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Joseph Djipi Fokoua Industrial Engineer Project Manager at SABC Cameroon Brewery Company, Inc jf15e578c@westpost.

net Adress 1 : 3323 TeaGarden Circle #203 ,Silver Spring, MD20904 98 Adress 2 : SABC BP 4036 Douala - Cameroon 237) 99311383 Tel (240) 705 06 Tel (

Highly talented Electro-mechanical Engineer with twenty seven (27) years of expe rience in industrial projects, maintenance and manufacturing (production) manage ment, I am seeking a challenging position where my experience and professional s kills will be an asset for the company. - I am recognized for creativity in project management , industrial maintenance and cost oriented . - I am team player able to communicate and work efficiently with all personnel f rom labourers to tradesman and professionals.


Industrial Engineer Project Manager at SABC Cameroon Brewery Company, Inc Douala- Cameroon From December 2008 to Present: Acting Director of Facilities, I am in charge of building project and capital pl ans that are consistently delivered on time and within budget, estimating and de termining the requirements, fluids flow rates, and material stress factors to de termine design specifications in compliance with construction and government sta ndards. During the period above ,I led to completion the design and installation of: - Two (02) bottling lines for beer with a capacity of 45,000 bottles / hr in Ndo koti-Douala plant, from Jan. 2009 to Oct. 2009 and, in Yaounde plant, from Jan. 2010 to March 2011. - One (01) PET bottling line for soft drink with a capacity of 6400 bottles / hr in Garoua plant, from Jan. 2009 to Sept. 2009. - A modification of the soft drink line of Bafoussam plant to a mixed line that can also bottle beer if needed, from January to July 2010. - Renewal of a brewer line in Koumassi-Douala plant, with MEURA Technologies and equipments during 2010. - Installation of a wastewater treatment station in the Yaounde plant. - Sizing brewery Utilities supply: Power Generators, Boilers, air compressors, Water treatment plant, Refrigeration plant, and Carbon dioxide plant. Head of Maintenance Department Cameroon Brewery Company, Inc - Douala- Cameroon August 2006 to December 2008

I was in charge of Fluids supply (steam, compressed air, water treatment, Refrig eration system, and Carbon dioxide production), maintenance and troubleshooting of electromechanical systems; repairing and maintaining production equipments in accordance with safety and maintenance standards ( ISO 9001 and TCCQS - Evolution 3). Furthermore, this position gave me the opportunity to make up: - The monograph of the factory. - Fluids flow diagrams. - Process & Instrumentation Diagram (PID) of fluids production process. - Planning of maintenance. Plant Manager in the Northern agency of SABC,Cameroon Brewery Company, Inc Garoua - Cameroon From May 2002 to August 2006 I challenged with increasing products quality, improving process flow, reducing costs while maintaining the filling line and the brewery section. I also made necessary corr ections and running adjustments to maintain maximum production and quality. Adjusted investments led me to: - Increase production from 300,000 hl to 475,000 hl of beer and soft drinks. - Manage and improve bottling line efficiency from 65% to 84%. - Improve the beer process production losses from 6% to 4%. - Redesign the fermentation program for temperature control and carbon dioxide c ollecting system; - install four (04) new fermentation tanks. - Implement and manage the fourteen (14) elements of TCCQS (The Coca Cola Qualit y System) Evolution 3 through the quality, environmental, health and safety standards. We improved Coca Cola rating quality from 85% to 100% in 2004. Plant manager for cotton seed oil production and refinery at Sodecoton Garoua(northern Cameroon) From 1990 to 2001 I was in charge of producing and refining oil from cotton seeds , maintaining an d troubleshooting electromechanical and instrumentation systems, bottling line and packaging. At this position, I challenged with : - Increasing capacity of the plant from 130 to 200 tonnes of cotton seeds per da y - increasing the efficiency of the crude oil production of 1.5% by: o Designing and installing a mechanical delinting unit that removes the remainin g linters on seeds by two Delinting Machines from CARVER inc. company. The proce ss consists of ginning again the cotton seeds with closely spaced saws .The lint er is then baled and exported. Furthermore, this process enables obtaining perfo rmed planting seeds. o Designing, manufacturing and commissioning a hull beater to combine with the e xisting decorticator/separator system so as to maintain lost oil in hulls at a l ow level: during the pneumatic conveying step ,beaten hulls are easily separated from fine meats particles which are then discharged into a conveyor to fed into the main meat system for further processing.

o Ameliorating the efficiency and the quality of refined oil by designing, imple menting and adapting the miscella neutralization process to the garoua plant tha t is based on press extraction instead of expander extraction which is the commo n form of crude oil extraction utilized in the standard miscella refining proces s . Plant manager for cotton seed ginning production Sodecoton in Garoua(northern Ca meroon) from nov1983-dec1989 The process of harvesting cotton involves first sending the cotton to a gin wher e the cotton fiber is separated and baled and cotton seeds are send to oil plant for further processing. EDUCATION - Master degree in electromechanical Engineering at National Higher School Polyt echnic of Yaounde- Cameroon University from 1978 to 1983 - Baccalaureat in Mathematics and Physics St Thomas High School of Bafoussam-Cam eroon from1972 to 1978 CERTIFICATIONS - From october to November 1991 : Training at ESACG (Ecole Superieure d'Applicat ion des Corps Gras ) of Bordeaux -France . Achievement: Certificate in crude oil production an d refining process. - From 1984 to 1987 : Training in Designing ,computing , repairing and troublesh outing electronic circuits. Achievement: Certificate of Higher Technician in Ele ctronics - From April to May 1984 : Training in accounting and costs analysis management. Achievement: Certificate ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Tasks - July 1995 : PINE BLUFF (Arkansas) : Expertise and assessment of an alternative to the classical process of refining so-called miscella refining, at PLANTERS OIL MILL INC. The objective being the improvement of refined oil production eff iciency and quality(color) - July 1995 : SAVANNAH (Georgia) : Audit of the design of equipments by CARVER INC to be installed in Garoua-Cameroon factory extension; - Juin 1995 : GREENWOOD (Mississipi) and DARLINGTON (South Caroline ) : expertis e of a cotton seeds mechanical delinting process in YAZOO VALLEY MILL INC and H ARTSVILLE OIL MILL INC using delinters manufactured by Carver Inc. It was also an opportunity to assess the process before installation in the Garoua-Cameroon factory so as to improve the oil production efficiency and to perform planting s eeds for high productivity cotton crops. - July 1996 :Ngaoundere University: Panel member of evaluation of end of studies for Bachelor degree in engineering. Languages : English: working knowledge French: fluent Extracurricular activities:

Member of "Association Franeois Liberman" , a non-profit charity working on the assistance of underprivileged children. Sport : black belt in martial art and former member of the Cameroon National Na nbudo Federation. Tennis and Volley ball. Interest: music (guitar), reading References: available upon request