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Judith A. Lloyd 5401 Reunion Point, Apt 103 ? Raleigh, NC 27609 (919) 803-6275 ? (919) 412-9005 http://www.linkedin.

com/in/judilloyd Qualifications Summary Software Developer and Project Manager with exceptional problem solving abilitie s and a Can Do attitude. Adept at resolving issues and instructing clients on ef fective use and maintenance of Hospital Information Systems and HL7 interfaces. Esteemed by clients and frequently requested to be assigned on projects as prima ry point of contact. Highly skilled in generating published materials and making presentations within both professional and community settings. Advanced PICK pr ogramming ability. Professional Experience St. Joseph Health System " Tawas, MI 2010 " Present Consultant Created extracts from Hospital Information System (HIS) for loading onto new ven dor for various vendors. Designed and created PICK Basic programs and testing sc enarios. Received note from client project leader stating, have been wonderful to work with.....I appreciate your approach...and your lets get this done attitude and from one client IT manager ..."because of your work and attitude we are righ t where we need to be in our project...". Allscripts " Raleigh, NC 2006 " 2010 Project Manager, Interfaces Implementation (2008 " 2010) *Headed multi-function team and performed full implementation of HL7 interfaces from ED system to HIS, interface engines, lab, and radiology systems.Trained cli ents on server issues and interface maintenance.Provided second line support for existing interfaces at client sites. *Directed implementation that enabled ability to set up revenue-producing interf aces with less cost. Noted areas while setting up client interfaces where other products could assist with functionality. *Increased efficiency for client and generated additional r evenues. *Worked closely with clients to resolve issues and turn naysayers into advocates for products and company. *Shared diagnostic techniques and general system knowledge with clients to allow them to maintain their own system with less need for support assistance. *Saved time for software developers and allowed employees with less expertise to set up HL7 interfaces. Lead Clinical Software Developer (2006 " 2008) *Developed and supported software in PICK Basic language for HIS clinical and ge neral financial systems. Created HL7 interfaces for transfer of outbound orders and ADT, inbound results from radiology, laboratory, and registration systems.Pr ovided second line support for HIS clients financial and clinical software. Main tained software with industry standards and client requests. *Received Company Give Back Award, voted by peers for work as secretary, then se rving as chairman of volunteer committee that organized community charity fund r aisers, walk teams, and events to promote healthy company morale. A4 Health Systems " Cary, NC 1992 " 2006 Lead Clinical Software Developer *Planned and developed order communications system and HL7 interfaces for HIS.

Led team that revamped method of handling interfaces, making it more standardize d and easier to install and maintain.