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MELISSA McMICHAEL 110 Dunleigh Court Pennington, NJ 08534 (609)731-9228 mm15eeac6@west post.

net PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Astrix Technology Group Biochemist II, Merck, West Point, PA (10/09-10/10) Performed routine mouse potency testing via a colorimetric ELISA platform to es tablish the immunogenicity in human papillomavirus vaccinated mice. This ELISA procedure was performed as part of HPV vaccine characterization assays and stabi lity studies which evaluated the influence that purification processes, storage conditions, and adjuvants had on the immunogenicity of vaccine preparation. Responsibilities included: sample testing, reagent preparation, monitoring re agent inventory, ordering laboratory supplies, and performing second scientist r eview of notebook entries. Assigned role as auditor for campus wide processes. Acquired working knowledge of electronic notebooks, GMP processes, gained exposure to Gyrolab instrumentat ion, and participated in the development of a new flurogenic platform to replace colorimetric detection within the HPV vaccine characterization assay. Research Scientist, Tandem Labs Immunoanalytical Divison, (3/03-10/09) Performed transfer, sample analysis and validation assays from biological samples such as plasma and serum in support of pharmaceutical studies. Assays were primarily for pharmacokinetic analysis and immunogenicity testing. Assays involved ligand and antibody binding techniques utilizing ELISA and ECL (MSD). All assays were carried out following GLP guidelines. Responsible for preparing reagents, quality controls/ standards, and solu tions according to project directives. Received recognition for exhibiting func tional and technical knowledge resulting in promotion to Research Scientist and Team Leader. Participated in the training of new personnel by sharing bench sk ills and GLP expertise . Demonstrated the ability to move between projects whil e maintaining high success rate. Assigned the highest priority to client centr icity and customer satisfaction. Recognized by QC and QA for superb documentati on never compromising GLP compliancy. Executed routine drug extractions from biological samples following GL P guidelines and applicable SOPs in support of discovery and clinical pharmaceut ical studies. Performed sample analysis using various extraction techniques such as liquid-liquid, solid phase and protein precipitation. Accountable for reagent preparation, drug extractions and instrument oper ation LC/MS/MS. Recognized for producing consistent quality work, with accurate timely results. Exceeded expectations of job assignments by securing discovery c lient to permanent status resulting in promotion to Asscociate Research Scientis t. Received recognition from additional client and management for quality of w ork helping to bring HIV drug to market. Yoh Scientific (10/01-2/03) Genotyping Research Associate I, Xenogen, Cranbury, NJ (5/02-2/03) Provided molecular biology support for the identification of commercially transgenic mice and rats. Responsibilities included DNA preparation and genotyp ing by PCR in support of client based and internal projects. Analyzed results wi th agarose gel electrophoresis to ensure reliability and quality of PCR reaction . Responsible for generating reports and notifying appropriate investigator of a ssay results. Accountable for recognizing potential founders and of all breed-up animals from known founder lines using GLP and high standards. Ensured the completion of high volume of work despite the absence of two team members in order to meet deadlines and revenue requirements, demonstrating diligence and technical knowl edge. Completed constructs with minimum amount of supervision and optimized as says when required. Genotyping Research Technician, Orchid Biosciences, Princeton, NJ (10/01-5/02)

Participated in SNP genotyping using high throughput enzymatic assays for the identification of disease associated genes and biomarkers. Performed geneti c analyses using two platforms, the automated-array based genotyping tool 25K SN PStream along with the solid phase microarray SNPcode 2000 system. Developed proficiency with DNA precipitation, PCR, gel electrophoresis, A ffymetrix microarray fluidic system, bio-automated instruments, and liquid handl ers Tecan Genesis. Recognized for meeting project time lines and generating high revenue for two fiscal quarters by utilizing multitasking abilities and organizational skill s. EDUCATION Chestnut Hill College, Chestnut Hill, PA B.S. Degree in Biology (5/01) Completed a eight-month research project involving Alzheimers disease, and conducted neurobiological research, including brain anatomy, neuron communicat ion, neurotransmitters, the genetics of early and late-onset Alzheimers, and dru g treatments. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT 2004 EAS Course LC/MS: Theory/Instruments/Applications 2010 GMP Notebook Auditor Training/Data Approval