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Joseph Benjamin Dalrymple TECHNICAL SKILLS SUMMARY Languages: Fluent: PHP.

Familiar: Java, C++, Python Markup: HTML5, XHTML 2, DHTML 4, XML, CSS (2 and 3) IDEs: Komodo Edit, Zend Studio, Eclipse (Zend, PDT), shiftEDIT, Compilr Servers and Services: Apache2, PHP, Zend Server CE, XAMPP, LAMP, FileZilla FTP ( Server and Client) Databases: MySQL (4, 5), MongoDB Platforms: Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu) CURRENT AND COMPLETED NOTABLE PROJECTS Lemur: Robust web content management system which relies on modules and compone nts to build the pages content, taking full advantage of PHPs OOP capabilities f or maximum extendibility and performance. Add-ons to be stored in a cloud for ea sy access and installation by users. LemurNet: Set of management tools used to manage multiple instances of Lemur, l ocal or across domains. Major extension of Lemur used to manage servers, as well as connection and communication between networked instances and their component s, by pushing the limits of Lemurs extendibility. PlaximaWeb: PHP-CLI IRC bot server, managed by web-based interface, featuring c ron management tools, formatted and raw logs, and web-based IRC client emulation . Strategically written for live extendibility, eliminating the need to restart the PlaximaWeb CLI server during and after modification. SimpleProjects: Collection of website management tools developed to make integr ation and management of web software more efficient and easy to use. o SimpleCMS (robust content manager) o SimpleBlog (blog integration) o SimpleBB (discussion board integration) o SimpleFiles (file and directory manager). PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Freelance PHP Developer (2007 Present) Create, maintain, and improve clients web presence by maintaining and developin g PHP code. Most work custom written, utilizing PHP OOP in user, database, and c ontent management implementations. Aid various clients in installation, troubleshooting, configuration of hardware , software, operating-systems, server, and utilities and proper operation of app lications, websites, and operating-systems. BlueLogic Development Team, Dallas, TX (2007 2009) Senior Server-Side Developer, Owner, Instructor Managed and led a team of 6 developers. Lead to develop projects using PHP, Jav aScript, AJAX techniques, and advanced web design. Developed database management software, and user system infrastructures in PHP. Some web design included manual, precise recreation of Flash applications in HT ML and JavaScript, with the help of CSS and graphic design. EDUCATION

Collin County Community College, 2009-2010, Plano, TX Amarillo College, Fall 2011-Present, Amarillo, TX