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Donald M. Prater 133 Twin Falls Dr. Troy, MO 63379 636-233-5892 dp15f985e@westpost.

net GOAL: To obtain a challenging, long-term position in a community-oriented business, us ing my military experience and skills in computers, satellite communications, ne tworking, and electronics technical support. SKILLS & STRENGTHS: a Ability to organize and train others a Ability to communicate orally and in writing in a clear and straightforward ma nner a Ability to handle multiple projects and tasks a Ability to repair computers and peripherals a Knowledge of telephone billing systems a Extensive telephone system and activation knowledge (Tier 2 level) a Ability to maintain confidentiality a Team player and highly motivated WORK HISTORY: AT&T ATT UVERSE Network Operations Technician October 2009 a"March 2011 a Performed all aspects of installing, repairing, disconnecting, modifying, upgr ading and downgrading customer service offerings o Installed and rearranged inside wire for IPTV, VOIP and high speed internet/DS L services o Installed CD-based software on customer computers to initiate high speed inter net/DSL services o Installed VOIP services (connect line cord from RG analog adapter to phone jac k) o Installed residential gateway, Set Top Box, diplexer, balun, HPNA adapters and coax splitter and connect coaxial cable o Placed, replaced and repaired Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) up to and inclu ding the NIDs o Performed inspections on CPE and inside wiring o Placed cross-connects at the serving area interface to move customer to the Li ghtspeed network o Ensured that new drop wire installed from ground-based pedestal or aerial term inal was installed to meet all company standards o Performed technical/mechanical tests a Acted as communications liaison to customers for installations, troubleshootin g and repairs a Performed other miscellaneous technical, administrative and clerical functions as assigned Charter Communications Telephone Order Coordinator, Tier 2 Lead November 2004 a" October 2009 a Managed customer service work queues o Identified work orders requiring day-of install telephone service provisioning

o Updated work orders with CPE installed at customer premise o Recorded activation of additional services (per customer request) in telephone switch and/or network elements o Monitored for inconsistencies a Installation Support o Coordinated initial line set up and configuration, and eventual activation of telephone product and services o Resolved any provisioning issues; escalated as needed o Performed test calls and telemetry readings with technicians to ensure service was working properly o Troubleshot and resolved any service issues with technician or other Telephone Service Delivery groups o Coordinated requests for changes, supplements, suspensions and disconnects o Updated tracking reports and work orders with any service changes or additiona l charges a Software Testing o Assisted the IT department, testing new custom software for Charter Communica tions: Matrix, Sigma, Order Manager United States Air Force AFSC 2E151 Satellite Wideband Telemetry Systems 2001a" 2004 a Installed satellite and wideband communications equipment, designed equipment modifications and implemented modifications to meet mission needs o Used layout drawings, schematics, logic diagrams and technical data to determi ne installation configuration and analyze deficiencies o Ensured maintenance data collection forms and inspection and maintenance recor ds were complete and accurate o Eliminated 50% of large wideband systems a Supervision & Training o Supervised over 10 airmen in a technician maintenance work center o Trained and led a team of airmen for Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI) o Lead a work center mobilization effort for Operation Iraqi Freedom o Prepared for worldwide employment/deployment of seven different types of commu nications systems worth over $12M o Deployed over 15 tons of communications equipment and 20 personnel to theater o Organized and updated work center skill and training programs a Other Technical Support o Established and maintained communications links with distant earth terminals v ia communication satellites o Maintained and troubleshot radio transmitters, receivers and multiplexing equi pment o Computer network installation, maintenance, test and evaluation o Maintained and troubleshot shop IBM compatible computers

Walmart Electronics Manager 1999-2001 a Responsible for activities such as merchandising, stock availability, profit protection, sales. o Ensured profit protection o Developed department specials and advertising

o Scheduled the appropriate amount of staff o Adjusted price changes as deemed necessary

EDUCATION: University of Phoenix, Bachelor of Science, Information Systems and Technology Southwest Missouri State University, General Studies St. Charles County Community College, General Studies Aviation and Electronic Schools of America (AESA) a Computer Hardware Repair and Configuring a Fiber Optics and Advanced Fiber Optics Certification USAF Training: a Satellite Wideband and Telemetry Journeyman Course a Satellite Wideband and Telemetry Apprentice Course a Supervisor Safety Course a Electronic Principles a Technical Preparatory Training School a Basic Military Training HARDWARE & SOFTWARE: Hardware AN/GRC-239 Tropo Satellite Support Radio (TSSR) a TRC-170, Tropospheric Scatter Microwave Radio Terminals a Multi-meter, spectrum and bit error rate testers a IBM compatible personal computers and peripherals Software a Windows operating systems a Microsoft Office applications a Some Dreamweaver experience