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Timothy E. Wall 16138 Prairie Heights St. SE Yelm WA 98597 Cell: (352)-433-6440

mil ___________________________________________________________________ Experienced Infantry Man, Medical Evacuation Vehicle Driver, and Training Room C lerk Hold an active Secret Clearance Marksman and vehicle crewman/driver. Experienced in first and limited medical training. Knowledge and general understanding in Microsoft Word, Excel, And PowerPoint ____________________________ _____________________________________

Education & Professional Training Infantry Basic Training combined with One Station Unit Training - US Army Fort B enning, GA, 2009 Department of Defense Information Assurance Awareness Course - Fort Lewis, WA, 2 010 Safe Home Computing Course - Fort Lewis, WA, 2010 Phishing Awareness Course - Fort Lewis, WA, 2010 Portable Electronic Devices, and Removable Storage Media Course Fort Lewis, WA, 2010 Basic Life Saver Course - Fort Lewis, WA, 2010 Winter/Cold weather, accident avoidance, and Drivers Visual Enhancer (DVE) Cours es - Fort Lewis, WA, 2010 Experience United States Army Training Room Specialist Sep. 2010 - Present Aug. 2009 - Sep. 2010

Medical Evacuation Vehicle Driver/Crewman

Lead, supervised, and served as a member of an infantry company of 150 persons, employing individual weapons, machine guns, and anti-armor weapons in offensive and defensive ground combat. Used individual infantry weapons; laid field wire; performed basic communications functions and operated communication equipment; utilized camouflage to conceal weapons and personnel; constructed minor fortific ations; performed land navigation; performed preventive maintenance on weapons, equipment, and some vehicles; made verbal reports; administered first aid; and o perated wheeled vehicles in and out of a combat zone. Performed duties as a Training Room Specialist for an infantry company of 150+ soldiers; developed, published and maintained all training records; prepared and coordinated make-up training; secured all training aids and materials for Soldi ers' training; executes in and out processing of soldiers; assisted Soldiers in personnel actions. Carried out the commander's plans and programs for the accom plishment of the unit's training objectives and missions; drafted training sched ules; maintained unit training files by continual review of available publicatio ns and directives; prepared request for training areas, ranges, and other items required to support scheduled training; managed the companies allocations for Wa

rrior Leaders Course and numerous other Soldiers schools. Prepared and maintain ed training records on each individual undergoing training. Prepared reports and records for personnel accountability, and performed administrative actions dire cted by the commander and or First Sergeant. Coordinated with staff to schedule unit functions, duties, leave, passes, and other absences from duty. Performed quality force review and ensured timely processing of performance reports, award s, favorable communications, classification actions, quality control actions, an d disciplinary actions. Have an understanding of medical equipment and tools on the Medical Evacuation Vehicle, with a net worth of over $2 million. Able to respond in a timely manne r at any time to a variety of situations, maintain the vehicle and keep in clean , working condition. Knowledge required performing basic math, reading and foll owing instructions, and analyzing situations to define issues and draw conclusio ns. Specific knowledge-based competencies required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include: emergency evacuation techniques; area streets and locations; basic vehicle maintenance; first aid; health standards and hazards; pertinent codes, policies, regulations and/or laws; safe driving practices; safe ty practices and procedures; two way radio communication; and utilizing wheelcha irs, tie downs, lifts, etc. (by assignment).