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SCOTT HOLTE 2703 W. Eagle Drive * Rosenberg, TX 77471 * sh15ee80a@westpost.

net * (281) 8963349 EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT Product Marketing & Management * Strategic Planning * Distribution & Growth Highly experienced and accomplished executive in P&L, operations, management, pr oduct multi-channel distribution, investor relations and sales & marketing. Exp eriences include start-up, rapid growth and turn-around opportunities. Results oriented, decisive leader with excellent positioning skills, strategic market pe netration concentrations, improving profitability while driving sales momentum a nd cost reductions. Ability to excel in difficult situations and dynamic envir onments, in highly competitive industries while remaining steady and focused. CORE COMPETENCIES * Visionary Leadership * Tactical Planning * Inspirational Leadersh ip * Sales & Budget Forecasting * Risk Management * Strategic Alliance D evelopment * Strong Network Relationships * Investor Relations * Media & Public Relations PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE HMG, INC. Minneapolis, MN & Houston, Texas 1/1994 to Present President & CEO Provides executive leadership to investment group working with client companies to improve operations, strategies to increase market and/or introduce products, enhance revenues to the consumer products, sporting goods, footwear and multi-un it retail stores. Lead all critical operations with multi-functional disciplines including targeti ng client companies for services, long range planning, global product management , marketing and sales strategic alliances, product development and prototyping, intellectual property strategies through due-diligence, while implementing sales and marketing objectives, prioritization and development. Achievements * Successfully introduced several new award winning products to international ma rket. * Substantially improved company performances by opening new distribution channe ls, with razor-sharp brand management and positioning * Returned several companies to profitability with efficient restructuring execu tion, focusing on high growth opportunities, product testing and strength of int ellectual property claims * Reduced costs, improved overall profit margins with effective manufacturing to economies of scale, utilizing strong relationships in the Pacific Rim with cont ract negotiations * Structured various royalty agreements for new product introductions taking ide a from schematics, to consumer shelf * Catapulted start-up / early stage, turn around companies with infusion of vent ure capital and management strategies through mentoring, coaching and leadership * Consistently maintains strong sustainable relationships with many critically i mportant key contacts Shock Doctor, Inc. Minneapolis, MN 10/1992 to 1/1994 National Sales Manager

Personally spearheaded sales operations opened major accounts for protective gea r company including major sporting goods chains stores and mass merchants. Mana ged and mentored rep networks, national and international distributors, while ac ting as liaison between reps, dealers and company. Achievements * Increased company revenues from $400K to $2.5 M during tenure * Successfully introduced new product from industry average retail price of $2 t o $20 * Substantially influenced company to create additional products to enhance grow ing distribution channel