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STEPHANIE A. HEDEAN 7415 Allan Avenue, Falls Church, VA 22046 sh15f9e76@westpost.

net MARKETING AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVE Creative and strategic thought leader with more than 20 years of progressive, dy namic success in marketing, strategy, business development, media and communicat ions across the public and private sectors. Demonstrated strengths in building a nd motivating exceptional, performance-driven teams to achieve measureable resul ts and customer trust. KEY STRENGTHS Marketing and Communications, Strategy Specialist, Strategic Partnerships, New B usiness Development, Building and Leading Teams, Management and Leadership WORK EXPERIENCE SABIN VACCINE INSTITUTE - August 2009-January 2011 Director, Strategic Partnerships and Communications Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases Spearhead partnership development, communication and advocacy initiatives focuse d on identifying, cultivating and managing relationships with new and existing p artners and donors from both the public and private sectors. Developed integrate d marketing, advocacy and promotional programs providing contextually relevant i nformation to target segments and priority audiences to enhance issue recognitio n. Created issue-oriented advocacy platforms to galvanize donor engagement, brok ering opportunity and expanding reach of organizational mission to achieve scale and grant deliverables. Managed a wide array of activity including strategy, ad vocacy videos, celebrity ambassadors, communications, social media and partner r elationships. Highlights: - A fresh approach. Under my leadership the Global Network initiatives became mo re aligned with private sector marketing and business practice and led to an int ernal paradigm shift and a higher industry profile. The Global Network competed among a field of 220 non-profit organizations for a $150 million, 10-year privat e sector grant and made it to the top 3 where our project proposal was recognize d for its "bold innovation, pioneering spirit and marketing and branding savvy." - Identifying new partnership models. Cultivated a partnership with a major reta iler to align a portion of its substantial philanthropic product distribution pr ogram with neglected tropical disease (NTD) projects. Brokered introductions wit h the broader NTD community resulting in significant product distribution timed to a series of mass drug administration programs generating exposure across new audiences. * USA TODAY VP, MARKETING DEVELOPMENT AND STRATEGY (May 2008 - August 2009) Redefined the way integrated marketing solutions and sales products were develop ed for the USA TODAY brand portfolio encompassing print, digital, mobile, social and emerging platforms. Led the teams that provided the day-to-day and longer-v ision strategic marketing for a brand sales staff of 75. Engaged in creative, st rategic and hands-on support for the development of presentations, proposals, co llateral material, sales strategy, brand positioning, special promotions, custom publishing, sweepstakes, innovative use of social media, etc. Identified and i ntegrated consumer, customer and partner insights, trends and analytics into the development of brand, audience and revenue diversification strategies including new products, businesses, partners, acquisitions and investments. Selected for

corporate talent development and leadership succession planning programs. Highlights: - Department turnaround. Brought in to build a high-performance team capable of carrying out the services, strategies and tactics necessary to actualize and acc elerate business results. Through leadership, hiring and performance management, a once floundering department reemerged with the talent, expertise and organiza tional know-how that shifted the culture and won back organizational trust. - New revenue streams. Challenged with the need for new revenue streams, realign ed marketing strategy and resources to provide marketing services programs for s ale to key customers at a net profit of close to $1.5 million in less than 6 mon ths. Partnered with editorial and digital teams in the creation of online niche communities to grow and diversify audience and revenue opportunity. - Gallup group trainer. Group trainer, integrator and team facilitator for the G allup Q12 and Gallup Clifton Strengths Finder programs. Lead training and coachi ng sessions across the organization. DIRECTOR, NEW BUSINESS STRATEGY (May 2007 - April 2008) Responsible for strategic diversification of brand revenue streams, specifically focused on the creation of new products and businesses. Conducted marketplace a ssessments, focus groups and researched the viability of brand extensions utiliz ing a consumer-centric approach. Managed the development of business and revenue modeling and evaluated investment and acquisition offers. Highlights: - Acquisitions and investments. Developed strategy to create the USA TODAY Sport s sub-brand which lead to the acquisition of, an action sports company, a major investment in Fantasy Sports Ventures and content and distribution part nerships with multiple others. The aggregation of content and audience provided the scale necessary for a viable business opportunity that was adopted as a prio rity corporate initiative. - Identify and capture emerging markets. Managed the development of a competitiv e marketplace assessment for the identification of a meaningful and contextually relevant entry to the Hispanic market. Developed advertising and marketing part nerships with Hispanic media companies and publications. DIRECTOR, STRATEGIC DEVELOMENT (July 2005 - April 2007) Translated strategy into marketplace advantage. Identified, researched and manag ed the integration of new deals and ventures and was an advisor to senior-level decision-makers providing strategic and operational input. Developed brand sales solutions and content growth strategies and considered editorial's business-sid e "trusted source." Highlights: - Integrate acquisition and set mobile strategy. Key player in the investment of an emerging mobile search/SMS technology company and managed the integration of mobile search applications in USA TODAY. Had a seat at the table as a member o f the corporate team developing mobile strategies. - USA TODAY Custom Publications. Launched USA TODAY's Custom Publishing Initiati ve, an effort that generated $700K in revenue its first year. DIRECTOR, NETWORK MARKETING (March 2001 - June 2005) Selected by management to lead a new team bridging the print and digital busines s units providing a strategic, collaborative and productive approach to new prod uct development to propel both brand and revenue growth. Developed product and b rand marketing strategy resulting in substantive editorial content development a nd advertising revenue. Highlights: - Collaborative ideation. Led a series of cross-functional teams including edito

rial, advertising, marketing, finance and operations that resulted in content gr owth strategies and over $10 million in advertising revenue in less than one yea r. - Liaison for business and editorial. Responsible for new ad unit generation, co ntent programming and ideation as the primary interface between business and edi torial for a sales staff responsible for over $350 million in ad revenue/year. AWARDS - USA TODAY President's Circle Award 2005, Best Idea of the Year for "Mobile Str ategies;" President's Circle Award 2003, Impact Award for "Content Development" - USA TODAY Luminary Award 2003, Content and Revenue Development Team; Luminary Award 2001, "Think Tank" Incubating Creative Online Ideas; Luminary Award Honora ble Mentions 2005, 2004, 2002 and 2001. EDUCATION - Bachelor of Science; Ohio University, Athens, Ohio; Interpersonal/Organization al Communications with minor concentration in Political Sociology - Executive Master's in Leadership; Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business, 2007 ACTIVITIES AND INTERESTS - Avid orchid hobbyist and gardener managing a personal orchid collection of 500 +. - Motivate endurance cyclists to achieve their training and fundraising goals as a Team Captain/Mentor for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training pr ogram. - International travel