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Independent contractor/Consultant Business manager- Film Special F/x and Fabrication, Los Angeles 2006 - present Independent contractor

for varying business projects providing product and busin ess planning, implementation, R&D, personnel hiring, supply chain, and social me dia usage. Exercise creative approaches to identifying and establishing business opportunities in a highly competitive and dynamic market. Co-manage complex specialty fabrication and special F/X projects used on movie s ets by actors. Adeptly manage coordination and collaboration with other departme nt supervisors to ensure timely and efficient responses to product development. Provide training to and supervise entry-level staff to ensure proper flow of pro duction and timelines. Plan, distribute, coordinate and monitor work assignments. Assess skills of per sonnel during the interview and hiring process to place them in the proper depar tment, utilized and treated in a fair manner. Delegate and empower staff to enc ourage individual development. Oversee job task milestone and to evaluate personnel reassignment and/or dismiss al. Knowledge of production development to effectively communicate to the team t he best way to achieve goals. Develop and implement project timelines and planni ng to ensure completion two weeks prior to a deadline to allow for troubleshooti ng. Responsible for custom critical materials shipping protocols, which ensure safet y and eliminate damage en route to film set location. Oversee material and prod uct management. Inventory and procure production materials and equipment. Perform quality control review and testing of product and materials to maximize efficiency, manage risk and avoid costly errors. Manage shifting priorities and deadlines by reallocating resources as needed to ensure project goals are still met. Continuously develop new insights into situations and apply innovative solutions to organizational improvements, through design or execute processes or/and new technology and methodology. Associate Art Director Vidal Partnership, New York City

2005 2006

Member of an idea-generating team that creates the concepts and visuals for all communication mediums that create product awareness and generates sales for clie nts. Originated campaign ideas to internal staff as well as clients which resulted in effectively creating and developing campaigns for TV, Print, Radio and Billboar d campaigns for the US Hispanic Market. Campaigns included: MasterCard, Wendys, Heineken, Sprint, Home Depot, and Direct TV. Express facts, information and ideas to team members, clients and other departme nts in form via written, oral, and visual media. Presented ideas and making clear and convincing oral presentations, for subseque nt feedback, critiques and recommendations prior to customer review. Media Planner/Buyer Account Coordinator for Latin America Media Planning International, Miami 2000 - 2003 Media Principal Advisor for the implementation of media campaigns for LVMH group which includes products such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Givenchy among o thers. The media campaigns ranged from TV spots, print, billboards, online campaigns and promotional VIP events. Informed and counseled clients through the entire media procurement cycle, from

where, to who and how to procure. Provided solid recommendations for positionin g of clients products, taking into account the target audience, countries cultur e, and consumer habits. Managed the clients media budgets; negotiated all media purchases; and, maintain ed the accounting invoices. Knowledge of the production, promotion and dissemina tion of information and ideas to inform via written, oral and visual media to cl ient and with the organization. Primary liaison between the client and media. Informed clients on consumer spend ing habits and the trends in the political/governmental developments that would affect their procurement decisions. Identified and kept up to date on key issues ; changes in media policies, countries economic, political, social trends that a ffect the products launch or a products life cycle currently in the market. Fielded inquiries and requests from overseas contacts. Capitalized on media op portunities that benefited clients campaign. Managed companys Latin American subsidiaries to ensure that their objectives, pr iorities, and business plan are in the long term interest to the parent company. Media Research Coordinator for the US Hispanic Market Media Planning International, Miami 1999 2000 Researched, compiled and analyzed market and consumer data about the US Hispanic and Latin America markets. Organized and presented the relevant information to potential clients to enable them to make expeditious and well-informed decisions. US Coast Guard First Respondent Liaison Station Miami Beach, FL 1999 - 2003 Reservist: Station Curtis Bay, MD 1997 1999 Executed Search and Rescue procedures associated with maritime transportation, f ishing and recreational boating. Implemented post 9/11 homeland security policies and mission goals. Represented and coordinated with other law enforcement agencies in ensuring the adherence of USCG policy for illegal drugs, contraband and undocumented migrants. Processed asylum/refugee requests; smuggling, repatriation, and mass migration procedures. Implementation of law enforcement policies and performed as liaison between USCG and general boating public by providing training on marine and environmental sa fety. Protection of natural resources by eliminating environmental damage and d egradation of natural resources and over/illegal fishing. Radio watchguard stander; first contact for public, responding to vessels in dis tress and non-emergency calls. Gathering pertinent information in order to pass/ take appropriate action. Boat crewmember; seamanship skills required to handle a ll equipment for search and rescue including: boat fire, person overboard, sinki ng/capsized vessel, navigation, and joint operations with the USCG Helicopter Re scue team. In a highly demanding, fast-paced, post-9/11 environment, effectively performed duties of a Sea Marshall including boarding commercial cruise ships, protecting power plants and high traffic areas. Degree Education B.A. International Business and Marketing, Florida International University, 200 0 Professional Certificate in Creative Advertising for Art Direction, Miami Ad Sch ool, 2005 Computer Skills Operating Systems: MAC OSX, Linux, Windows 7, XP, Vista

Office Software: Spreadsheets, Databases, PowerPoint, MS Word Graphics Design Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, 3D software: Maya: Modeling and Animation, Zbrush, Mudbox Film and Editing software: Final Cut, Final Draft Languages Spanish- Bilingual Arabic- Basic speaking and writing Culture sensitive Resided in countries for more than three years: Honduras, Jamaica, Switzerland, South Africa. Extensive world travel: Nicaragua, Chile, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Yeme n, Tanzania, Swaziland, Namibia, Australia. Recent Feature Film Contracts Sucker punch, Tron:Legacy, Avatar:Last Airbender, The Happening, The Watchmen, S plinter, Thor, GI: Cobra Rising, Cowboys and Aliens, Legion.