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LAWRENCE GLOBAL SECURITY DIRECTOR | CHIEF SECURITY OFFICER EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Dynamic federal law enforcement executive with 32 years of experience in securit y operations, law enforcement administration and program management. Director an d stakeholder liaison for international financial, trade, and anti-terrorism sec urity operations. Comprehensive knowledge of international & domestic trade, fre ight forwarding, shipping, intermodal and passenger processing systems. Highly o rganized, directing many projects simultaneously while attending to all details. Outstanding leadership, management and training skills. Proven ability to asses s policies and processes, identify areas for improvement, and implement solution s. Global team building and coalition skills; strong interpersonal relationship skills that effectively build interagency partnerships. Currently hold Top Secre t-SCI clearance. AREAS OF EXPERTISE

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS Developed and implemented multi-agency, international security programs includi ng combining DHS and DoD resources for effectively dismantling multiple terroris t activities, drug and weapons smuggling, and human trafficking operations. Identified systemic computer security vulnerability involving approximately 150 ,000 users on the DHS network. Directed the implementation new security protocol s, education, training and certifications to immediately and effectively solve s ecurity breach. Presented regional award for investigative excellence for tripling the arrest a nd convictions of a failed airport smuggling division investigation. Successfull y teamed with airlines, airline support businesses and multiple law enforcement agencies. Received 41 Meritorious Achievement awards in recognition of professional accom plishments, over course of law enforcement tenure. Rose to highest level of fede ral service due to performance excellence, example-based leadership, and innovat ive organizational vision. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY (DHS) 1987 Present Law Enforcement Representative to the Department of Defense (DoD), Tampa, FL, 20 09 Present Serve is senior Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Homeland Security Inv estigations (HSI) liaison to US Special Operations Command. Direct all DHS inves tigative and security programs in support of international counterterrorism and investigations pertaining to national security. Advise Director on all significa nt developments, trends, and patterns in criminal activity involving threats to National Security. Provide executive level direction in planning long-range activities and conduct ing extensive evaluation of program integration goals and objectives. Direct adj ustments to assure compliance with rapidly changing and expanding National Secur ity mission. (Law Enforcement Representative to the DoD continued)

Design and monitor joint, covert intelligence collection programs ensuring effe ctive, timely, and accurate information to investigative field offices. Key cont ributor in DHS/DoD strategy and engagement programs for effective multi-agency l everaging of homeland security goals. Develop, implement, and monitor counterterrorism initiatives combining military and law enforcement capabilities while reducing the resource redundancies and a ssociated costs in targeting transnational crime organizations supporting terror ists and related insurgencies. Determine strategies for extremely sensitive or high profile investigations reg arding political or social ramifications within the public/international country domain. Research, write and present daily briefings to senior military and civilian man agement regarding current and proposed operations targeting high-profile interna tional crime organizations. Coordinate and oversee investigations and special operations regarding internat ional narcotics smuggling, money laundering, currency reporting violations, vari ous immigration crimes, commercial fraud, strategic investigations, Intellectual Property Rights, and Cyber Crimes. Provide integral policy and program management support to Systems Security Work ing Group overseeing cyber security for classified and unclassified networks. SELECTED ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Recently completed six-month tenure as DHS-wide senior liaison to the DoD, repr esenting multiple sub agencies including US Secret Service, US Coast Guard, US C ustoms & Border Protection, and US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Spearheaded the first DHS/DoD biometric collection initiative with focus on hig h risk targets attempting illegal entry to the U.S. Homeland. Promote global int erdiction initiatives involving Special Interest Aliens. Successfully set up and standardized integrated security and investigation serv ices for Homeland Defense, European Command, Southern Command, and African Comma nd components of the Department of Defense. Built solid relationships and developed network with key players in US and inte rnational intelligence/law enforcement community, greatly enhancing DHS/DoD abil ity to provide a fluid pipeline for intelligence gathering and joint investigati ons. Agency Representative to U.S. Pacific Command HQ, Honolulu, HI, 2001 2008 Planned, directed, and evaluated large, complex international law enforcement op erations, training and intelligence support activities involving multiple agenci es, military, and foreign law enforcement representatives. Key facilitator in sh aping narco-terrorism intelligence collection strategies throughout the Asia and Pacific Rim Basin. Administered multiple program and operational budgets, provi ding financial oversight for training, covert, and intelligence programs. Prepared congressional testimonial materials for Executive leadership and milit ary flag staff demonstrating the enhanced effectiveness of interagency relations between DHS and DoD in the counterterrorism intelligence collection processes. Integral advisor and contributor to successful multi-million dollar internation al law enforcement training, physical security, and infrastructure support initi atives for foreign-based DHS workforces and foreign law enforcement counterparts . Broadened scope and influence of agency by creating programs and developing ini tiatives promoting efficient utilization of intelligence and investigative resou rces while coordinating operations between multiple government agencies. (Agency Representative to U.S. Pacific Command HQ continued) SELECTED ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Conducted eight assessments of CT/CD forces in seven Asia-Pacific countries to

developed training and infrastructure support for ICE. Personally developed and organized seven ICE supported DoD projects worth $11.5 million, at no cost to IC E. Received Special Act Awards and recognized by ICE Assistant Secretary and Direc tor of Office of International Affairs for raising DoD support to ICE by 400% in 3 years. Elevated strategic relations between ICE and DoD from field to nationa l level. Organized high-level meetings and international conferences to prioritize DoD s upport to ICE. Coordinated ICE aircraft contributing to the interagency seizure of 20 metric tons of cocaine. Expert advisor and participant to National Geographic Production Eye of the Sto rm; featured joint DoD/law enforcement capabilities to identify and disrupt illi cit drug trafficking operations. PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: Supervisory Special Agent, Office of Investigations, San Francisco, CA 1999 2001 Resident Agent-in-Charge, Office of Investigations, San Francisco, CA 1996 1999 Special Agent in Charge, Boston MA; New Orleans, LA; Portland, OR 1987 1996 OTHER EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE STERLENT CREDIT UNION, Pleasanton, CA 1996 2008 Member, Board of Directors (2000- to 2008) & Supervisory Committee (1996-2000) Reviewed and recommended internal control policy matters to the Board of Directo rs affecting the financial condition of financial institution with over $118 in assets. Oversaw internal audits. Ensured strategic vision, moral direction, and management practices were sufficient to safeguard assets. (Voluntary position) AMERICAN HERITAGE CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS, Hayward, CA 2000 2003 Vice President, Board of Governors (Voluntary three-year term) Provide oversight of Headmaster duties, reviewed and approved annual multi-milli on dollar operating budgets, organized strategic planning conference, reviewed a nd approved school operating policy and contracts. Chaired the Board of Governor s in the absence of the President. EDUCATION FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY, Tallahassee, FL Bachelor of Science in Criminology, 05/1982 SELECTED PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATIONS /AFFILIATIONS/MILITARY Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association * International Association of Chie fs of Police Association of former U.S. Customs Special Agents * Make a Wish Fou ndation United States Air Force, Honorable Discharge Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout