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Williamstown High School

VCE Chemistry
Year 12 - Practical Activity Gravimetric analysis

n soup

Purpose :To determine the amount of salt in a particular product by gravimetric analysis. Procedure : Excessive intake of salt has been linked to increased blood pressure and heart disease. Many fast foods are high in salt. A ____ g sample of powdered chicken soup was mixed with approximately 100 mL of de-ionised water and stirred thoroughly. The mixture was filtered and the residue washed with more de-ionised water. The filtrate was made up to 250.0 mL in a volumetric fl ask. A 20.00 mL aliquot of this stock solution was pipetted into a conical fl ask. An excess of silver nitrate solution was then added. The chloride ions present in the aliquot of stock solution were precipitated as silver chloride. The precipitate was fi ltered, dried overnight in an oven and weighed. The mass of silver chloride was ____g. Part ACalculation of sodium chloride concentration 1 Calculate the amount, in mol, of silver chloride precipitated. 2 Determine the amount of sodium chloride in a 20.00 mL aliquot of the stock solution. 3 Calculate the amount of sodium chloride in 250.0 mL of stock solution. 4 What mass of sodium chloride was present in the sample of chicken soup? 5 Calculate the percentage by mass of sodium chloride in the powdered soup. Part BDetermination of the uncertainty in the result Instruments such as the balance, the burette or the pipette, are engineered to give readings that are guaranteed accurate within a certain range. This uncertainty in mass or volume should be taken into account when estimating the degree to which the result of a particular analysis is uncertain. For calculations involving multiplication and division, the relative uncertainty in the result of a calculation is equal to the sum of the relative uncertainties in the numbers used in the calculation.

In this experiment assume the uncertainties for the equipment used were: top loading balance 0.002 g, 20 mL pipette 0.02 mL, 250 mL volumetric fl ask 0.2 mL.


1 Complete of results

Measurement Uncertainty Relative uncertainty Mass of soup (_____g) solution (250.0 mL) Aliquot of stock solution (20.00 mL) Mass of precipitate (_____g)

2 Calculate the total of the relative uncertainties. 3 Calculate the uncertainty of your answer to Question 5 in Part A. (Uncertainty of answer = Total of relative uncertainties Answer).