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MECHANICAL FIELD ENGINEER DAMIEN ENGLISH BOYD 250 Gladeville Road, Mount Juliet, Tennessee 37122 615-600-1142-- tdjsboyd@aol.

com Accomplished engineer driven to satisfy company and customer needs using unique troubleshooting skills and 14 years of hands-on experience, including vibration analysis, welding and machining, to add value by providing top-of-the-line servi ce and training. In-depth knowledge of electro-mechanical machines including vib ration analysis for engineering testing on rotating machines, motors and many ot hers, as well as failure analysis for engineering on rotating machinery for the printing industry. Highly developed ability to communicate easily, including abi lity to speak technical Spanish, Portuguese and some German; experience working in 20+ countries. Known for completing assignments on time and under budget. Consulting * Project Management * Startups / Turnarounds * Team Leadership / Mot ivation Policy Development * Process Improvement * Training * Technical Support * Techni cal Writing Account / Territory Management * Client Relations * Needs Assessment * Presentat ions CS * QC / QA * Vendor Relations * Assembly Automation Vibration Analysis Failu re Analysis GOSS INTERNATIONAL (FORMERLY HEIDELBERG WEB), Durham, New Hampshire and Nashville, Tennessee * 10/2004 4/2011 World leader in the manufacture and sale of web press printing and production eq uipment with worldwide support resources and world-class manufacturing sites thr oughout the United States, Europe and Asia. Senior Field Engineer Developed procedures for product improvement for R&D or customers to handle nois e and vibrations related to bearings, machine condition and torsional speed vari ations using measuring devices on rotating machinery, drives and motors. Used FF Ts, time signals, enveloping, filtering, base-lining and complete state-of-the-a rt vibration analysis software for engineering review and customer problem solvi ng. Company specialist for setup, testing, development, commissioning and traini ng on GOSS Auto Plate Auto Transfer Systems on various press types. Created proc edures for testing automatic washing systems for pollution control and LFL limit s on large printing dryers using FID analyzers. Knowledge of WPC, Quad Tech, GMI , Contiweb, Butler, Baldwin, Elettra, Oxy-Dry, Siemens drives and PLCs vendor sy stems. Global satisfied customers include RRD, Quad Graphics, Brown Printing, Tr end Offset, Quebcor and print shops. Achievements: * To better understand motor bearings failure after a couple of months operation on $30K AC drive motors purchased from Siemens, implemented procedure using vib ration analysis to check for bearing defects right out of the box, check for mot or alignment to the machine and proper tuning of each machine. Use of this proce dure reduce failures by 50% and resulted in a collaborative study between Goss a nd Siemens prompting design changes resulting in failure rate becoming a rarity. * After a value engineering change to a $5K crank shaft inside a printing unit, shafts scattered worldwide began to fail. First replacement took 2 men 10 hours and resulted in dissatisfied customers. Developed a simple tool and procedure to reduce installation time by 50% and trained mechanics to change part under warr anty without the need for an engineer on site.

* While conducting a 10-year-old procedure for explosion testing on a large indu strial dryer, realized that data collection method on strip chart recorder was e xtremely outdated, and while adequate for insurance purposes but very difficult to share among engineers. After denial of request for digital recorders, experim ented with controllers in place and wrote a program to record the data and outpu t to laptop computer for future use by senior engineers to correct problem in re cord time. GRAPHIC MICROSYSTEMS, Nashville, Tennessee * 10/2002 10/2004 Provider of color control automation products for the printing industry; supplie s color control systems, color management and reporting software and remote digi tal ink fountain control systems, as well as press controls and microcolor syste ms; offers other highly technical print solutions. Since 2007 is subsidiary of A dvanced Vision Technology, Ltd. Senior Field Engineer Installed closed loop color control systems, performed troubleshooting on all ty pes of equipments problems including network links of multiple computers, OEM in terfaces and high tech optical scanners; repair and report problems, concerns an d company needs to better complete tasks at hand and future procedures. Performe d data analysis. Conducted highly successful customer classroom and on-press tra ining with management and operators for color theory and operational instruction s. Conducted site surveys prior to installation; worked closely with customer ma intenance and management to complete assignments. Traveled extensively with cust omer-driven attitude promoting products and company value. Achievements: * Successfully installed and tested color control system with new software for R IT inside the universitys pressroom lab. Trained Ph.Ds. on print theory; present ed the new system with a performance that was successful and above the customers expectations. * Installed first color control system for Banta Printers in Kansas City. Overca me initial displeasure of customer by making necessary change to ensure successf ul interface with M600 press line. Persistence and friendly attitude resulted in customer reorder of 6 additional $100K machines. * Installed web color control systems and provided training across Scandinavia w ith a customer-provided translator. End result was very satisfied customer base. DOMINO AMJET/FASTECHNOLOGY COMMERCIAL PRINTING BINDERY AND MAIL SYSTEMS, Nashvil le, Tennessee * 3/2000 10/2002 Global leader in design, manufacture and distribution of inkjet and laser printi ng and coding solutions serving the commercial printing, packaging and part mark ing industries. Domino provides solutions covering many industry sectors includi ng food, beverage, pharmaceutical and digital printing. FASTechnology, which pur chased the bindery and mailing control systems, is an industrial control systems integration and manufacturing firm specializing in developing turn-key custom a utomation solutions. Field Engineer Installed and supported commercial printing bindery controllers, inkjet printers and mailing machines throughout the United States. Performed customized Siemens PLC programming to ensure reliable PC interface. Provided phone support for cus tomers; set up and managed remote modem for software and hardware for home based on-line support allowing fast, cost effective diagnostics and production testin g. Set up integration of commercial inkjet printers ensured correct interface; c onducted troubleshooting; prepared communications links and ensured complete cus tomer installation and training satisfaction. Achievements: * Conducted site survey and installation of Domino controller at Quebecor, which

reduced waste, customer complaints and postage; customer purchased additional u nits. Plant manager reported that purchase decision was a direct result of outst anding customer service and quality training. HEIDELBERG WEB SYSTEMS, Nashville, Tennessee * 3/1998 1/2000 World leader in the manufacture and sale of web press printing and production eq uipment supporting the total printing process. Web portion sold to Goss, was ori ginally Heidelberg-Harris. Product Support Engineer Traveled worldwide troubleshooting multi-million dollar high-speed printing mach inery using vibration analysis tools, logic and worldwide company resources whil e dealing with customers, vendors and technicians. Designed fixes, installed and ensured customer satisfaction. Designed tooling for field service use, providin g cost effective solution to support field technicians; developed and managed to oling databases for calibration requirements supporting ISO 9001 quality assuran ce. Analyzed customer equipment and software problems to recommend cost effectiv e solutions and implementation tactics. Initiated and managed internal billing, coordinated contract machining and fabrication for field projects, and working until customer was 100% satisfied. Achievements: * Designed and subsequently created MS Access database to track all tooling for the service department, which consisted of over 10,000 tools put into over 100 t ool kits. In addition to listing of each tool and any MSDS sheets for customs pu rposes, would also send out weekly reports of tools needed for calibration to co mply with ISO 9000 certification. Database still in use. * Designed a gantry and tooling to remove cylinders in the field. Reduced weight by using aluminum and made long beams collapsible to reduce shipping cost by 50 %. * Implemented vibration analysis for a predictive maintenance and machine baseli ne salable service complete with reports for comparison for future problems; ser vice sold at $200 per hour around the world. EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Concentrating in Dynamics and Vibrations Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, Tennessee 1997 CERTIFICATIONS EIT Certification Matlab, Mathcad, MS Office, Access, Windows Platform Step 7, TI soft, DOS, Motorola HC-11, Microprocessor Codes, AB PLCs Fortran-77, FEA, Auto CAD, FFT Signal Analysis