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ANDREW BANSAGI 144 North Lehigh Avenue, Cranford, NJ (347) 423-8426 ab15e6380@westpost.


EDUCATION New School for Social Research, University, Manhattan, NY Currently working towards the Ph. Degree in Economics New School for Social Research, University, Manhattan, NY Master of Arts in Economics, Graduated in December 2010 St. Francis College, Brooklyn Heights, NY Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Graduated in May 2009 Atalanta International Business School, Budapest, Hungary Certificate Finance and Business Management Graduated in 2000 COURSEWORK Bachelor`s Business Law I-II Business Economics Security Analysis Money and Banking Master`s Political Economics Money and Banking Transformational Growth Microeconomics Post Keynesian Economics Econometrics Research Analysis Macroeconomics Fundamentals of Finance Accounting Statistics Econometrics

THESIS Master`s Mentored Research, fall 2010 "How did the Hungarian Centralized Socialistic Economy, Especially its Labor Mar ket Adjusted to the Free Market Economy" * Analyzed and concluded Hungary`s economic data in a transformation period. * Investigated steady "trade off" existence in Hungary between the unemployment and the inflation in a twenty year time frame (approximately between 1989-2009) * Concluded the significant foreign investments benefits on the labor market aft er the centralized system failure. Bachelor`s Seminar in Economics, fall 2008 "How Accurate Were The Last Twenty Years Of Presidential Predictions." * e * * Analyzed the accuracy of the economic forecasts in the last twenty years of th "Annual Economic Report of the President" Analyzed the last four recessions if there were warning signs in advance Compared and contrasted the Democratic and the Republican Parties forecasts

EMPLOYMENT: e. 09/06 - Present

I was working 40 hours a week, while attending school full tim

Omni Hotel Manhattan, NY * Representing, as a delegate, 300 employees rights according to the US Labor La w and the Collective Bargaining Agreement * Server 03/04 - 09/06 attan, NY New York Health`s and Racquet Club Manh

Trainer * Motivated clients and team members and guests * Developed unique and individualized programs which ensured the clients safety, satisfaction, and enhancement of personal fitness goals 09/93 - 01/03 Budapest, HUN SHELL /TOTALFINA-ELF

General Manager * Directing a multi-unit complex (car service, restaurant, mini-mart, car detail ing facility, and gas station) with 24-30 employees * Responsible for approximately 1 million dollars in inventory. ACTIVITY 2007- Current mics 2002-2006 y Government LANGUAGE Active Member, ODE International Honor Society in Econo Elected Representative of the German Minority in a Cit Hungarian-Fluent, Russian-Basic, Spanish-Basic