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Race Terrorism in America

by RonPaul and TheLosAngeles related markednew inAmerican riots a era political, economic Wenowknow, wedidnot cultural, and life. if before, we areunder that assault thugs revolutionaries from and civilization everytl,ing stands whohateEuro-American and it for: private properff, material success those earn and for who it, Cluistianmorality. storesandotherbuildings Ten thousand looted burned, and thousands beaten otherwise and seriously irliured, people dead. 52 Thatwasthetoll of theLosfurgeles inwhich saw riots we white pulled men fromthekcars trucks shotor bmtally and and beaten. (In everycase, mobwag tooenraged pickthevictim's the not to pocket.) Korean whitestores Wesaw and targeted themob by because they"exploited community," sold products peoplo the i,e., wanted at pricee theywerewi[ingto pay. Worstof all,Tse thetotalbreakdown lawenforcoment, saw of public asbkckandwhiteliberal officials thocops troops had and diearmed the frce of crirrdnal in anarchy. Flnncieco porhaps In San and otherdtieg,says otrpert myeoln Burt Blumert, riotingwaeled by red.flag the carrying members of the Revolutionry Commudst Pafty andtheTVor.lcers TVorld Ptu'ty, bothTrotskyite-l4aoist. police Th woreallowed lntorto vne when rlstsrsassdrlted &mous. mly the Fairmont Muk and the Hopldns hotelo NobHUl. ftiendof Burt's,ajewelry A atoB store owner, hisstoreonUnion had Square looted blacks, when by and thepolice anived response ffs franffc in to calls, ordets their were to protecthislife, but not to interfere withthe rioting.

Eventhough riots were aimedat whites(andin L.A. at the Koreans whohadcommitted crimeof workinghardandbeing the and successful, at CambodiansLongBeach), in eventloughantiepithets white andanti-Asian filled the air, this is not considered a seriesof hatecrimes,nor a violationof the civil rightsof whites or Asians. Thecriminals terrorize cities-in riots andoneverynonwho our riot day-are not exclusively youngblackmales,but they largel-y are. As children, they are trainedto hatewhites,to believethat white oppression responsible all black ills, to "fight the is for power," to stealandloot asmuchmoney from the whiteenemy justifiedagainst possible. as Anything is "The Man." And "The Woman."A ladyI knowrecentlysawa blackcoupb in the supermarket with a cute litfle girl, tfiree yearsold or so. My friendwavedto the tiny child, who scowled,stuckout lrer tongue,andsaid(somewhat tautologically): hateyou, lryhite "I parents honkey."And the wereindulgent. anywhitechildtauglrt Is to hatein this way?I've neverheardof it. ff a white childmade sucha remarkto a blackwoman,the parentswouldstop it with a reprimand a spank. thisis normal,andinfactbenign, or But comparedto muchof the anti-white racist ideology the thoroughly in blackcommunity. Theblack leadership indocfrinates followers phony its with history phony nd theoryto bolster claims victimology. thecornits of Like aunists who renounced thatwasbourgeoiq;S tflmreject all all that is "Eurocentnc." They demand their own kind of thinking, anddenythe possibility non-blacks of it. understanding Theinsurectionists revolutionaries and intended destroy large to of sections Los Angeles. the ghettoyouthsso furiously Whydid ragetogether? it because havebeen Was they neglected? Hardly. has Welfare transfened tax$2.5trillionfrom whitemiddle-class payersto welfareprograms the last 30 years.Andif we adjust in -2-

the that figurefor L992dollars, totalis morelike $7 trillion. could denied The being economic opportunity? cities fue blacks where but so couldthe rest of the country, havefreer markets, fue killers looters and thereis noriotingandlittle streetcrime. black far Americans treated worse were to responding racism? Japanese put camps thanblads, Theywereeven in concenhation in California D. and by the evilDarlWarren, J, McCloy, Franklin Roosevelt, John never KoreanAmericans, yetJapanese-Americans have rioted.But of nverriot, andin factaresome themostproby hated blacks, (the reason blackhated). people America for in ductive canIf barbarism. thebubarians of Thecause the riotsis plain: (i.e.,theriotsbeing the through legal channels notlootsufficiently ones, they minusthe middleman), resort to illegal welfare-state to to terrorism.Troubleis, few seemwi[ing to do anything stop property owners are fud them.The copshavebeenhandcuffed. for of themselves. mayor LosAngeles, The to not allowed defend themwho storekeepers defended the ordered Korean example, firearnrwithincity limits." a selvesarrestedfor "discharging riots of aspect the Los futgeles the *- Perhaps mostscandalous and tJre themayors, media, theTVashington by {! wasthe response ' politicians. the They all carne togetherasoneto excuse violence gurl$, although guilt can the andto tell white Americathat it is bereactionary, It handing morecash. would over be assuaged by or lees to raciet,andfascist,ssidthe media, have welfare tougher anunlimited while is America's ntmrber need one lawenforcement. accotrnt underclaes for blacks. checking will that thanhelping, thiswillensure guenillrviolence all Rather in we suchas saw eruptions occasional Therewill be more escalate, just astenifying thedaily robberies, muggin[s, are but LosAngeles, our that andkillings make citiesterrorzones. fapes, burgluies, out The rioters said*rey were acting their frustrdionoverthe *3*

And whether agreeor disagree the beating. we with the jury's did force-it is instnrctive verdict-that the cops notuseexcessive to to knowwhatthey sawandwhatthe mediastill refuses tell us or showus. Noneof the majornetworks the whenKing showed videoscene jolt. OnlyCNNshowed afterthefirst Taser mshed0fficerPowell it, onetime"And no majorpaperevenmentioned Neitherdid it. paper network of thehro passengers complied or tell who anymajor peacefully ttre arrested. andwere Why?We wereshown section for of tapewherethe copshit King as a metaphor whiteracism. to Shownit againandagain,we were supposed feel guilty. Not long after this incident,King was foundtrying to pick up prostitute,andwhencaught,tried to ntn over tfie a transvestite He copswhointervened. wasnot arrested.Thiswasnot reported outsideof L.A. He wasalsonot jailedfor violating parole(for his resisting dnrrkand robbery) by recldess armed drivingandviolently arrest. was Theverdict handedlomat3{5 pmonApril29.For weeks riot were threatsthatthe-blqgks$ruld if theofficers we hadheard politinot convicted. TakingthatinE-account,did the mediaor deferto thejury (astheydowhena liberal-approved cdminal cians Not is released)? at all. At 5:10pm, liberal black L.A. MayorTom Bradley hewas said the at shocked outraged the verdict.He denounced jurorsfor and man." of approving and "the senseless bmtalbeating a helpless he the As anafterttrought, asked cityto "rernaincahn,"Withthose into throwna match apoolof gpsoline. words,hemightaswellhave It was permission the blacks "enpresstheir rage." for to Ten minuteslater, the policegot their first report of trouble. cars.When police the Blacksweretluowingbeercans passing at showedup, the crowdshad gottenmuchbigger.Copshied to -6-

that Realizing they them,but realized wereoutnumbered' control gunsor evenlookcross-eyed a black' at not theycould usetheir saying: "It's notworlhit. Let'sgo." a recorded policeman a video put onlyhave tltemit Indeed wasn'tworthit. The copscould tley on selves trial andhadtheirlivesruinedtoo. Ironically, were But ftned andarenowdenounced. it wastheEstablishment's being that King verdictthat set the precedent to reaction the Rodney blackuiminals alwayshavethe benefitof the doubtoverwhite police.


Lhe in where riotsbegan At 5:45,the fieldcommander the area out policego into tlte atea. "I wanteverybody orderedthat no force, to of here.Get out. Now." He wanted protecthispolice and criticism legalaction, withoutmedia whichcouldtakeno action themandweresoretimes outnumbered ftom rioters who vastly better armed.

ard by to attack driven whites liehtcarB -nfilitc,jfcstarted crowbarg, and rockg, bottles, evenrmetal with fuifi-a nispanics a police resored officers some traffc sign,At the last minute, left. pelbedby asthey rochs were in her abandoned carand woman

Euk and from At 6:45,a whitemanwaodragged a delivery yelled, asgsilsntg '1flut's and as to thrown thegrognd beaten, bladt whiteFuck&iver, King howRodney felt, whiteboyl" Another bat pulled ttrearea fiveblacks him into and O. Reeinald Denny, as at Onetluew a fre orilnguisher hishead he to nearly death, A face. white in boue his overy brcaHIE nearly layuncoascnous, pnlled andshotin the head" fromhis motorcycle boywas less All thishappened tlan anhoursnda halfafterthemayor minin*stanthnn for Rsther call even theverdict. had denounced intoits otcuseaaking tbe ofjustice, dards It ways. waseaused various mode, etc., bypovorty, t6i* ofneglect," butnewrevil.

by out fuid the fres burned of controlas firemenwere attacked in onecasewith an axe. the riotersaswell, nearlyall of cenwithinthevicinityof rioting,meaning All banks to People wanted cash who shut tralL.A., wereimmediately down. They to wereshocked findthemclosed. deposits or checks make were running.Taxicabs to werealsostunned find city transitnot walkingalone in nowhere sight.Yfhitepeoplefoundthemselves of out the to blocks gethome,running minefield blackgangs many for their blood. has tried to buy guns.But, whoops,California a Manypeople period.Andjust to makesurehonestCalifornians L4-day waiting (poor owned for could getammunition thefrearmstheyalready not youthmigtrtbe shot),MayorTom Bradleyorderedall rage-filled who had gunandammo shopsclosed,a greathelpto criminals rtoched earlier,or who couldsimplybreakin andloot. up that Anothergtroup hadstockedup were Koreanmerchants, their places with guns,andlater were nanyof whomdefended As for use arrested illegal of firearms. onetold the L.A. Times, my "Two lootersentered storel oneleft." TheseKoreanimmipeopleto act like real Americans, mainly grantswere the only into not they because have yet beenassimilated our rottenliberal to faced raging blacks lie bach whitee by admonishes culture, which andthinkof England. who Whitereportersandphotographers enteredthe riot aone their carsandbeaten. Afreelance reporterfor from weredragged hatecrimes theBosfonGlobe shotfive times.The anti-white was accumulated. and In the midstof the rioting,Jesse Jackson Congres$woman pro-terroristline that it was the Ma:rine WatersP-CA) spouted justified because "can't getnojustice." The newsmen blacks all themandlovinelybemoaned of the m4jornetworksinterviewed
- 8-

youth." LiberalstatistJackKernp the "plight of the inner-city in weighed with a victimological similarto Jackson's, line saying programs the cities. we needmorefederal for As the Establishment spread morewhiteta:rpayers' moneyaround innercity, the killersandlootersspread the their to rnolence Hollywood, BeverlyHills,Fairfax,andWestwood. A matl in Compton burned.But the violence wasn't limitedto the (where L.A. area.It extended LongBeach, to California moretfian 500Carnbodian-owned businesses torched)Seattle, were TVashing; ton; Eugene, Oregon; SanFrancisco SanJose, and California; Las Vegas,Nevada; Madison, l{isconsin; Birmingham, Alabama; and Atlanta,Georgia. TerrorismsweptAmerica. In Las Vegas,for orample,a white rnanwas pulledout of his car andseverelybeaten blacks by breaking from an anti-white up rally at 10:30pm. The blacksshouted racialinsultsas the police carted him awayto the hospital.The mowdthen peltedSWAT teams in armoredvehicles with rocks and bottles. Someone in the crowd of blacksshot a gun and the policeresponded with tear gas. I've got a feeling thereweremany thrt moreincidents looting, of fires, andviolence we haven't that heard about the simple for fact that the media doesn'twantus to knowaboutthem.Newsmen and editorsare protecting ftom the Euth. us Oraur was only restoredin L,A. whenit cametime for thb f I blacksto pick up theh welfarechecksthree daysafter rioting I began.The "poor" linedup at the postofficeto get their handouts (since therewerenodeliveries)-and complained then about glow service. Whatif the checks neveranived? doubttheblacks trad No would havefully privatized welfarestatethroughcontinued tbe looting. But they were paidoff andthe violence subsided. -9-

daysafterthe violence ended,we learned that there Several on havebeenblacks the Kingjury-if the NMCP hadn't would by in engaged jury tampering tellingpotentialblackjurors that it dutyto convict cops.The blacks the admitted this wastheirracial and fromjury. Thisis lawyers, wererightlyexcluded to defense crime,but the NAACPwill not be prosecuted. a serious have endlessly the whined thatlettingthe Imagine irony.Blacks jury included Hispanic (even the though cops offwas"all white" a "civil rights" organization andanAsian).But it wasthe leading that is at faultfor this. the to WhatdidBushsayabout riots?First he promised have Department if it could see retry the copsfor violating theJustice Rodney King's "civil rights." But what aboutthe constitutional jeopardy? one cares. prohibition double of No promised immediate payoff $600million L.A. an ThenBush of to gangsters. the called a "token", he raised When liberals this the pretending be a amount $1.2billion.He vacillated to between to guy condemning rioters,andtaking theJack the tough and up Kemp line that inner-city"despair" canbe fixed throughmorefederal 'ograms. to But this is capitulation terroristdemands. advicesome The give-"don't vote,it onlyencourages tibertarians them"*applies here.Wemustnot kowtowto thestreethoodlums their sanc. and timonious leaders. D.C., At a Washington, rallyhro weeksafterthe L,A. atiempt poured to lobby moremoney begiven at revolution, hily out for to to the cities.The mostcommonly held sign was: 'Tusticefor Rodney King.Free all the L.A. prisoners." for Now,consider a moment implies. whatthisslogan Werethey gl billionin upsetby the murders,the burned buildings, the and


property damage? at all, except useit asanexcuse get Not to to jailedandthe murderers, morecash.Theywanted cops the arand set sonists, thieves foee. Thiscame fromtheunderclass, not political blacks black but middle-class and activists, holdopiwho markedly nionsnot different from the Cripsandthe Bloods. Butthe CripsandtheBloods, turnsout,have it been misunderto stood,according Ted Koppelwho interviewed of these two animals, After spending several hourswith them,he decided he Iikedthem.Unfortunately, they didn't pull him out of his stretch limousine. Regardless whatt}e media us,mostwhite of tell Americans are not going believe theyareat faultfor whatblacks to that have done to citiesacross America.Theprofessional blacks have cowed may the elites,but goodsensesurvives the grassroots. at the avoiding beliefthat f Manymoreare goingto havedifficultly ' our counhry beingdestroyed a groupof actual potential is by and , terrorists-and they canbe identified the colorof their skin. rl by This conclusion not be entirelyfair, but it is, for many,en- \ may tirely unavoidable. lndeed, is shocking consider uniformity opinion it to the of among pollsconsistently blacks this country.Opinion in showthat only politicalopinions, support about5% of blackshavesensible i.e. individuat the free market, liberfy, andthe endof welfareandaffrmative action.I knowmanywhofall into this grouppersonally gtoup, andtheydeserve credit*not asrepresentativesa racial of people. but as decent Theyare,however, outnumbered. black in 0f males Washington, D.C,between ages 18and35,42Vo charged a crime the of with are or areservinga sentence, Center InstitureportstheNational on tions andAlternatives. Center reports The that70% allblack also of menin Washington :urestedbeforetheyreachthe ageof 35, are -11 r.*ik


pointin theirlives.Given ineffiand are 8570 arrested some at the justicesystem," ciencies whatD.C. laughingly the "criminal of calls I thinkwe cansafelyassume 9590 the blackmales that of that in city are semi-criminal entirelycriminal. or If similar in-depth studies in wereconducted othermajor cities, that similarresultswouldbe produced? who doubts told Wq are constantly that it is evil to be afraidof blackmen, but it is hardlyirrational.Black men commitmurders,rapes, robberies, muggings, burglaries out of proportion their and all to numbers. Perhaps L.A. experience the not The should besurprising. riots, looting,andmurderare only a continuation 30 years burning, of politics. of racial Thelooting L.A. wasthe welfurestatewithout in the votingbooth. Theelitehavesentonemessage blackAmerica 30years: to for youareentitled something nothing. got to for That's whatblacks onthestreets L.A. for threedays April,Onlytheydidrr't of in ask tlreir Congressmen arrangethe transfer. to preferences, Blacks have"civil rights," quotas, mandated hhtng gerrymandered set-asides governrnent for contracts, votingdishicts,black bureaucracies, mayors, blach black in cruricula schools, blacktv shows, blacktv anchors, hatecrimelaws,andpublichumiliation anyone question blackagenda. for who dares the Two yearsago,in a seriesof predictions the 1990s, said for I that raceriots woulderuptin our largecities.I'm nowpredicting this will be the majorproblemof the 1990s.