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BILAL ANSARI, CHAPLAIN 95 Tavern Circle, Middletown, Connecticut 06457 860.967.8250 bilal.ansari@muslimchaplains.


CHAPLAIN Leadership Counseling Community Engagement 14 years of correctional experience ~ 12 years within state prisons and 2 years in federal prisons Astute, compassionate, and dedicated pastoral care provider and spiritual adviso r, with advanced degree in Islamic Chaplaincy and more than 14 years of experien ce exhibiting unparalleled commitment to providing spiritual guidance and emotio nal support. Possess stellar reputation in working with diverse individuals to a ssist in their daily living activities combined with a positive, can-do attitude and genuine compassion for others. Proven effectiveness in fostering atmosphere based on open communication, mutual respect, and acceptance. Accustomed to rela ting with individuals of diverse cultures and backgrounds in a highly stressful and challenging environment. Recognized in every step of career path for exempli fying positive attitude and work effort, and for maintaining the highest profess ional ethics and standards. Well-versed in Arabic liturgy and recitation.

CORE COMPETENCIES Spiritual Leadership Possess natural and developed spiritual abilities to lead individuals an d organization in crisis and calm. Proven competency to move people from where they are to where the collec tive mission and vision leads. Motivational preacher and led diverse worship services; encouraged stewa rdship and provided administrative support. Pastoral Leadership Strong in key visionary categories, such as casting vision, building con sensus and focusing on goals. Proactively counseled and mentored individuals of varied backgrounds; ex emplified shepherding abilities by demonstrating good people skills, spiritualit y and leadership. Outreach Leadership Spearheaded affordable housing, economic justice, and universal healthca re planning and community outreach activities. Administrative Leadership Developed programs and policies encouraging individuals to participate i n spiritual activities. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ISLAMIC FAITH LEADER United States Department of Justice Bureau of Prisons, Federal Correction Prison a nd Camp Danbury, CT | 2009Present Preach and render religious services to more than 60 inmates in the area s of ethics, civic responsibility, self-improvement and character building. Highlight: Wrote and published two cover story articles on Chaplaincy for the Islam ic Horizons National Magazine, and demonstrated pastoral leadership in leading a na

tional conference while providing fellow chaplains seminar training. EVENING ADMINISTRATOR / COUNSELOR Tunxis Community College Farmington, CT | 2008Present Serve as professional administrator / counselor tasked to handle all asp ects of administrative affairs in the absence of the Deans of Tunxis Community C ollege. Implement and observe campus-wide compliance with safety and security pr ocedures; respond to and coordinate crisis intervention and supervision among al l campus staff and students on evenings. Provide academic advice and instruction focusing on the most at-risk gro up students; currently involved in the on-going creation and development of a re tention program for most-at-risk students. CHAPLAIN State of Connecticut Department of Correction, Brooklyn Correctional Institution Brooklyn, CT | 19992008 Assumed primary function as compassionate pastoral care provider and men tal health counselor with prisoners overwhelmed by feelings of isolation /radica lization and rejection in the society; aided incarcerated individuals to redisco ver, reform and reconcile lives between themselves and their families. Delegated and trained religious volunteers for projects that provided re habilitative and transformative advice to 1030 inmates and 86 staff of varied ba ckgrounds in a correctional setting. Served as advocate of the dignity of detained individuals; facilitated r eligious accommodation training for staff; and held responsible in the areas of the safety and security for the physical, spiritual, moral and emotional develop ment of prisoners. Administered and led overall management of over one hundred individuals comprised of staff, volunteers and inmates. Gained extensive UConn Medical Correctional clinical pastoral experience by providing chaplaincy services in a public hospital for inmates. COMMUNITY / RESIDENT ORGANIZER Mutual Housing Association New Haven, CT | 19972003 Played a pivotal role in elevating and boosting growth of a 12-unit affo rdable housing program to 260 units, through mentoring and developing residents to perform at their best and assuming leadership roles in local councils and reg ional committees. Contributed significant efforts in raising $3 million for the funding of several organizational initiatives, including youth development programs and bo ard development / training. Served as the focal point of contact between government and residents, l ocal community leaders and coalitions throughout a multi-cultural city campus. EARLIER CAREER CONSULTANT, Islamic Society of North America | New Haven, CT | 20072009 ENTREPRENEUR, Ehabitats Global Internet Company | New Haven, CT | 20042007 PHARMACY TECHNICIAN, Hospital of Saint Raphael | New Haven, CT | 19952001 AMBASSADOR TEAM LEADER, AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps | San Diego, CA | 19941995 LECTURER, Ohlone College | Fremont, CA | 19911994


Master of Divinity Hartford Seminary | Hartford, CT | Apr 2011 Graduate Certificate Islamic Chaplaincy Federal Chaplaincy Jobs Requirement Hartford Seminary | Hartford, CT | 2009 Master of Business Administration, Major in Organizational Behavior Walden University | Baltimore, MD | Few units left to complete Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, magna cum laude Springfield College | Springfield, MA | 2002 Associate of Science in Liberal Arts, magna cum laude Ohlone College | Fremont, CA | 1994

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING STUDY OF PROFESSIONAL ETHICS FELLOWSHIP AT AUSCHWITZ Completed in the training in 2010; a two-week fellowship program that id entifies the roles played by clergy in Nazi Germany and during the Holocaust. The integrated study included historical, theological, philosophical and literary sources; survivor testimony; and on-site workshops in Berlin and Ausch witz that served as the foundation in the discussion of the moral codes to infor m and guide human action, along with identifying and understanding of the fundam ental ethical issues facing todays clergy. FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION CITIZENS ACADEMY AT NEW HAVEN Completed training in 2010; a nine week stimulating program with religio us and civic community leaders to develop and enhance the awareness and relation ship between the FBI and citizens. Education of the role of the FBI to foster positive partnerships and ini tiatives to for the safety and security of our nations interest. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT AND PROFESSIONAL TRAINING FROM NEIGHBORWORKS AMERICA Building Community with Technology, 2003 Working in Diverse Communities, 2003 Grassroots Leadership Development, 2002 Supervising and Managing in Youth Serving Organizations, 2002 Value-Based Community Organization, 2002 Advanced Leadership Development, 2002 Strategic Thinking and Planning, 2002 Community Building Principles and Applications, 2002 Fundamentals of Community Organization, 2002 DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION PROFESSIONAL TRAINING FOR ALL CORRECTIONAL OFFICERS, AN NUALLY COMPLETED FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISON CORRECTION OFFICER TRAINING, ANNUALLY COMPLETED PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS St. Francis Partner's in Clinical Pastoral Education, Advisory Board of Directors Universal Health Care Foundation Interfaith Fellowship, Executive Board of Directors Connecticut Center for a New Economy, Executive Board of Directors Muslim Coalition of Connecticut, Executive Board of Directors Muslim Chaplains Association, Executive Board of Directors and Founder

Young Friend Membership of Museum of Jewish Heritage

ACTIVITIES Featured in a PBS 4-hour documentary regarding future religious leaders in America called The Calling: A New Look at an Old Job. (Aired nationally Decem ber, 2010). Published a journal article in Reflective Practice: Formation and Superv ision in Ministry, 2009, Volume 29. Attended the United States Speakers program in the Ortega y Gasset Found ation Conference on "How to Prevent Violent Radicalization among Muslims" as gue st speaker of the United States Embassy in Madrid, Spain; served as conference p anelist on prison radicalization in American prisons on November 68, 2007 in Madrid , Spain.