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XIAOHUI ZHANG 2778 Northampton, Troy, MI, 48083 Email: xz15ee9b8@westpost.

net Phone: 519-962-5954 CORE STRENGTHS Advanced statistical modeling skills Hands-on analysis experience of risk management with finance services company Proficiency in statistical software SAS and R/S Plus PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Karmanos Comprehensive Cancer Institute, Biostatistics Core Oct. 2009 - Present Statistician Carry out classification analyses on complex genetic microarray data to search f or bio-markers that distinguish cancer and healthy patients Use various data mining tools to do multi-dimensional analyses, such as CART(Cla ssification and Regression Tree), Random Forest, Neural Network and SVM (Support Vector Machine) Run Bootstrap simulations to validate model performance Perform survival analyses on various cancer study projects Prepare manuscript-ready statistical tables, graphs and reports in journal-accep table format Write data processing and statistical analysis report, and present the results t o Principal Investigators Use statistical software SAS and R for daily analyses Ford Motor Credit Company, Global Risk Analytics Aug. 2008 a" Oct. 2009 Risk Management Analyst Employed statistical procedure to produce quarterly loss forecast of US/Canada v ehicle loan loss on both the whole portfolios and the securitization pools Used Cox model with SAS software to create default/loss baselines based on very large historical data sets with 20 million rows and hundreds of columns Developed an innovative two-stage model to forecast net loss for Mexico market w ith first the stage forecasting loss and second stage forecasting recovery based on forecast loss Created time serious ARIMA (autoregressive integrated moving average) model to f orecast calleras workload for operational risk control Extracted data from various platforms (PC, Mainframe, Linux, Teradata), merged t he data sets, created the new variables and generated the analysis data set for statistical modeling Executed both descriptive and inferential analyses for ad/hoc requests from busi ness units Interpreted the results to business units with non-statistical language The University of Michigan, School of Public Health 2006-2008 Research Analyst Provided statistical support for Symptom Study of Community Action Against Asthm

a (CAAA) project in Detroit area Applied various Statistical techniques such as linear regression, logistic regre ssion, and Generalize Estimating Equation to develop predictive models Performed intensive SAS programming with SAS/BASE, SAS/STAT, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/SQL and SAS/Macro Produced reports and table with MS Excel, MS Word and Visual Basic for grant app lications Communicated results with principal investigators and scientists, and helped to interpret the results in public health context Developed data cleaning process and quality control on multiple CAAA data sets Explored new statistical techniques to enhance the current analysis, such as Mul tiple Imputation for missing values The University of Michigan, Statistics Department 2004-2006 Graduate Student Instructor Taught computer lab sections of major undergraduate course a" aIntroduction to S tatistics and Data Analysisa Instructed students using SPSS to perform statistical tests, such as t test, AN OVA test, and Chi-Square test; Tutored and graded homework and course project IBM, China Operations 1998-2003 Marketing/Client Manager Performed market analyses for China Retail/Finance Service Sectors, and designed marketing plans for east China area Built a process for monitoring customer satisfaction and identifying drivers tha t have significant impact on customer satisfaction Maintained customer satisfaction of 9.5/10 and achieved excellent level of reten tion and loyalty Managed ongoing relationships with major banking clients in east China; Translat ed customer business needs into information technology solution Participated in nation-wide Data Consolidation Center project for Agricultural B ank of China (ABC) with $20 million sales revenue World Ways Company Limited, Shanghai, China 1995-1998 Marketing Manager In charge of medical instrument sales and pre-sale support in east China market Achieved annual growth of 40% Shanghai Ship Design and Research Institute, Shanghai, China 1994-1995 Product Design Engineer Conducted Finite Element Analysis for evaluating vessel performance using Fortra n Applied Computer Aided Design in hull design to optimize the vessel stability an d reliability

EDUCATION Master of Arts, Applied Statistics 2006 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI Master of Science, Fluid Mechanics 1994 Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China Bachelor of Science, Marine Engineering 1991 Harbin Engineering University, Harbin, China CERTIFICATION AND PROFESSIONAL TRAINING Certificated Advanced Programmer for SAS 9 2008 Predictive Modeling using Logistic Regression (SAS company course) 2008 Time Series Modeling with SAS (SAS company course for Ford Credit) 2009 SAS Advanced Techniques and Efficiencies (SAS company course) 2009