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Yi Chen 1410 Richmond Ave., Apt. 264 Houston, TX 77006 281-857-3683 EDUCATION * 2009: Ph.D.

in Chemical Engineering, Tianjin University Advisor*Professor Jing-kang Wang * 2004: B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Hunan University RESEARCH BACKGROUD * Postdoctoral research project title: "Kinetic modeling of methanol conversion to jet fuel: Experimental studies and mathematical modeling." 1. Catalytic reaction experiments using Packed-Bed reactor filled with Zeolite; 2. Gas Chromatography analysis of Paraffin, Olefin, Naphthene, Aromatic; 3. Kinetic modeling based on single-event theory and Genetic Algorithm. * Doctoral thesis title: "Crystallization Process of Clindamycin Phosphate." Coo perative program financially supported by North China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 1. Set up the crystallization apparatus; 2. Optimize and model the crystallization process; 3. Thermodynamics investigation on solubility and meta-stable zone width; 4. Study and screen the morphology and polymorphism of crystals using experiment al and computational methods; 5. Characterize the crystal by various instruments such as XRD, SEM*DSC; 6. Evaluate the kinetics of nucleation and growth based on classic nucleation th eory and population balance equation. * Well acquainted with various analytical techniques including HPLC, GC, DSC, FB RM, SEM, XRD, BET. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE * 2010: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M Univers ity Advisor: Professor Gilbert F. Froment Set up the catalytic reaction and GC analysis unit, hydrocarbons analysis. * 2006: Tutor, Tianjin University Tutored a senior student's experiments and supervised her graduation thesis. * 2005: Research Assistant, Tianjin University Determined metal content by chemical and instrumental methods for the project of sylvine mining in the Qinghai salt lake. * 2003: Summer internship, SINOPEC, Changling Petrochemical Company, China Studied the processes of ethanol, acetic acid, and marsh gas production and the disposal of industrial waste water; took part in the operation of the plant * 2002: Summer internship, SINOPEC, YueYang Petrochemical Company, China Trained in instruments used in ethane production, including advanced computer-controlled chemical analysis and production facilities. MODELING EXPERIENCE AND COMPUTER SKILLS * Kinetics modeling of crystallization process with MATLAB * High proficiency in using FORTRAN, MATLAB, Aspen Plus, LABVIEW, COMSOL, Origin , Microsoft Office HONORS AND AWARDS * 2006-2007: People Scholarship, Three Good Students, Tianjin University * 2002-2003: Comprehensive Scholarship, Hunan University * 2001-2002: Comprehensive Scholarship, Hunan University * 2000-2001: Three Good Students, Comprehensive Scholarship, Hunan University PUBLICATIONS Refereed Journals: * Chen, Yi; Wang, J.-K. Solubility of Clindamycin Phosphate in Binary Water-Etha

nol Solvent. J.Chem.Eng.Data; 2007; 52(5); 1908-1910. * Chen, Yi; et al., Solubility of Clindamycin Phosphate in Methanol, Ethanol, an d Dimethyl Sulfoxide. J.Chem.Eng.Data; 2008; 53(8); 1984-1985. * Chen, Yi; et al., Determination of total water content in tobramycin using the volumetric Karl Fischer titration. Chinese Journal of Antibiotics. 2008; 33(12) . (In chinese) * Chen, Yi; et al., Investigations on metastable state of clindamycin phosphate in cooling crystallization. Trans of Tianjin University. 2010; 16(2); 142-146. Non-refereed Journals: * Chen, Yi; Su, M; Wang, J.-K; Zhang, M-J. Study on the crystallization process of clindamycin phosphate. Chemical Industry and Engineering Progress; 2008; 27 ( 11); 1849-1853. (In Chinese) Conferences: * Chen, Yi; Wang, J.-K. Study on Residual Solvent and Turbidity of Product in Cr ystallization Process of Clindamycin Phosphate. International Forum on Green Che mical Science & Engineering and Process Systems Engineering, Tianjin, China, Oct . 10, 2006, 1604-1605. * Chen, Yi; Wang, J.-K. Study on the crystal structure and habit of clindamycin phosphate in cooling crystallization. 5th Chinese National Chemical and Biochemi cal Engineering Annual Meeting, Xi'an, China, Oct.29, 2008, 468. (Presentation)