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DAVID LUCZAK 110 Ridgecrest Drive * 412.680.


* Pittsburgh, Pa. 15235

MANAGEMENT Relationship Management Manager with a 25+ year record of achievement and demonstrated success in develo ping staff and growth. Exceptional mentor and coach/trainer with proven leaders hip and communication skills. Persistent in building new business, maintaining c ustomer loyalty, and forging strong relationships with related external business es and governmental agencies. Core competencies include: * Team Building * Staff and Client Training * Key Client Retention * Developing Solution Strategies * Compliance Evaluation * Organizational Leader ship


Stand Supervisor Aramark 2011-Present After working in a concession stand for the last 4 years for a nom-profit organi zation, I was hired as a stand supervisor for the upcoming season at Heinz Field (Pitt and Steeler Football games, WPIAL games and Concerts). I oversee complia nce with food alcohol safety regulations as well as manage the staff and operati ons of numerous stands. Contact Representative Department of the Treasury - Internal Revenue Service 2010-2011 Temporary/Seasonal Employment as a customer contact representative advising taxp ayers in determining the eligibility and/or deductibility of various tax related items Account Manager 2003-Present Price Computax, Inc. Price Computax is an accounting firm that specializes in cash flow management an d tax planning for small to medium sized businesses. Our clientele range from s mall business owners to stock exchange listed companies. Services include tax p lanning and reporting, and techniques to enhance cash flow and profitability. (Seasonal Part-time) Responsibilities include: * Preparation of Personal and small Corporate Tax Returns * Monitoring of selected clients financial situation and the recommendation of m ethods to improve said condition. * Development of new revenue sources for the company * Training in the use of Quickbooks Area Manager, Western Pennsylvania, 2006-2008 Homecomings Financial, LLC, a GMAC Company, Fort Washington, Pa. Homecomings Financial was among the top 8 national mortgage lenders and a leader in conforming, FHA and Alt- A loan products with the industry's leading on-line technology. I oversaw all client development functions in the Western Pa. market including;

new product rollouts and realignments, key account management, customer relation ship development and training, and client's regulatory compliance. I was respons ible for providing functional client team training in the areas of products usag e, on-line system operation and processing technologies and fraud detection. I w as charged with monitoring client loan quality and compliance. Selected Achievements: * Developed 85 clients in a territory previously not served by Homecomings. * I delivered, via my clients, high quality loans with consistently high complia nce ratios and well below average default ratios * I established strong and trusting relationships with clients

Regional Manager, Mid-Atlantic Region, 2005-2006 Lancaster Mortgage Bankers, LLC - Warren, NJ Lancaster Mortgage Bankers, LLC was a mid-size regional mortgage banker operatin g in the northeastern quarter of the United Sates. I managed a 5 state (PA, Va., MD.,OH., WVa) group of 22 Account Executives. I D eveloped and implemented strategic marketing plans designed to enhance company v ia increased loan activity with high compliance. I was responsible for the devel opment of procedures and policies regarding the hiring and training of new accou nt executives in the areas of governmental and quasi governmental compliance iss ues (I.e RESPA, GFE, TILA, Graham-Leech Privacy as well as FHA, FNMA, and RDA pr ogram guidelines). Training included loan fraud detection issues and techniques I had full P&L responsibility for the regional marketing and promotional budget. Selected Achievements: * Lead the company's expansion from New England into the Mid-Atlantic region * I designed the Account Executive training and team building seminars that were used company-wide. These seminars provided tangible training in all areas of qu ality loan production including compliance and underwriting guidelines . Area Manager, Pennsylvania, 2004- 2005 Aurora Loan Services, a Lehman Brothers Company - Florham Park, NJ Aurora was a top10 national mortgage lender and a leader in conforming, FHA and Alt-A loan products I developed a network of over 100 new clients across the state. I provided train ing for clients, developed new strategic marketing programs, and acted as a trus ted 'problem solver' between the clients and company operations Selected Achievements: * I was responsible for increasing the company's ratio of fully compliant loan s ubmissions. * I lead the development of a targeted marketing program designed to enhance the company image and create more client visibility. * My success lead to an offer of the Regional Sales Manager position with Lancas ter Mortgage Bankers after 17 months Account Executive, Pennsylvania, 2001- 2004 Commonwealth United Mortgage, a National City Bank Company - Marlton, NJ Commonwealth United was the wholesale mortgage channel for National City Bank, a leading lender in conforming, FHA, Construction and second mortgage products I was the first representative of the company in 6 years to be based in western Pa.. I was able to develop a network of over 125 mostly new clients. My duties i ncluded providing product training, marketing assistance, and compliance traini ng. Selected Achievements: * Enhanced the visibility and reputation of Commonwealth United via involvement in industry governing boards and sales conferences ( see Achievements and Outsid

e Activities)


Attended, 1970-72 Duquesne University - Pittsburgh, Pa. 1972-1974 Allegheny Community College - Pittsburgh, Pa. Major area of study - Business Administration Professional Development Courses: Dale Carnegie Sales Training College of Financial Planning, Denver, CO Training Pro Compliance and Fraud Detection Training Numerous Other Sales and Leadership related courses

SKILLS * * * * MS Office Presentation AUS Software FNMA DO/DU * * ATX Tax Preparation Software * Public Speaking Software * PowerPoint presentations * Most LOS software * Client Training * Some Government Systems Quickbooks

ACHIEVEMENTS & OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES * Served on the Pennsylvania Association of Mortgage Broker (PAMB), Western Chap ter Board 2000-2003, serving as President 2001-2003 * Served as a director on the PAMB state board and Executive Committee in variou s capacities 2001-2006, including State Ethics Chairman (2004-2005) coordinating communications between the Pa Department of Banking, the Attorney General's Off ice and mortgage brokers. * Served on the PAMB Convention and Education Fair liason with the Marriott Convention Center, Philadelphia to coordinate the annual PAMB Fair for 120+ exhibitors, 2500 guests and 25+ training classes. * Founder and Chairmen of the REAL Fair (Regional Education and Lender Fair), an annual event providing education services and lender exposure for over 65 exhib itors and 500 guests. Held at the Sheraton Hotel at Station Square.. * Certified by the Pa Department of Banking and the PAMB to teach continuing edu cation courses * Served as the Mortgage Broker Representative on the City of Pittsburgh's Ant i-Predatory Lending Task Force (2002-2003) developing open communication between mortgage brokers, lenders and community advocacy groups * Various Awards o Distinguished Service Award - Rotary International o Received a Distinguished Service Award from Sen. Rick Santorum for contributio ns to the mortgage profession - (2000) o Distinguished Industry Service Award - PAMB (2002) o Received a Distinguished Community Service Award from Allegheny County (2003)

[Shared with Valarie MacDonald, then Allegheny County Recorder of Deeds] for con tributions to the Anti-Predatory Lending Task Force * Author of numerous mortgage articles for trade publications on topics of origi nation, ethics and understanding underwriting * Guest Speaker at several mortgage industry conferences * Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 143, Monroeville, Pa. 2000- Present