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LAURA M HATALA 1554 West Paulson Road Green Bay, WI 54313 920-327-9879 lh15f124e@westpost.

net Objective I am relocating from Green Bay, WI to the Milwaukee area and am looking for a re sponsible full-time position in the customer service field to utilize my exper ience, strong communication and interpersonal people skills. Team oriented indi vidual with ability to work across all levels of an organization (internal and e xternal) with a proven track record of collaborating and communicating with vend ors and customers. Employment History Schneider National, Inc. --- Green Bay, WI --- December 1995 -- Present Box Management Team a Managed Schneider National trailers. Insured our trailer assets were being uti lized for maximum efficiency and were available to my customers, both internal a nd external. This involved the usage of several specialized tools on the co mputer, plus the use of various website locations, and Microsoft Excel, Word, Internet Explorer and Outlook. a Established and maintained positive relationships with customers resulting in the resolution of customer concerns, e.g. trailer damages occurring at custom er locations, assisting customers by locating undelivered trailers, investigati ng and locating missing or stolen trailers a Presented a quality-oriented image where every customer, including internal/ex ternal personnel were treated in a consistent, courteous and efficient mann er a Thrives in a fast-paced high stress environment, with minimal supervision Customer Service a Scheduled delivery appointments for drivers at customer locations across the c ountry Stay-At-Home-Mom --- Green Bay, WI --1987 -- 1995 Bucyrus-Erie Company --- South Milwaukee, WI -- - 1975 a" 1987 Secretary in the Mining Machinery Sales Department a Coordinated travel arrangements, processed expense reports, took dictation, composed letters and faxes for executive signatures, typed up sales proposals, h andled incoming/outgoing phone calls, filing and other duties as they were assi gned to me by a Mining Machinery Sales Manager and three Sales Representatives Secretary in the Sales Promotion Department a Took dictation, composed letters and faxes, handled incoming/outgoing phone ca lls, filing, maintained the mailing list of customers that subscribed to the com pany magazine, completed mailings to our customers, plus various other project s as they arose for the Advertising Manager and the Sales Promotion Department Manager MGIC Investment Company --- Milwaukee, WI --- 1973 -1975 Secretary in the Mobile Home Claims Department a Answered phone calls, took dictation, typed up letters and faxes, filing, and processed and maintained the personnel records for the employees of the departm ent for the Assistant V.P. of the Mobile Home Claims Department a Worked with external companies to obtain financial information on our mobile h ome customers Education Milwaukee Area Technical College --- Milwaukee, WI --- 1971 -- 1973 a Associated Degree in Secretarial Science References a Professional and personal references will be submitted upon request