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Hitendra Kumar Saini 22, male, Indian

802 gandhi gali fatehpuri chandni chowk Delhi -11006 Phone: +91-9268125845 +91-9250058337

B.S.Anangpuria Institute of Technology A.S.V.J. Senior Secondary School ,Delhi J.D.A.V. Secondary School , Delhi 67% 60.4% 73.8% B.Tech (CSE) Class XII Class X

Technical Skills
Languages DBMS OS Others C, C++, VB.Net (Intermediate), HTML ,JAVA. MS SQL Server (Intermediate) Windows 2000/XP, Window vista , window 2007 Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop

Projects Six Week Industrial Training at Hero Honda Motors Limited. Project: Error Detection and Correction Using Hamming Codes: Duration: June-July 2010.
The idea behind the project is to address the full spectrum of use and implementation of hamming codes including c++ programming. In this project we use the concept of hamming codes to detect and correct the errors occurred during information transmission. Technologies Used: C++

Six Week Industrial Training at Vitalife Laboratories: Project: Payroll Management: Duration: June-July 2011
The main motive to design this project is to make the employee management system easy .It helps to maintain the data of all the employee in the organization like their id, salary information department name, address etc. Technologies Used: VB.NET

Achievements Academic

Among Top students in my school carrier. Won many academic prizes in interschool competition like in general knowledge, spiritual etc. Participated in NIIT 7th NATIONAL I.T. APTITUDE TEST and scored 78 percentile and declared that my aptitude for I.T. is very high. Won silver medal for outstanding student of my school by Tarun Mitra Parishad. Participated in all environmental based activities at my school level. Organized a shop in diwali mela in school. Security head of cultural programs organized in the college.




Extra - Curricular Activities

Member of Logix (college annual magazine)

Member of volunteer team who helped in marketing of the college magazine. Responsibilities involved organizing seminars, presentations and other activities at the college.

Inter-college technical festival at BSAITM Part of the security team to organize the Technical Fest Technotrenzz in the year 2009 in which other colleges were also invited. Member of college health clubbing club

Observing People and Learning Human Behavior. Watching movies and find the mistakes in them.

Other Information

I am conversant with English, Hindi, and Punjabi, Rajasthani. My other hobbies include spray painting, paper cutting, and solving the Rubik's Cube.