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JACQUES C. DU BIEL (703) 626-2431 / jacques.dubiel@dubielonline.


IT PROJECT MANAGER / SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Highly skilled technology project manager with broad expertise in strategic anal ysis, planning and delivery across varied platforms at national and internationa l locations. Significant strengths in driving timely project delivery of special ized applications and automation processes, reducing labor costs and increasing productivity and accuracy. Rapidly resolve obstacles in reaching project milesto nes, applying critical analytic skills. Facilitate high levels of customer servi ce and create competitive corporate advantage through expert project design and management. Mentor staff to develop potential and maximize productivity. Analy ze systems to optimize processes, mitigate risk, and develop strategies to maint ain quality, functionality, and teamwork throughout project implementation. Over 20 years of experience in the software development lifecycle. AREAS OF EXPERTISE Service: Problem Resolution, End-User Support/Training, Process Analysis/Enginee ring Management: Full Life-Cycle Project Management, Continuous Process Improvement, Project Scope, Communication, Presentation, Planning, Estimating, Budgeting, Project Management , Stakeholder Alignment, Facilitation, Networking/Collaboration, Risk Management , Earned Value Management Technical Skills: Software Development Methodologies, System Security, Business Analysis, System Architecture, Software Development Life-cycle (SDLC), Enterpri se Performance Life-cycle (EPLC) PROFESSIONAL SYNOPSIS SAPIENT GOVERNMENT SERVICES, Arlington, Virginia * July 2010-Present Project Manager, Internal Projects (March 2011-Present): Responsible for develop ing guidance documentation to help create consistency in the way new employees a re brought onto projects. Also responsible for collecting, reviewing resumes fo r inclusion in a large upcoming proposal. Project Manager, National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, Maryland (July 2 010-March 2011): Managed the Initiation and Planning phases of various projects for the NIH following the Enterprise Performance Life-cycle (EPLC) process. Man aged operational maintenance activities as well enhancements for a large enterpr ise system for the NIH for issuing access badges. * Maintained a Microsoft SharePoint collaboration site for project documentation and change requests. * Supported stakeholders in creating EPLC artifacts. * Coordinated and conducted meetings with the stakeholders to gather high level requirements. * Estimated the level of effort (LOE) for projects. * Managed design, development and testing activities of a team of 4 developers a nd 2 business analysts. * Managed requirements gathering, design, development, testing and deployment of 3 maintenance releases following the EPLC methodology. * Served as the point of contact between the stakeholders and the development te ams. * Managed day-to-day operations and maintenance activities for the systems. COMPUTER SCIENCES CORPORATION, Alexandria, Virginia * September 2001 to July 201 0

Task Order Manager / Project Manager, CSC SDI USPTO Department of Commerce, Alex andria, Virginia (January 2006-July 2010): Managed full Software Development Life-cycle (SDLC) of various maintenance and e nhancement Task Orders for the USPTO with allocated budgets totaling approximate ly $1.5M. Negotiated scope, cost and budget with the client. Fully defined ris k mitigation directives, conducted business analysis, managed stakeholders and r ecruited all team members to complete projects. Managed the day to day operation s and maintenance activities of the deployed systems including weekly and monthl y progress reporting. Among the projects managed were a patent Image scanning s ystem, a text and image retrieval system. Earned 6 Excellence Awards for exempla ry service delivery on critical projects. * Performed all planning for the projects including all staffing, budgeting and scheduling. * Managed development teams. * Monitored and controlled the projects by ensuring all requirements are correct ly tracked through design, development, testing and deployment * Coordinated and facilitated all requirements gathering, design, development an d testing with the development team as well as testing by the independent tester s. * Ensured that all hardware and software is operational and functioning as per r equirements. * Performed weekly Earned Value Management (EVM) analysis on the project to dete rmine project health and made adjustments to tasks when needed in order to stay on schedule and within budget. * Reported project status to senior management on a weekly basis and to the clie nts on a monthly basis based on the EVM indicators. * Served as the main day-to-day point of contact for system owners, users, devel opment and support teams. * Ensured all project deliverables were completed on time and within budget. * Automated the process of importing weekly labor hours from the weekly timeshee ts into the weekly EVM and budget tracking Excel spreadsheet reports. * Tracked project progress and schedule in Microsoft Project. * Conducted weekly meetings with system owners and developers to assess project status and to address any issues. * Met regularly with system owners and users in order to understand the business roles and processes. Technical Lead, CSC SDI USPTO Department of Commerce, Alexandria, Virginia (Dece mber 2005-January 2007): Led a development team of 4 overseeing operational main tenance activities, design, development and successful implementation of mainten ance and enhancement release for the weekly patent application and patent issue load systems. * Met regularly with system owners and users in order to understand the busines s roles and processes. * Coordinated and facilitated all requirements gathering, design, development an d testing with the development team as well as testing by the independent tester s. * Replaced a COTS component with custom code thereby reducing the operations and maintenance costs for the system. * Redesigned the weekly image load, thereby reducing the duration of the weekly load process by 50%. * Managed development activities of junior developers. Senior Software Engineer, CSC SDI USPTO Department of Commerce, Crystal City, Vi rginia (September 2001-December 2005): As member of a development team of four c ontributed to the operational maintenance and design and development and success ful implementation of maintenance and enhancement releases of a text and image s earch tool for patent examiners. * Automated the manual build and deployment processes thereby reducing deploymen t time. * Met regularly with the system owners and users in order to understand the busi ness roles and processes.

* Coordinated and facilitated all requirements gathering, design, development an d testing with the development team as well as testing by the independent tester s. * Maintained design models in Rational Rose. * Automated exporting design models from Rational Rose to Microsoft Word for des ign documentation using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE INTERACTIVE TELEVISION COMPANY/GENERAL DYNAMICS, Arlington, Virginia * February 1999 to -September 2001 Senior Software Engineer, US Navy: Developed graphical user interface and design ed and developed the communications interface for an application to monitor the operational readiness of shipboard systems on battleships. * Gathered requirements and created design models using Rational Rose and Unifie d Modeling Language (UML). JACQUES C. DU BIEL / Page 3 / * Designed the system using Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD). * Developed the system using Government Off The Shelf (GOTS) and Common Off The Shelf (COTS). Application Programming Interfaces (API)s, hardware interface code , Visual C++ with Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) and the Standard Template L ibrary (STL). * Innovated communications using Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protoc ol (TCP/IP) sockets. * Mentored junior developers. COMPUTER CONSULTING SERVICES CORPORATION, Atlanta, Georgia * September 1996 to F ebruary 1999 Consultant / Developer: Provided technical consulting, programming, and developm ent on several key client engagements. * Led development teams. * Was responsible for designing and developing the graphical user interface usin g Visual C++, MFC and Stingray's Objective Toolkit. * Developed databases, stored procedures and triggers in Oracle. * Created design models using UML/Object Modeling Technique (OMT) in Rational Ro se. * Developed ActiveX controls using the Component Object Model (COM). NASIONALE MEDIA, Cape Town, South Africa * February 1994 to September 1996 Senior Analyst / Programmer: Created a classified ad application to establish a presence on the World Wide Web (WWW). * Expertly analyzed emerging Internet technologies to create comprehensive Web s trategy to enhance level of client services, corporate visibility and brand. * Modeled and designed the system using OOAD. * Developed the user interface using Visual C++ and MFC, and PowerBuilder. * Developed the database, stored procedures and triggers using Microsoft SQL Ser ver. SANLAM, Bellville, South Africa * August 1990 to February 1994 Senior Analyst / Programmer: Designed programs and databases for special project s and pilots to conduct feasibility studies on migration of DOS workstations to Windows 3.1. * Built a programmers' toolkit for standardizing graphical user interfaces using C++. * Created a video rental/tracking system using Clipper. * Created a windowed desktop application in Disk Operating System (DOS) and Clip per to capture insurance policy information for marketers. EDUCATION

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Post-Baccalaureate Honors Program Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Mathematical Statistics Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch, South Africa PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Foundation Project Management Professional (PMP) Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) / Microsoft Certified Professio nal (MCP) Microsoft, Fairfax & Arlington, Virginia PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION Member of Project Management Institute (PMI), 03/23/2009 Member of Project Management Institute Information Systems Community of Practice (PMI IS CoP), 12/4/2010 SECURITY CLEARANCES Secret Clearance (effective 03/22/2010), OPM Position of Public Trust with Moderate Background Investigation, OPM COMPUTER SKILLS Systems MS DOS, MS Windows (3.1 through Windows 7), UNIX, LINUX, OS/2 Languages C/C++/C#, Visual C++ with MFC, VB.Net, VBA, VB.Net, SQL, Unix/Linux Shell Script ing, Powerbuilder, Clipper, Oracle Development Tools Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2003/2005, Visual C++ with MFC, Borland C++ for OS/2, Rational Suite, ODBC, Windows Sockets, STL, GO TS, COTS, DII-COE, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, Active X, OCX, C OM, UML, OMT, Stingray Objective Toolkit, DCE, Encina, MySQL, Networking Protoco ls (IPV4, IPV6) Software MS Office Suite 2003/2007, MS Project Professional and Server 2003/2007, MS Visi o 2007, MS SharePoint PC Anywhere, Symantec Ghost, Veritas Backup Exec, Wise Install Manager Wise for Windows Installer, Windows Installer, iPlanet, Lotus Notes, Apache Web Server