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DONNA LYNN CORLESS 2928 Estates Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Phone: 334-408-4595 email: dc15f426e@westpost.

net EDUCATION AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Auburn, AL 36849 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Major in Business Manageme nt, 1986 WORK EXPERIENCE ARTIST/PHOTOGRAPHER: Design Concepts Unlimited, Inc., Auburn, AL 36830 May 1995 - Present Own and Operate the business. Work independently as an Artist and Photographer . Plan events and handle the logistics of art and photography exhibitions and s hows. Design and create presentations, implement catalogs of products for showr oom and for online commerce. Responsible for all sales, marketing and customer service. Plan, select and coordinate travel, tours and itineraries for photo o pportunities. Travel via independent travel and cruise tours extensively in the Caribbean and Northern Africa, UAE, Europe, and Mediterranean. Create and mainta in online web presence at Work with Adobe Photoshop/CS, Micro soft Office and Quickbooks Pro accounting software. TECHNICAL PROJECT MANAGER: Lockheed Martin ISC, Washington, DC Jan 1994 Jul 1 996 Duties included: Provided technical marketing and sales support for the Dept. o f the Veterans Affairs through the (NOAVA) National Office Automation for the VA Contract valued at more than $250 Million dollars. Identified opportunities, c reated marketing plans and captured revenue for assigned VA departments. Worked with vendors for Technology Refresh to update the contract product offerings. P ersonally generated over $2 Million in revenue and managed projects as required. Provided accurate and timely responses to customers regarding products, pricin g and orders. Demonstrated technology solutions of multimedia and video telecon ferencing solutions. Responsible for well organized communications to customers , peers, and management. Was an active, supportive team player. Expanded scop e of responsibility to Southern Region Accounts Mgr., then Southeastern, then to National Sales Account Mgr. COMPUTER SPECIALIST: Bureau of Naval Personnel, Washington Navy Yard, Wash., DC 20370 May 1989 Dec 1993 Duties included: Provided headquarters staff training on commercialized softwar e products, hardware/software installations and troubleshot and supported on MS DOS based IBM PCs, Novell LAN, Focus, Decision Support System, dBase IV, and Wor dPerfect Office. Other applications included WordPerfect 5.1, Lotus 1-2-3, Harv ard Graphics, FileExpress, Calendar Creator Plus, RightWriter, and Quick Schedul e Plus. Developed many of the training classes for these software applications. Participated in the implementation of the LAN email network. Provided field support to Navy Bases around the world which included on-site tra ining and support on a customized accounting software, Base Level Accounting Sys tem (BLAS) used with Filepro. Responsible for installation of hardware and soft ware. Planned, coordinated, and managed software releases, tested software, rev amped user manuals and created instructor manuals, and became proficient in prov

iding telephone support on Xenix and Unix based IBM PCs and IBM compatibles. Cr eated and established a Trouble Shooting Guide to Common Problems. Implemented a Process Action Team in order to better organize and make the User Services Tea m more efficient and focused, and established standards of operations, defined r oles, standardized classes and class documentation, and specified personal devel opment needs. ACCOUNTING TECHNICIAN: MWR Fund, NSGA Skaggs Island, Sonoma, CA 95476 Jan 1988 May 1989 Duties included: Managed full scale accounting for the MWR Accounting office. Responsible for all duties associated with being the Personnel Clerk handling al l required paperwork for new employees, and other personnel matters. Responsibl e for all duties of being a Payroll Clerk to include payroll transmittal, verifi cation and disbursement. Organized and managed training for the MWR Staff as Di rector of Training. Responsible for implementing a single fund accounting syste m and automating the accounting function. CUSTOMS INSPECTOR: U.S. Customs Service, P.O. Box 3041 FPO New York, NY 09560 ( Bermuda) Jun 1987- Dec 1987 Duties included: Reviewed passengers passports and travel documents, inspected, cleared and admitted passengers and cargo. Accessed and collected Internal Rev enue Taxes and Customs duties from airline crew and passengers. Regulated U.S. Customs, U.S. Immigration, and U.S. Agricultural laws. Prepared and completed f light papers and logged daily flight information. CUSTOMER SERVICE CLERK: Navy Exchange, U.S. Naval Air Station, FPO NY, NY 09560 (Bermuda) May 1987- Sept 1987 Duties included: Processed layaways, made exchanges, provided customer refunds, notified customers regarding late payments and cancellations, and assisted cust omers. Responsible for all paper work necessary for cash accountability. REFERENCES: Available upon request