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Rachel Gitzen Improving Performance Enhancing Programs Inspiring Systemic Change

EXPERIENCED EDUCATOR dedicated to guiding students to succeed while inspiring an insatiable passion f or learning and reading

Visionary Leader, Bridge Builder and coupled with 4 years experience instructing education students, securing resources, and implementing effective programs. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS An enthusiastic, creative, and passionate educator, mentor and advisor who believes that all children can learn and thrive in a learning environment th at is stimulating, comforting and appropriate to their unique talents and abilit ies. Specializations include: Guided Reading Groups, Teaching Through Techno logy, Inquiry Instruction, Classroom Management, Cooperative Groupings, Positive Behavior Intervention, and Mentoring New Teachers. Instructional Leadership - Use a balanced blend of motivational and tar geted instruction methodologies to enhance curricula, focus on the three Rs - ri gor, relevancy and relationships. Engage Parents Work closely with parents throughout career, repeated s uccesses securing a high level of parental involvement. Leverage Resources / Strategic Collaborations Work closely with distri ct leaders and community partners to encourage parental involvement and strong c ommunity alliances. Utilize a visionary approach with consistency to help students past the threshold of not-knowing to knowing and develop to their fullest extent.


KINDERGARTEN ASSISTANT, HOME SCHOOL TEACHER ASSISTANT, BABYSITTER Columbia, SC August 2001 2009 Utilize multiple assessments in compliance with district and state requ irements to inform instruction. Use innovative methods and materials to produce effective learning expe riences including cooperative learning, thematic instruction and differentiation . Developed daily lesson plans and testing materials; leveraged the use o f technology to enhance instruction, infusing the use the latest technology to c onduct research and prepare reports, including: the Internet, department website s, PowerPoint presentation software, and on-line library research. Served as an instructional leader by modeling high expectations for stu dents and implementing results focused programs. Taught students basic application software usage, such as Microsoft Win dows, Word, PowerPoint, Internet access using various search engines through bro wser programs. Prepared assignments for student reports; assisted students in organizi ng and writing research findings, bibliographies and final reports.

Implemented various classroom management techniques for maintaining stu dent attention, involvement and discipline. Partnered with parents in students success; provided feedback on studen ts progress and to discuss areas needing improvement and additional work. Ensured compliances with laws, regulations, rules and policies prescri bed by the Beaufort County School District. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT-Winthrop University/Midlands Technical College Management and supervision of children Mentor Training Nature and Nurture of Children Guided Reading: Stringing Together Structure and Strategies Guidance and Classroom Management Classroom Inquiry with Technology Sociology with the Family

EDUCATION Winthrop University 2002-2005 Midlands Technical College 2005-Present