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Victor Casanas 42883 Elsmere Rd.

Ainsworth, NE 69210 (720) 775-4268 Personal information: I am bilingual in English and Spanish (fluent). I am DOT certified and have pre viously been certified to handle 13K Volt systems. work hour duties from 2000 until march 2011 24/7/ 365 Military Training: US Army 1979 to 1982 Active Duty US Army Reserve 1982 to 1988 US Army National Guard 1988 to 1996 1982 to 1992: I worked in the electrical business at various companies in California. 1992 to 2000: Foreman - Dave Tague (310-890-7332 Employed with CalPac Electric as a Superintendent doing build design for MCI Tel ecom Data Centers/AT&T/PacBell/Nextel which included switch sites, tower sites, battery plants, UPS systems, generator systems, electrical power plants, fire sy stems, building management systems, and all the low voltage wiring controls. Al so installation of PDUs; all models from1992 to today's models. 2000 to March 2011: Manager - Joseph Land (417-291-0769 Employed with MCI Worldcom /Verizon Business/ Verizon as a building engineer to maintain all the building systems, DC power plants, generators, building manage ment systems, UPS, A/C power systems, high voltage controls up to 13K volt power plants with matching generator sets, low voltage controls, 120/240V and 480V sy stems with matching generator sets. Completion of monthly PMs for all the syste ms mentioned above and maintain the fuel storage tanks and underground systems, and maintenance of the HVAC systems Following are some of the systems I have worked on: Generators: Genarac, Cummins, Caterpillar, Agreko both diesel and propane syste ms 13K, 480, 120/240 Full system monitors: All DC Power Plants: trsined , Peco, Retelco, Lucent, Vilero all order named brands, 24 volt and 48 UPS systems: MGE trained, Powerware, Liebert all ordered named brands starting a t 750kw to 25kva Building Management Systems: JCI, TAC (also known as CSI), Honeywell, other odd ones as well HVAC systems: Data Aire, Lieberts, all types of coiling towers and DX systems. I have maintained HVAC systems (not the refrigeration part of the system) but c an be certified if training is available Electrical Gear: Culter Hammer, GE and most of the order systems, also tained t o do hot work if needed. Tools: Many types of volt meters, fluke meters, high voltage tool kits, high vol tage gloves, phase rotation meters, Midtronics battery test set, THD meters and scope Blueprints: I can read all phases of blue prints from electrical, architectural, mechanical, HVAC and fire systems. Victor Casanas