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Daniel J. Sipe Cell # 216-225-7507 420 N. Elm Ave., Tallmadge, Ohio 44278 daniel.sipe@sbcglobal.

net Professional Profile I have 27 years of experience in the communication industry and have built commu nication sites in 36 of the lower 48 states. This work involved coordinating wi th carriers, power companies, telephone companies, gas companies, as well as sta te, city, county inspectors, engineers, architects, testing labs, excavating contra ctors, drilling contractors, pile driving contractors, electricians, tower crews , and fencing contractors. I have worked with all the major cellular carriers a long with M.C.I., Andrew Corporation, Bechtel and the U.S. Army. Professional Experience CKC Inc, Lexington, Kentucky 1983 - 1995 Construction Supervisor Achievements: Labor Backhoe/Track hoe operator Project Coordinator Responsibilities: Footings for all types of foundations Installation of concrete Installation of grounding systems Job quality inspections with customers Jerry Shinn Construction, El Paso, Texas 1995 - 2000 Project Manager for the Ohio Market Achievements: Overseeing all construction for various carriers Maintaining the Ohio Market client list Responsibilities: Bids on cell tower projects Overseeing all construction crews Job quality inspections with customers American Tower Corporation, Columbus, Ohio 2000 2005 Project Supervisor for the Ohio Market Achievements: O.S.H.A. training C.P.R. / Basic first aid Safety courses Responsibilities: Overseeing construction on ATC assets Scheduling and overseeing sub-contractors New site builds for various cell companies Raw land, co-locate, water tank, and rooftop installations T-Mobile USA, Independence, Ohio 2005-2008 Project Manager for the Cleveland, Ohio, Market Achievements: Directed construction on 180+ cell sites sinc e 1-10-05 Responsibilities: Site design with A&E firms for construction Bid walks with general contractors Job quality inspections Maintenance/upgrades on all Ohio cell sites

T-Mobile USA, Kansas City, Kansas 2008-February 2011 Project Manager Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas Achievements Directed construction on 160+ cell sites Responsibilities Site design with A&E firms for construction Bid walks with general contractors Job quality inspections Directed maintenance/upgrades for cell sites in Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas. Scheduled and supervised BTS/outdoor equipmen t sets Education Tallmadge High School, Tallmadge, Ohio Graduate 1982 References References are available upon request.