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The Process
Identifyhighimpact trainingneeds
1Needs 1Needs Assessment 8Transfer Evaluation Objectives 2Behavioral

Measurechangein Measure change in behavioralobjectives andtransfersystem

Basedonneeds assessment

7Transfer Meter

3Transfer Contract

Remindtraineesof actionplans/goals andcollectrealtime feedbackon challengestheyface challenges they face

SupervisorandTrainee Supervisor and Trainee agreeon: PerformanceGoals Supports Resources Payoffs Confidence

Useactionpollto prioritizeaction strategiestoimprove t t i t i transfersystem


4Training 5Transfer Diagnosis

Designedto createhigh h h transferpotential

UseLearningTransferSystem Inventory(LTSI) tomeasure16 ( S) 6 factorsintrainingtransfer system

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TransferLogixTM Magic Formula For Improving Learning Transfer and ROI

that are difficult and expensive to implement now by using web 2.0 technology.

by measuring performance change and ROI after training.


to focus supervisors, trainers and trainees on performance change.


by aligning content and design with job performance needs.


using the worlds only scientifically validated assessment toolthe LTSI.


with research-based strategies to remove barriers to transfer.


in a continual collaboration to improve performance through learning.


by focusing on outcomes and performance change in addition to learning.


Powered by Learning Transfer System Inventory


TransferLogixTM takes the pain and hassle out of doing the right things.
Many trainers know the right things to do to get performance results after training but it just takes too much time, money and effort. With TransferLogixTM doing the right thing is easy.

No more struggling to connect with an organization on the move all over the world.
All thats needed to access TransferLogixTM is the internet. Anyone anywhere in the world can access the system and do what they need to doand that includes you!

No more hassles writing surveys.

TransferLogixTM automates the survey writing process to make it fast and easy. It goes way beyond SurveyMonkey to help you actually write your surveys and get you more valid data.

No more creating reports in Word or Excel.

Arent you tired of having to manually create reports about your training? TransferLogixTM automatically produces all the reports you need.

No more sending out paper surveys.

TransferLogixTM uses email push technology to send out all surveys and polls to your trainees just like other survey engines.

No more databases to maintain on your own.

TransferLogixTM stores all your data for you and allows you to create compare reports that aggregates results from different programs.

No more follow-up focus groups to conduct.

We use polls and surveys to take the place of time-consuming focus groups so you can do them only when they are absolutely necessary.

No IT infrastructure to worry about.

If your users can answer emails and access the internet they can use TransferLogixTM. Everything runs on our servers in a completely secure environment.

No more timetables and deadlines to remember.

TransferLogixTM automatically notifies you of everything you need to do, look at, or act on in the system. You are free to focus on other things and not stress about whether you need to be doing something in the system.

No more struggling to use old training methods in a fast-paced modern world.

We believe its time that Web 2.0 technologies are more widely embraced to solve critical training issues. TransferLogixTM is our answer.

No more phone calls to remind people to return surveys.

We all know how hard it is to get people to respond to surveys and polls. TransferLogixTM automatically sends reminders every few days to make sure they respond.

the No-Hassle Approach to

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Company Admin istration Console Companies can manage the training transfer process from an easily accessible console that allows them to create trainer accounts, monitor training events and generate evaluation reports. Report Generator Reports can be generated for single events or data can be aggregated across a number of training situations. Additionally, single training events can be benchmarked against internal company events or across a designated industry. All this can happen at a click of the mouse. Training Event Management Trainers can manage all their training events from one central console. Larger training initiatives can be broken down into sub sections so that larger training events can be managed more efficiently. Behavioural Objective Creator The TransferLogix system allows the input of behavioral objectives for each training event. These objectives are then used to measure whether the desired behaviors have altered as a result of the intervention. Transfer Contract A transfer contract module has been implemented to ensure that the training behavioral objectives are top-of-mind for both the participant and the supervisor. Through 7 easy questions, supervisors and trainees engage in a dialogue and goal setting that addresses most of the 16 factors that influence transfer. By engaging in this dialogue you can turn barriers into catalysts for transfer. Lear ning Transfer System Inventory (LTSI) The only validated survey in the world to assess barriers and catalysts to transfer of training in organizations. With over 15 years of research behind it, it offers unmatched validity and diagnostic information to significantly improve transfer of training.The only validated survey in the world to assess barriers and catalysts to transfer of training in organizations. Transfer Plan Creator Designed to complement the Learning Transfer System Inventory (LTSI), the Transfer Plan provides over 100 action solutions to the problems the LTSI identifies. This innovative system enables you to create a strategic plan to quickly

improve transfer of training. Using a polling format, the over 100 strategies are designed to be presented to trainees to select the ones they feel are important - ultimately getting participation and great buy-in to transfer. This unique process is unlike anything in the world. Together with our LTSI, it provides both diagnosis and solutions in one easy package. Mini-LTSI Followup Tool The mini-LTSI tool is a compilation of the LTSI questions that were generated as a result of the transfer plan implementation. This means that only the factors in the LTSI are being measured a second time to determine if the likelihood of transfer occuring has increased. Supervisor Survey (Level 3) Once the process is complete, a supervisor survey is administered to determine whether or not behavior on the job has been positively impacted. Using the behavioral objectives from the Behavioral Objective Creator, supervisors ranked each employee who attended training to determine whether change has occurred on the job. Pre Post-Test Supervisor Survey The pre- and post-test supervisor survey will allow users to measure any differences in behaviors exhibited by employees as a result of the intervention. Accountability Reports These reports will help monitor the involvement of participants and supervisors. Additionally, it will help trainers determine where participants are at in the process once a training event has been initiated. Goal Setting As part of the transfer contract, the goal setting component will allow users to monitor and manage goals set throughout the training process. Reminders can be set and access to other employees for support will be provided that may increase goal attainment. Needs Assessment An important piece to training transfer is ensuring that behavioral objectives are set and used as measurement to determine whether the training intervention was successful. The needs assessment module allows company administrators and trainers to conduct surveys with employees to help determine which behavioral objectives should be targeted during the training. Organizational Transfer System Polling Company administrators can poll trainers and supervisors on strategies for improving the organizational transfer system. This will allow the organization to target specific strategies for improving training transfer across all programs. LMS/HRIS Compatibility Through .xls and .cvs imports, TransferLogix can easily import existing data from a LMS or HRIS system. 1-888-877-9531

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