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IVAN MENDEZ P.O. Box 1452 Trenton, New Jersey (609) 540-3039 SUMMARY of QUALIFICATIONS: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? A highly motivated, self-starting law enforcement and security professional and manager with exceptional organizational and communication skills. Recognized as a consistently productive team leader and member who can train, mentor and motivate others to similarly high levels of work. A solid problem solver and a very quick study, who will always add to the team???s effectiveness, and to bottom line results. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 1994???March 2011 TRENTON POLICE DEPARTMENT, Trenton, New Jersey 2005???March 2011 Watch Commander/Desk Sergeant (Retired) Under the supervision of the COC (Commanding Officer in Charge) performed duties as Desk Sergeant/Watch Commander responsible for directing, coordinating and overseeing patrol operations, approving actions during the shift and managing incidents while ensuring the delivery of quality service in line with departmental standard operating procedures, state and federal laws. Effectively coordinate with administration and directorate personnel during day-to-day operations and emergency situations. Responsible for the entire building structures, parking areas, off-site locations related to safety, security and violence prevention, as well as conducting security assessments, and implementing security solutions to assist the organization with the assessment and improvement of their security infrastructure. Monitor and maintain security close circuit and surveillance equipment Function as the COC (in the absence of the Commanding Officer in Charge) overseeing four districts, sixty sworn officers, and responsible for law enforcement equipment ($1.5M). . Ensure appropriate deployment of officers depending upon crime trends in specific geographic areas. Prepare daily post and car plan assignments and handle roll call training. As the South District Supervisor, managed patrol officers on foot and in vehicles; review and post orders, review and approve reports, prepare and investigate personnel & citizen complaints, and respond to scenes of serious crimes. Coordinate assignments and dispatch personnel and field supervisors as needed. Train, mentor, supervise officers and maintain all records. Maintain key control for numerous buildings and vehicles, issuing specialized equipment as required. Ensure daily schedules are handled effectively, while carrying out day-to-day field operations and security planning. Responsible for financial budgets, recruiting, hiring, and training police/security staff. Evaluate service quality, taking corrective measures deemed necessary. Analyze governmental building structures, as well as patrol districts for potential threats and or problems that disrupt public safety. Perform maintenance inspections and emergency practice exercises, communicating concerns and facilitating action through the appropriate individuals to ensure a safe work environment. Ability to diffuse hostile situations through de-escalation and non-violent crisis intervention techniques

As an important part of meetings to promote the Programs. Teach classes facilities, and perform

community outreach efforts, attend community Department???s goals and missions, and local Safety at the Police Academy and other law enforcement related duties.

Responsible for the operation of Detention Cells ensuring all regulations pertaining to the placement of personnel in a cell has been complied with before an individual is placed in a cell and for the safety and security of all prisoners. Crime Scene Supervisor, Detective Sergeant Plan, coordinate, assign, supervise and evaluate the work of Crime Scene Investigators and Evidence Technicians. Train Crime Scene Investigators and Evidence Technicians in the most current methods of identification, collection, recording and preservation of evidence found at crime scenes for further laboratory examination, analysis and processing. Assist with the development of administrative policies and procedures for the CSU. Also function in the full capacity of Crime Scene Investigator during particularly busy periods of work. Review and approve reports prepared by Crime Scene Investigators and Evidence Technicians to document findings of evidence. Prepare evidence and testify in court as an Expert Witness concerning the processing of crime scene evidence, scientific findings and conclusions drawn. Source and purchase new equipment to efficiently and effectively process crime scene evidence. As a Ballistic Technician, examine and identify firearms and weapons and accessories (cartridges, bullets, and similar evidence in criminal investigations). Perform analyses and reconstruction of the events occurring during crimes. Conduct scientific tests of firearms evidence employing all needed laboratory equipment. Duties also involved preparing documentation and reports, testifying in court and providing expert testimony with regard to ballistics. ??? Recognized for strong organizational, communication and interpersonal skills. ??? Commended as a consistently solid problem solver who can recognize, define and resolve a broad range of issues. 1995???2011 Honor Guard Member/Team Leader (concurrent with above position) Serve as the Team Leader overseeing eighteen members. Responsible for the proper functional execution of commands to the various elements of the Honor Guard, the Trenton Police Department Formations, and the Funeral Escort. 2000???2005 Detective Investigate and process complex crime scene investigations (e.g. homicides, sexual assaults, armed robberies, home invasions, and property crimes). Maintain equipment in a constant state of readiness. 1994???2000 Patrol Officer 1996???2000 Evidence Technician (concurrent with Patrol Officer, above) 1996???2011 Composite/Forensic Artist (concurrent with Patrol Officer, above) Perform a variety of art-related services that aided in the apprehension and

conviction of criminal offenders, and promoted the identification of unknown deceased persons. 1996???2000 Field Training Officer (concurrent with Patrol Officer, above) Train and mentor new police trainees for assigned platoon (tactical motor vehicle stops, building searches, arrests and relevant legal issues). ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 2009???Present NATIONAL LATINO PEACE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION (NJ State Chapter) Vice President Provide professional career development and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) advocacy for members. Network with the Latino community to reduce conflicts between law enforcement and residents. Help administer scholarships and other support to students pursuing careers in law enforcement or related fields. Assist in community-based programs focused on crime reduction. Provide resources coupled with community efforts to advance the betterment of the general public. 2007???Present FOUNDATION ACADEMY CHARTER SCHOOL, Trenton, New Jersey 1994???Present TRENTON POLICE ATHLETIC LEAGUE, Trenton, New Jersey Karate Instructor/Program Director Implement, instruct and promote all martial arts programs at these two facilities. Conduct administrative duties, strategic planning, marketing strategies and accounting. Ensure safety and effective lessons to all children and adults. 1996???Present RIDER UNIVERSITY, Lawrenceville, NJ Tournament Director (Mercer County Nationals) Oversight of a staff of 60 Judges and referees, 25 support staff members, 500 participants and 600 spectators, and manage the general operations of martial arts tournaments. Responsible for hiring professional and volunteer staff. Function as liaison with the facility manager. Coordinate event finances; and oversee scheduling, statistics, communication, promotion, marketing, and participant recognition. Raise funds and secure sponsorships

2000???Present EXECUTIVE PROTECTION Security Officer Conduct executive protection services to state dignitaries and celebrities. 1990???1994 NEW JERSEY DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, Bordentown, New Jersey Tier Counselor Plan, develop and implement recreational programs for the inmate population Coordinate with Social Workers regarding implementing behavior modification programs. Responsible for the supervision of inmates, and for maintaining institutional security and the enforcement of rules and regulations. Develop comprehensive evaluative report(s) for submission to the NJ State parole board. MILITARY EXPERIENCE: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

1986???1990 UNITED STATES ARMY, Germany/Amsterdam/Kansas Soldier/Specialist???Aircraft Technician???AH-1S Attack Helicopter Train in all aspects of direct combat readiness. Perform reconnaissance and intelligence gathering missions. Posses ???Top Secret??? national security clearance. Removed and installed aircraft subsystem assemblies s(engines, rotors, gearboxes, transmissions, mechanical flight controls and their components, etc.). Perform security duties encompassing the protection of building structures/grounds and persons on those properties owned, occupied or secured by the federal government, including mix-ownership government corporation and area hospitals, against theft, vandalism, terrorism and illegal activity. EDUCATION: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ Completing a Bachelor in Public Service Administration ??? June 30, 2011. Commencement ??? May 17, 2011. SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Member, New Jersey Civil Service Commission???s Advisory Board. This diversified board provides recommendations from rank and file members on policies that affect the day-to-day responsibilities of the law enforcement community. The board is composed of representatives from the Police Benevolent (PBA), the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), the NJ Association of Chief???s of Police, the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE), the National Latino Peace Officers Association (NLPOA), and Men and Women for Justice. ??? Founding Member, National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, Washington, D.C. TRAINING & CERTIFICATIONS: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??? SORA Certification ??? CPR Certified ??? NJ Police Training Commission Teaching Certificate ??? First Aid Certified ??? Black Belt, 5th degree Certification NJ Police Training Commission Certi fied, Advance knowledge of s ecurity management, law enforcement operations, investigations and training techniques Experience with Close Circuit and Surveillance equipment Languages: Fluent in English and Spanish. COMMENDATIONS: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

?? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Awarded 9 departmental awards for bravery & exemplary service. COMPUTER SKILLS: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Sun Guard Records Management System, POSS, Cplims, NCIC, MS Office Suite, Internet research