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JOHN HAMPTON 512.484.9286 jh15e7d52@westpost.

net Executive in Technology Sales & Marketing/Business Development Market Maker and Share Taker - Superior track record in seizing opportunities to introduce new products or services while also improving sales channels, leverag ing partnerships, and developing innovative marketing campaigns to snatch busine ss away from the competition. Record of large customer wins and delivering unprecedented growth. Gifted in tra nslating complex concepts into understandable terms to educate and excite the cl ient. Bringing a fresh perspective to the table with novel ideas and new angles, while inspiring excellence in team performance. AREAS OF EXPERTISE Creative Problem Solving * Consultative Selling * CXO Relationship Management * Channel Development Strategic Account Development * Alliances Management * Market Analysis & Plannin g Received Fellowship Award for contributions to the Kent State University School of Fine and Professional Arts PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE THE REGUS GROUP, Dallas TX 2008-2011 (The largest provider of executive suites and turnkey office solutions in the wo rld) Vice President, Enterprise Solutions & Corporate Accounts Hired to transform the company's client mix from 80% small- and mid-sized busine sses to 50% Fortune 5000 companies. Designed the pricing, product mix, operation s, marketing, and physical layout for clients. * Realized the CEO's vision of "The Workplace of the Future" by developing nine revolutionary office and mobile workplace solutions within one year. These on-de mand spaces and services deliver significant savings to companies, as they only pay for what they use. Executed a rapid go-to-market campaign for these solution s that generated more than $7M. * Consulted with key global clients to help them implement best-practice workpla ce solutions that saved more than $230M in real estate costs in only two years. * Created the "Game of Work," an innovative board game that helped clients under stand how to approach and redefine their work environment by walking them throug h the decision-making processes needed to determine their best workplace strateg y. * Recognized as company spokesperson for Alternative Workplace Strategies at Cor eNet, WorkTech, and analyst briefings, helping real estate professionals underst and how to re-engineer their workplace and improved its effectiveness. DELL COMPUTER CORPORATION, Austin, TX 1999-2008 Director, Enterprise Alliances and U.S. Software Sales (2003-2008) Volunteered to turn around declining software reselling business unit. Led U.S. sales and alliance teams through a change in operating philosophy by driving ent erprise solutions sales in partnership with key technology players including Mic

rosoft, SAP, Oracle, VMware, Altiris, Redhat, Veritas, Symantec, Quest, DoubleTa ke, and McAfee. Rebuilt team leadership structure and prioritized high-growth li nes of business. * Catapulted software sales 57% in less than three years to $1.73B by narrowing the focus to significant, multi-million dollar wins in high-growth market segmen ts. * Drove nine consecutive quarters of 100% over attainment, delivering more than $400M per quarter. * Volunteered to take on U.S. Software Sales division to increase profitability; propelled sales from $1B to $1.73B in only two years. * Success with innovative partnerships resulted in a major telecommunications co mpany asking Dell for a loaned business executive for alliance strategy developm ent. JOHN HAMPTON 512.484.9286 PAGE TWO DELL COMPUTER CORPORATION, CONTINUED Director, New Ventures (1999-2003) Recruited by Dell to lead a cross-functional team to identify, incubate, and lau nch new business initiatives. * Successfully defined and launched a B2B market exchange in only 90 days, utili zing an advanced order management technology that has seven patents pending. * Represented Dell at Harvard Business School's "Bricks vs. Clicks" panel, a deb ate on e-Commerce vs. physical stores. * Received Current Analysis Radioactive Award for the most innovative Internet s trategy - creating a turnkey e-Commerce function that allows a business to open a site in only one hour. COMPAQ COMPUTER CORPORATION, Houston, TX 1996-1999 Director, Applications Marketing & Channel Development Capitalized on an emerging market opportunity for enterprise applications by dev eloping an integrated solutions delivery strategy. * Developed and launched ActiveAnswers, an accelerated deployment and implementa tion methodology for SAP, Microsoft Exchange, SQL, Siebel, Oracle, PeopleSoft, a nd Baan Solutions, that reduced time to deployment by an average of 30%. * Drove market share gains of at least 20% across ERP, CRM, Business Intelligenc e and Internet application services in less than three years, generating $1.2B i ncremental revenue through new and existing channels. * Delivered keynote address on the role of small business in innovation at Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. * Served as a loaned business executive to Bank of America for the development o f its "Smart Banking Solutions for Small Businesses" strategy. Early Career Experience TENG & ASSOCIATES, INC., Chicago, IL - Architecture Associate

* Recruited from IBM to create and implement an innovative building design and p roject management strategy, which increased the firm's productivity by 35% in on ly two years. * Recognized by Network Magazine, Cadence, and the Gartner Group for innovative new approach to automated design and engineering processes. IBM CORPORATION, Cleveland, OH - Senior Industry Specialist * Led major store planning and design engagements utilizing Computer-Aided Desig n with Dillard's, Federated Department Stores, American Greetings, and The Limit ed, which resulted in a minimum 30% reduction in design development time and inc reased revenue per square foot. * Achieved eight consecutive IBM 100% Clubs or Symposiums with an average of 135 % attainment. EDUCATION Kent State University, Kent, OH Bachelor of Science, Architecture and Environmental Design Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA Executive Education Program - Market Analysis and Planning