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Janis B.

Young 959 Berkshire Ave #1 Pittsburgh, PA 15226 412-443-4787 Office Manager To lead a medical/dental office staff that provides a sound foundation that enab les the physicians/dentists to focus on a successful practice KEY SKILLS Office Management Teambuilding & Supervision Staff Development & Training Policies & Procedures Manuals Report & Document Preparation Accounts Payable/Receivable Bookkeeping & Payroll Proven track record in successful in insurance co llections Records Management Inventory Management Expense Reduction ACCOMPLISHMENTS Experienced with medical billing and tracking from claim submission to claim pay ment.Establishing a strong working relationship with claims and provider relatio ns personnel to ensure a higher rate of paid claims and higher revenue. Successful submissions of claims resulting in an 85-90% payment rate for first s ubmission Participation in employee work groups responsible for work related activities to encourage teamwork and trust building. Submitted work related suggestions to improve overall morale and department prod uctivity. Reorganized out-going mail reducing postage costs up to 50% PROBLEM SOLVING Thoroughly explaining program benefits to facilitate member participation result ing in better health management Working with members concerning specific problems concerning program benefits an d resolving them with the quickest and best results for the member Making sure all programs and benefit information is communicated in a clear and concise manner INCREASE PRODUCTION AND REVENUE Office preceptor training for all new office employees. This ensures a clear und erstanding of job responsibilities and expectations. This allows for a higher de gree of patient satisfaction and increases the likelihood for referrals. Weekly meetings with staff to answer any questions and or to problem solve. Weekly meetings with doctors to review practice business status Monthly staff lunch or dinner to promote a sense of camaraderie Accessibility of myself to staff during work hours to promote positive workplace environment EXPERIENCE 2008-2011 a 2007-2008 2004-2007 American Healthways Southwestern Human Services Education Management Corporation Pittsburgh, P Pittsburgh, Pa Pittsburgh, Pa.

2002-2004 2000-2002 1998-2000 EDUCATION

Plum Gold- Zale Corporation Isaly Counseling Associates Community Care Behavioral Health

West Mifflin, Pa Pittsburgh, Pa Pittsburgh, Pa

University of Pittsburgh a CCAC flin, Pa ACTIVITIES and HOBBIES Red Cross volunteer Former Sunday school teacher

Bachelor of Arts EMT Certification

Pittsburgh, P West Mif

I enjoy reading- History, Historical fiction, anything pertaining to Pre-Columbi an Native Americans I crochet; enjoy indoor gardening; cooking and traveling on my days off