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Aldous Huxley se bom on 2 July 1894 neat Gaming, Suey, He begin as is st noe, Crome Yo (192 which ested is Terr sputation, This was wily felled by Ane Hay (0923), The Buren Lee (1925) an Pot Came Pit (0925 eight, biases in wach ley wily but ‘atlely pase jademen on he shortcomings cote tay soci. For most the 1920 Huy ed in ely nd ‘acount of his experienens here cn be oun Along te oad 1925, Tn the years ding up t the Send Weel War, Huse’. wor ol ana more Sombre ane in reone oh eonfon 1 + society which heft be spinning dangerously ot of ‘oot. The great hovel of see nclading ss amour ‘ork Brae New Word (pbb in 1932 dhe warmed set the dehumanisng spect af cietic and material prope) andthe pacifist novel Eyl on Ga (193) were compe ‘ed by src of ise ad ria en cote nv for under such ies Ma at Night (191) and Bad and Means (95, Tn 997, athe hight fh me, Huy let Europ ve ‘in California, working for time at's ateenerier Hollywood. As the Wen braced if or mer, Huy cme incest elie th th ey oshing the world’ pro lems yi charging the india hough mal eng cent. The exploration ofthe inert though mystica ‘ allaciopeni rs was dominate hs or forte rst of is if. His bei found eareson in bh ton (Time Must Hace A Sup, 1944 ad land, 1982) tad ot (The Prenat Pha, 188, Grey Eine, 14 ate famous acount of i re mecaln experienc, The Dr of Perception 980), Hy ie in Callens on 22 November 1963 INTRODUCTION Fiat publi in 1932, Brace New World swt in his year ‘stably, A. 632" that i 02 year afer the advent of the Amercan car magnate Henry Ford (853-1947), howe Iighly succesful Model T (1908-1927) was the fst auto- ‘motile wo be manutd by purely mass-production method ich a comeyorbelt sembly and specialised lbour Ford i the presiding dey ofthe Word State, + gab caste system ‘er upalter the double catastrophe ofthe Nine Yeas War and the great Economic Clipe, and hi industrial philosophy ‘dries every spect of ie within “The stability ofthe World State fe maintained through + combination of lal engineering nd exhaustive condion- ing Its 200 milion sndardved evens staring ony 10000 Sram, have mac ben bor, bat ‘hehe tl ue pre- ‘Satine sca le. ‘Tey are no more than calls in the ba pole In inincy the vittcs of pouve obedience, materi onsumption and minds prombcuty are inculcsted upon ‘them by means of hypaopudin or slee-teaching. In ater ie the cites of the World Stare are given free handouts of may the, governmentapproved. dope, and. Abck © CCommnity Sings and Solidarity Services (which routinely ‘Smite in an ogy) Ssgned oti more deeply che values of commuNtre, IDENTITY, STABILITY, the World ‘States moto. Every aspect of life has ben reduced vo the eel of sca ily and even corpses ae expla as a handy source of phosphors. Each of the World Stat’ ten none run by 2 Resident World. Conteller. "His fordship" Mestapha Mond, the Contoler a the Western European zone centred on London, beads hierarchical, fctorylite concern, with « mast of Epeilon-Minus Semi-Morone bred for menial abou a the ase and with cates of increasing bility ranked above them. Immediately below Mond are caste of Alpha-Plas intel Berard Mar and Hemboke Watson sre members ‘ofthis elite, but both have developed subversive tendencies, {aking delight in such deviant pleasures a Being alone and sting fom sex. They know’ only to well hati thir duty tobe infin’ and that when the indivi ey the emmarity rec and bth are ted tobe eniled on oe ofthe ‘lands which serve as ays fr Alpha-Pas misfit ‘The only other human beings permited coexist beyond the ple ofthe World Ste ar the lbabints of the varus Savage Reservations Segregated by cleteied Fence from the Fordan hell which surounds them, the stvager tll get ‘arid, make lve ive bh and dic a of ld es le ‘isting the Reservation in New Metica that Beard Mars ‘meats tage named John, whom he brings bck to London, John is at Bint eorapare bythe ne world which serous him and ie Honized by fashionable Landon, but be soon becomes disillsioned by the World State, and is fom J's perspective thatthe full, aiterin ber of A 632 i afield Brace New World has long been installed, along wth Zamyatn's We (1920.2), Koeste’s Darkne at Noon (940) and Orwell's Nines Fighy-For (198), one ofthe pci