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Michael Weldon Specialty: Automotive Fixed operations and people management - Also looking for an opportunity as a GM.

Possible Consulting position.

Broad experience in the retail sector -primarily in the automotive arena; have w orked in the Automotive Dealership network in the fixed operations of the busine ss. With business associates have developed processes and programs to broaden th e ability of fixed operations to be a strong support to the dealership operation. Have a strong influence in developing marke ting strategies to sustain and grow the retail maintenance business. While I prefer the fixed side of the business because of the daily variables -Th rough others, by experience and personal involvement I have full knowledge of th e whole Dealership operations and work directly and indirectly to motivate, prom ote and drive the business of Selling and Servicing automobiles. I have had a long tenure with my employment and have only moved on when approach ed and there was a better chance for growth; investment; and new challenges. I have formally participated in the leadership role representing the Dealer body interacting with Manufacture representatives nationwide. I have worked on and h elped develop focus groups to come up with sound objectives for improving busine ss and for building relationships with the community and customers. Have been involved in various community projects as part of social / business gr oups providing leadership and support to the education process as it pertains to the Automotive field of interest. I am actively participating in charity programs within the community through the social mediums that I am associated with.

Michael L. Weldon Michael L. Weldon

Work Experience Promoter Fun Ford Sunday 1999 to Present 12 years) Car show promoter -Ford Car show Held in Vallejo Fair Grounds, California. Parts and Service Director Fremont Toyota, Fremont, CA October 2008 to April 2011

2 years 7 months) Was hired away from my position at SFLM to take a struggling fixed operations an d make it profitable. As with most of my few but previous job requests I was ask ed develop processes to take a fixed operations department to the next level and make it function properly. It was my responsibility to reduce management/employee turnover, cut cost, manag e employee relations, put a compliance structure in place for the employees, and turn a profit on the bottom line. Additional responsibilities were to improve customer retention, customer satisfa ction, and build a marketing program that would drive growth. At the close of the first year we had a profit swing from negative to positive b y a wide margin. Subsequent years saw additional growth -improved CSI -won president's award 2010 -Customer retention improved to be one of the tops in the region -costs were co ntrolled and worked on building a team of professionals to meet up with today's business and our customers' demands.

Michael L. Weldon

Regional Director at MCA Mustang Club of America -Concord, CA 1986 to 2010 (24 years) Member of the Mustang Car Club of America -Perform duties of maintaining interes t with Ford Motor Companies -Automotive product -The Ford Mustang -promoting activities and interest in the local area. Active participant. Non paid position Parts & Service -Service Manager S&C Ford -San Francisco, CA 2000 to 2008 8 years) Was a share holder in the corporation -Worked on sustaining growth -building a s trong parts and service team -implemented a marketing scheme to stimulate growth and encourage customers to trade with us. I was instrumental and developed strong working relationships with Suppliers, a nd wholesale businesses to increase the bottom line. Was part of a progressive m anagement team that thought out of the box developing a strong business presence in the San Francisco market We closed the business down as some of the principa

ls felt it was time. Parts and Service Director San Francisco Ford Lincoln Mercury -Ford Motor Company DD Store -San Francisco, CA 2000 to 2008 Once we closed our corporation -I was asked to continue on with the interim Mana gement that was assigned by Ford Motor Company as they were actively looking for a Store operator to take over the day to day operations, did so and continued t o improve the business climate and utilize progressive ideas to grow the parts a nd service business. Did so until I was approached and offered another opportunity in fixed operation s to aid Fremont Toyota improve their market share and business. California State Automotive Apprenticeship Board & Area ROP programs Dealership representative -San Francisco, CA 1983 to 2008 Reported to the State of California developing processes to increase automotive tenure with in the industry and wide dealer body; work alongside Union represent atives to develop working relationships with the Automotive Dealer body to mento r automotive technicians. Worked within the Community developing a automotive RO P program to encourage students to actively educate themselves to pursue automot ive positions within the industry. Service Manager Shamrock Ford, Dublin, CA 1985 to 2000 (15 years) Was hired in to correct a flailing department that had a management and staff tu rnover that was excessive, mentored others to build relationships within the var ious departments to stimulate growth and improve the company's position. Was a m entor for success by implementing processes / encouraging input from the entire team. Fixed operations Manager for the service department The business was sold during the end of my 15th year. I stayed on with the transition to Autonation and only left when an opportunity came up to participate at S&C Ford as a share holder a nd department Service manager in Fixed operations. Service Manager Don Young Ford, Walnut Creek, CA January 1982 to October 1985 3 years 10 months) This was my first opportunity at management since I left the automotive sector t o pursue other ventures. Took a poorly performing Service Department and continu ously make great strides in growing the business and improving the company's ima ge within the community and with Ford Motor Company -won numerous awards which afforded me opportunities to meet and r each out that finally lead to me being hired away to continue growing my career.

Branch Manager Leak Repairs inc (TEAM INC), Concord, CA January 1976 to January 1982 (6 years 1 month) Ventured into this industrial Job seeking to gain growth and knowledge and began as an assistant technician repairing and servicing the oil and power industries utility systems. Grew to becoming a lead technician / to supervisor, and finall y Branch Manager growing the business -Became a companywide trouble shooter called in to perform specialized repairs on the West ern United States. Left company to pursue getting back in to the Automotive business where my roots were since I was starting a family as this job required a lot of travel and was highly dangerous. Member of the local HOG chapter since 1999 Sit on the Board of Director's -Walnut Creek, CA 2000 to current Also have been sitting on the Board of Director's since 2000 in one capacity or another including Director. Membership of chapter -over 300 annually. Life Member Harley Davidson's owner group -Walnut Creek, CA 1999 The Harley Davidson Owners Group

Education Business / Electronics / Basic Diablo Valley College 1971 to 1977 Business Management / forestry Humboldt State University 1973 to 1975 Additional Information Specialties People Management Marketing Financing Cost control Union Negotiations Purchasing Dealer Liaison Human Resources Salary arbitration Mergers and acquisitions Interpersonal skills Leader

Business Management Social involvement Charity foundations Fund raisers Promoter