motivation before saying or doing something that might be hurtful to others or to yourself. Truth in each second. – Contributed by Debbie Have you ever considered how your life might change if you began to live every moment from a deep sense of love? Most people fluctuate back and forth between actions stemming from a sense of fear or a sense of love. You get to choose.

empowered person? Over the years you may have done what many of us do. you created a ripple effect of spiritual growth and evolution that would change the world in untold beneficial ways? Remember that you have not lost your potential. And somewhere along the way you lost that inner spark and your hopes and dreams were banished to the realm of Fantasies-That-Aren’t-Very-Practical. Perceive and feel your own thoughts as your beloved. – Contributed by Yahya Have you ever looked back across the years of your life and regretted not tapping your true potential? Can you remember being young and energetic. Choose to acknowledge what is. by inventing your neat gadget you could provide a technological foundation for even bigger inventions that would impact our world for generations to come? What if. what if you knew that it wasn’t too late? What if you could still breathe that inner spark back to life and go on to create a truly fulfilling and satisfying life? What if your hopes and dreams were not born accidentally but were given to you because only you have the power to make them come true? What if. You finished your education. the world outside of you will just be a reflection of who you really are inside. and I promise you things will only get better. maybe even got married and had children. waiting to be realized. Remember that you deserve it. allow yourself to experience the moment. Once you accept this truth. by writing that novel you could inspire the next generation to create harmony between nations? What if. Choose not to accept the human limitations and disempowering conditionings of your time. . However. feeling eager to get started living your own life and calling your own shots? What happened to that vibrant. or whether you have accomplished nothing at all. It is still there within you. and appreciate every aspect of life that you create. filled with dreams for a wonderful future. You are being with infinite amounts of potential. It does not matter how old you are now.Remembering Who You Are Reader Contribution: Remember. and so does the world. Re-member yourselves to who you really are. Remember to Re-member yourselves. by making your individual contributions to humanity. Allow the inner essence of Who You Are to rise to the surface and begin creating the life of your dreams. This is what I call love. It does not matter what you have accomplished thus far. got a job. begun living your life on autopilot.

working to create peace. Children are masters at creation through their unbending belief that pretending long enough makes it so. Believe in yourself. but each of us can contribute by doing three things: 1) First. 2) Second. Our combined creative energy is strong enough to move mountains and affect massive. we can create it. It may not happen overnight. That which you believe is true of the world is but a perceptual illusion. Believe and reinvent the fine art of pretending as if it‟s real. If you could step outside your perceptions for a moment you could see that the vastness of the Universe is teeming with possibilities and even the future that I come from can be changed now. We simply have to stay focused on our vision for the world and our creative energy will join the creative energy of millions of other people who are focused on the same goal. Just as your personal world is a reflection of your dominant beliefs. Know that every time you believe and really feel it. harmony and plenty for all. creation alters herself by bending to your will. famine. Anything you can conceive of is possible. humanity. A single person in every city and town of the world holding the same vision puts it into warp speed. plentiful world. especially worldly events like war. If enough of us believe in peace. We. . It often seems like so much is out of our control. The best part of this process is that not everyone on the planet has to go along with our wishes. found a way through the crisis they portrayed us to have created. We don’t even have to communicate our goals to others at all. Keep up the belief and soon the trees will bow in your presence. That I am here is proof that the negativity spreaders were wrong. and violence. taking action wherever and whenever we can to make the vision a reality. From a new pair of shoes to being a best selling author is achievable. Even our own life circumstances can seem intimidating and uncooperative – if we can’t pay the bills and keep our lives in order. harmonious. recession. We don’t have to force other people to adopt our ideals or embrace our beliefs. – Contributed by lerlsway Everything is possible. holding an unwavering vision of a peaceful. – Contributed by Debra It’s easy to forget sometimes that we have the power to make our world into virtually anything we desire. Thousands – millions – of little steps like these can change the world. how are we supposed to create a better world for future generations? It all starts with the power of belief. Believe in your innate power.Expanding Your Vision of What Is Possible Reader Contributions: Each moment is full of unlimited possibilities. harmony and plenty in our own lives. the world in general is a reflection of our collective beliefs as a people. global change. 3) Third. Ending war is possible if enough people truly believe it has already ended and hold onto this vision. positive.

the squabbles with family members. or when someone does or says something that hurts your feelings – pause and ask yourself. . “How important is this. love. and with each generation the ride will simply keep getting better. and the fun you had along the way? Perspective can be a funny thing. Believe it or not. – Contributed by Kathie When your time comes to leave this earth. what do you think you will remember most? Will you remember the failed goals. do you remember when another child grabbed your favorite toy away? Most certainly it happened at one time (maybe more than once). like squeezing out every drop of joy. the love you shared with others. See every moment of your life journey as a thrilling ride that just gets better and better the longer you live. You simply won’t care enough about them to remember them. more fun and more meaningful to those who take it. the weekly business grind? Or will you remember the joy. When you start to feel frustrated or annoyed about something. passion and fun that life has to offer. This insight can be a powerful way to avoid getting “stuck” unnecessarily in your daily life. more exciting. or 100 years old. twenty or fifty years from now?” Most often the answer will be no. and at the time it was likely a very big deal to you. A good example to demonstrate this point: think back to when you were a child. really? Will I care about this ten. The present scary as it may seem will compare only as a kiddie ride after we‟ve experienced the bigger ride we are sure to discover in our future. Diminish the importance of petty annoyances in your own mind and you will have an easy time letting go of them. 90. the celebrations. but now you probably can’t remember it clearly – or at all. Share your love of life with younger generations so they will do the same. many of the issues that bother you so much in your present day will completely fade from your memory by the time you are 80.Enjoying the Journey Reader Contribution: Hang on kiddies this ride you‟re on now is just preparing you for a much bigger ride. Then you will be free to focus on the things that really matter. happiness. Some of the things that seem so big and important to you now will not matter a single bit 20 or 30 years from now.

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