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Robert Carolan 740 Brender Lane Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 Home (914) 302-6486 Cell (201) 954 -0251 Summary With a consistent track record of success in achieving a broad range of goals th roughout my career, I believe I offer the leadership and skills that would benef it your company. With over thirty (30) years of experience in the real estate bu siness, I have learned how to skillfully accomplish my goals. One such accomplis hment being lowering operating expenses on the buildings of which I was responsi ble, this was done by switching from Con Edison to the Amerada Hess Corporation to purchase our gas and electricity. While many companies now purchase their gas and electricity from other sources than Con Edison, I began doing so fifteen to twenty years ago when most people did not know it was even possible. In additio n, I installed timers on light fixtures that would shut down certain lights duri ng the night; this installment saved over 40% on electric bills for these buildi ngs. Prior to making any of these changes I would always verify codes to make su re no building codes were being violated. I was also responsible for changing no zzles on boilers so that we could burn #2 oil; this oil burns cleaner than #4 oi l and #6 oil and eliminated the need for a licensed engineer that is required fo r the #6 oil. The clean burn of the #2 oil cut down tremendously on maintenance and repairs as well. I developed a relationship with a carpet mill in Dalton Geo rgia where I am able to purchase carpet at wholesale prices. I also purchased se conds and overruns; or carpet with slight imperfections for installment in our b uildings at a great discount. I would constantly be on the lookout for anything new on the market that would help improve the methods of which we used to mainta in our buildings. I purchased large vacuum cleaners that would cut the time of v acuuming the buildings in half. This gave the men more time for the other jobs t hat needed to be done. I always had an occupancy rate of more than 90% in our buildings and many times 100%. I know some may say it was a sign of the times, that is partly true, but I believe that most of my tenants selected my space because of the reputation of me and the buildings. I had a reputation of being an honest and trustworthy indi vidual, and the buildings had the reputation of being the best managed and maint ained in the area. Also, my ability to communicate with both the tenants and emp loyees created an enjoyable work place; for I found it very important that the t enants get along with the building staff. Ive been very successful in achieving my goals in the past. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how we can achieve your goals in the fu ture. Robert Carolan 740 Brender Lane Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 Home (914) 302-6486 Cell (201) 954 -0251 OBJECTIVE To obtain a professional management position where my administration experience, communication skills, and initiative can be utilized to aid company expansion a nd improve customer relations. EXPERIENCE THE HADDAD ORGANIZATION, LTD. D/B/A HADSON REALTY; New York, New York. January 1975 October 2009 - Vice President in charge of all day to day operations of the Real Estate Divis ion for over Twenty (20) years, which duties included but were not limited to: - At one point managing nine (9) commercial properties with over twelve hundred tenants; - Was involved in the total renovation of all these buildings; - Negotiated all leases for commercial stores and office space; - Serving as building representative for all tenants; - Managing maintenance of properties, grounds and mechanical systems; - Worked with building managers to control inventory of heating oil, maintenance

supplies and construction material on the most timely and cost efficient manner ; - Coordinated all work performed on rental spaces with in-house construction cre w; - Hired and coordinated all work performed by outside contractors; - Supervising work staff of over 100 employees; - Serving as liaison with city, state and federal agencies concerning various co des, regulations and inspections; - Conducting inspections with insurance carriers and lending institutions; - Collecting rents in excess of 19m per annum; - Coordinating all legal action concerning uncollectible rent and recovery of sp ace; - Rental agent and building manager of 400 unit SRO Hotel; - Negotiated the buyouts of more than 200 tenants prior to sale of the hotel; - Worked with lawyers and expediters to make sure properties were violation free . LICENSES - New York State Real Estate License for over 30 years, 20 years as a Broker. References - References are available upon request.