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JANETTE M. WILLIAMS-JOHNSON 1468 Paramount Drive # 7B * Huntsville, AL 35806 * P: 909.938.

4596* FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: BUSINESS PLANNING AND ANALYSIS H igh performance leader. Offering 20 years of experience in preparing EVM matrixe s and analyzing all aspects of costs and scheduling for highly complex capital p rojects. Adept in developing technical and management reports detailing EV and E AC while leveraging the principles of Work Breakdown Structures. Expertise in ma naging project variances, risks, integrated cost baselines and schedule performa nce indexes within budgets in excess of $75 billion. * Integrated Cost Baselines & Schedule Variances * WBS/Work Breakdown Structure * EVM/Earned Value Management Methodologies * Critical Path Project Management * Forecasting / Reconciliation / Cost Accounting * Project Controls, Schedule Management * Ad-Hoc Reporting, Accounting & Data Modeling * Team Leadership / Coaching / Mentoring Boeing Company (Jul 2007-Apr 2011) K-Level Manager- Business & Planning Analyst-Business Operations-Ground-Base Mis siles * Formulated EVM matrixes (Earned Value Management) as a source for measuring p roject schedules and cost baselines within a $5 billion budget and ensure delive rables adhere to contracted agreements. * Surpassed monthly Forecast for Orders, Revenue, Earnings, and Cash for the GM D Weapons Sustainment and Operations program; prepared cost estimates to monitor actual costs and commitments against project schedules and interdependencies. * Achieved the highest customer rating for cost performance (2011). * Exceeded contract delivery date; understood customer requirements, identified trends and projected the monthly performance, schedule, and highly accurate est imate-to-complete calculations. * Conducted EAC analysis/Estimate at Completion; prepared ad-hoc reports detail ing trends and factors causing deviations from the plan for close monitoring of contract status and work structure. * Optimized the value and performance of 8 Bus Ops Analyst; instituted leadersh ip training and development, resulting in a Silver Medallion certificate for Ear ned Value Management in 2011 for each team member. K - Level Manager, Business Operations- JTRS Ground Mobil Radio Program (Nov 200 4-Jul 2007) * Directed 10 Business Operations Analysts overseeing 9 concurrent Integrated P roject Teams within a divisional budget of $75 billion. Served as principal advi sor for cost and schedule adherence. * Lead 80% of the cost planning and analysis; synchronized forecast accuracy ac ross Cost Performance Reporting, Contract Fund Status Reporting, Contract Cost D ata Reporting and EACs. * Prepared financial results accurately and timely detailing the Management Res erve, the Contract Budget Base logs, the Budget Change Report and Budget Change Request. * Analyzed pre-defined earnings rules to track project status; leveraged BCWS, BCWP (Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled vs. Performed) principles to monitor budge ts, forecasts, reserves, and contingencies. * Developed schedule Budget Memorandums and detailed value-added process inform ation and documents to track interdependencies and impact on cost, efficiency an d time-phased spending. * Shaped the approach to assessing EVM through training and mentoring team memb ers, resulting in a successful Integrated Baseline review audit. Cost and Schedule Lead Integrator on the X-37 Program (Jul 2002-May 2004)

Business & Planning Analyst * Harmonized processes for cost & schedule tracking; prepared ad-hoc reports an d budget projections and modeled changes in key variables. Analyzed and reported on costs and schedules for Avionics, Power, Software, Guidance, and Navigation & Control Integrated Product Team. * Assimilated complex financial analysis and EAC to plan effective strategies t hat balanced quality, delivery, change control, performance indexes, and cost co ntainment. * Evaluated cost data and developed NASA 533 monthly and quarterly reports refl ecting earned value metrics, variances, expense forecasting, and critical path d ependencies. Hughes/Boeing a Defense/Commercial Satellite Company (Nov 1998-Jul 2002) Business & Planning Analyst 4 * Prepared integrated cost schedules on the XM Radio Program. Presented insight ful financial analysis to link expenditures to KPIs/Key Performance Indicators. * Architected a straightforward Program Master Phasing Schedule to track costs by WBS/Work Breakdown Schedule to communicate project-to-project status informat ion to the customer. * Summarized the progress, trends, and forecasts of EVM reviews and internal Pr ogram Reviews, Status Billing and Performance Milestones and tracked cash flow a nd earnings projections. Loral EOS/Lockheed Martin an Electro-Optical Defense/NASA Company (Jan 1990-Nov 1998) Senior Financial Controls Specialist * Analyzed cost and schedule performance on 10 engineering programs, and 10 pro duction programs; compiled the Contract's Monthly Status Report of the Drop Phys ics Module I and II, Cassini, Mars Pathfinder, and other NASA/JPL. * Evaluated complex data feeds and designed reports that provided management ac cess to critical financial information to track risks, cost targets, budget vs. actual at the task order, sub task, and program levels. * Guided perspectives through assessment, cost analysis, transition planning, s cheduling, and reporting to communicate performance highlights and gain alignmen t around key issues. * Evaluated ratio of work accomplished vs. work planned for specified time peri ods. Headed all customer billing processes to mitigate client-level impact to ac counting processes. * Assessed variances in cost and scheduled performance; determined root causes to and impacts on the program, identified corrective actions, and provided guida nce in the creation of remediation plans. BS, Industrial Engineering Technology, Purdue University, Indiana Certificate - Project Management, West Coast University, California Windows for Excel, Word, Microsoft Project, IMICS, ICAA, ICHS, EAS, CPSR3, IFPS, FPCR, IFAPRO, EPAS, FOCUS, IR&D Planner, Hyperion, EPACS, Webcoins, Cognos, Cob ra OTS, Micro-frame Project Manager (MPM), IFMS, VISTA, IMICS, Oracle, Power Poi nt, wInsight, Access, WordPerfect 5.0 & 6. 1, Quattro Pro, SuperCal, Harvard Gra phics, other MS applications, Lotus 1-2-3, Dbase III, Paradox 4.0 Secret Clearance (Eligible)