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SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE Over forty (40) years experience on multiple levels in the electrical field incl uding hands-on,

management, supervision, inspections, and training. Experience i ncludes nuclear and combined-cycle power plant construction management; coal min ing facility construction; fuel metering, distribution and storage facilities; o ffshore platform electrical construction and inspections; gas compression and pu rification facilities - onshore and offshore, construction and inspections. Also a strong background in electrical power distribution, 3-phase motor controls, V FDs, high voltage systems, PLC control systems, monitor and alarm systems, instr umentation and pneumatics. Extensive knowledge in interpretation of engineering field drawings, schematics, P&IDs, NEC/NFPA 70E, CFR, MMS, NCCER and OSHA stand ards, competent electrical construction practices, jobsite safety requirements, training junior personnel and accurate record keeping/client reporting. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia hran a" 2010 a" present a" Sr. Industrial Skills Trainer, ITC, Dha

Currently employed by the Saudi Aramco Company in Dhahran, Eastern Province, Sau di Arabia. I am responsible for writing and instructing training programs for Ar amco electrical employees in the fields of Electrical Hazard Recognition, Arc Fl ash Mitigation, Power Relay Technician and Power Service Technician. Emphasis ha s been placed on proper installation procedures, medium to high voltage systems, oil and gas facility electrical component and instrumentation maintenance and s afety. Extensive knowledge of NEC and NFPA 70E as adopted by Saudi Aramco is req uired for all programs. RCI Consultants, Inc., Houston, TX a" SR. Project Field Coordinator, I&E Inspect or a" 2007 - 2010 The projects listed entailed direct interaction between the contractors and clie nts. They included daily site surveys; writing and maintaining work permits; dai ly computer-based progress reporting; daily communication between principles; re gular interaction with architect/engineers, client and contractors; on site prob lem solving; safety and code adherence: a Enbridge - Aker Plant sour gas purification facility expansion, Streetman, TX a" I&E Inspector a Enbridge - New natural gas compression facility, Grapeland, TX a" I&E Inspecto r a W&T Offshore a" Rebuild/upgrade of the East Cameron 388 platform, GOM a" I&E I nspector a Murphy Oil & Gas - Front Runner, GC338 a" Daniel Boone Subsea Tie-back, GOM a" I&E Inspector a Anadarko Offshore - Independence Hub a" Hurricane Ike repairs, GOM a" I&E Insp ector a Anadarko Offshore - Constitution a" Connect new well, GOM a" I&E Inspector a Valero a" Fuel storage/distribution facility expansion, Turpin, OK a" Sr. Fiel d Project Coordinator a TEPPCO/EPCO - Lick Creek Station automation - Lick Creek, IL a" Sr. Field Proj ect Coordinator a TEPPCO/EPCO - Cape Girardeau Terminal upgrade - Cape Girardeau, MO a" Sr. Fiel d Project Coordinator a TEPPCO/EPCO - Princeton Terminal automation upgrade - Princeton, IN a" Sr. Fie ld Project Coordinator a TEPPCO/Murphy Oil - Fuel metering/distribution facility automation, Jonesboro, AR a" Sr. Field Project Coordinator

W-Industries, Houston, TX a" Lead Electrician / Foreman a" 2005 through 2007 a Storm damage electrical repair/upgrade operations in GOM on Apache and BP oil and gas platforms. a Coordinate personnel and materials for timely, cost-effective project completi on. a Train junior personnel. a Record keeping and reporting to client and management. Construction Projects a" Las Vegas, NV a" 2001 through 2005 a Electrical Construction Manager, Las Vegas McCarran International Airport expa nsion project. a Technical writer (operation and maintenance) for new Nevada Power 1,240 MW Moa pa power plant. a Electrical Construction Manager for a Nevada Power 1,240 MW Moapa power plant completion. a Site/personnel/safety/training manager for partially completed Duke Energy 1,2 40 MW Moapa energy facility. a Commercial building engineer a" electrical. a Electrical foreman a" new home construction, Pulte, KB Home, Toll Brothers dev elopments. KVAL, Inc., Petaluma, CA a" Electrical Dept. Supervisor / Safety & Training Mana ger a" 1984 through 2000 a Design, install, and test electrical distribution systems and control panels f or new PLC controlled, 3-phase, pneumatic/hydraulic, custom woodworking industry machinery. a Install new machines at client facilities nationwide. a Supervise electrical department personnel and equipment, including material pr ocurement and record keeping. a Write and implement shop-wide safety and training procedures for all company p ersonnel. Ebasco Services a" Electrical Construction Manager, WPPSS Nuclear Plant(s) a" 19 81 through 1984 a Coordination of client, electrical contractors, engineers, and construction ma nagement team for timely completion of two nuclear power plants in western Washi ngton. CDK Contractors, Colstrip, MT a" Electrical Supervisor/Site Safety Manager a" 19 78 through 1981 a Electrical construction of two 4160VAC Bucyrus-Erie Draglines, Montana Power s urface coal mine, Colstrip, MT US Navy a" E-7 Electrician a" 1970 through 1978 a Electrician/nuclear and steam plant operator / EWS on nuclear submarines. TRAINING & CERTIFICATIONS a a a a a NCCER Industrial Electrician certification - 2010 OSHA 30 Hour Course a" 2010 Work Permit Issuer/Receiver - 2010 HAZWOPER- 8 Hour Course SafeGulf Orientation,

a Offshore Water Survival a BP GOM HSE certification a H2S Safety certification (US and SA) a Gas Testing certification (US and SA) a Current TWIC card, expires September 2013 a Current US Passport a" expires 2020 a Senior Industrial Skills Trainer a" Electrical: Classroom and Practical Certif ication - 2010 a Enterprise Contract Operation Representative (COR) Certified, November 24, 200 8 a NCCER and OQ Training a" ISN ID: #01334675 o 62203 - Valve Inspection (CT 20) o 62205 - Pipeline Inspection (CT 38.1, 38.2, 38.3) o 62207 - Hydrostatic Testing (CT 41) o 62302 - Pipeline Damage Inspection (CT 34, 35) o 62304 - Pipeline Repair (CT 9.5, 37, 40.1, 40.2, 40.3, 40.4, 40.5, 40.7, 40.91 ) o 62305 - Relocating/Lowering Pipeline (CT 33, 34) o 62309 - Performing Pipeline Disconnection Procedures (CT 36) o 63205 - Maintain and Repair Pressure Limiting Devices and Relief Valves (CT 22 , 23.1, 23.2, 24) o 63306 - Maintain, Troubleshoot, and Repair Pneumatic Valve Actuators/Operators and Systems (CT 19.6, 21.1) o 63307 - Maintain, Troubleshoot, and Repair Hydraulic Valve Actuators/Operators and Systems (CT 19.7, 21.4) o 63308 - Maintain, Troubleshoot, and Repair Electric Valve Actuators/Operators and Systems (CT 19.5, 21.5) o 64206 - Switches and Transmitters (CT 25, 30, 31) o 66102 - Liquid Pipeline General Abnormal Operating Condition o 67107 - AOC a" Abnormal Operating Condition References available upon request.