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VALERIYA WINKLER 15750 Rockford Road, Apt 220, Plymouth, Minnesota 55446 612.810.6614 vw117dab4@westpost.

net PROJECT MANAGER / BUSINESS ANALYST Detail-oriented business analyst and project manager with a proven track record of 12+ years of domestic and international experience aligning technical resources with business goals and ob jectives. Leverage expertise in business and systems analysis to identify, document and align client needs and f unctional requirements with proposed solutions. Plan and coordinate the entire lifecycle of diverse IT proje cts to ensure the on time and within budget completion of high-quality deliverables. Capitalize on superior co mmunication and interpersonal skills to cultivate strong client, stakeholder and vendor relations. Build and s pearhead top-performing technical teams, providing the guidance and support needed to meet all expectations. Core competencies include: Project Management - Business & Systems Analysis - Requirements Gathering - Tech nical Documentation Proposal Development - Software Engineering & Testing - Production Support - Pro blem Solving Customer Service - Communication & Interpersonal Skills - Team Building & Leader ship PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE CARLSON Marketing, Plymouth, Minnesota - 2010 Associate Project Manager - IT Group Assist Project Manager and Team Lead with managing new business requests, comple ting new business estimate templates, coordination resources to obtain estimates, reviewing for accuracy. A ct as a liason between the developers for ongoing production support of the Awards fulfillment platform. As sist Program Manager and Team Lead for the North America Awards Project to include gathering and reporting on proje ct metrics, including financial, earned value and estimate to complete. Coordinating meetings, recording meeting notes and writing plans. - Ensured successful completion of projects for Awards fulfillment platform SKYBRIDGE MARKETING GROUP, Greenfield, Minnesota - 2009 Business Analyst - IT Development Group Performed client needs assessments to identify, analyze and translate their busi

ness and functional requirements into high-quality IT solutions for direct response fulfillment. Leveraged findin gs to prepare statements of work, business requirements documents and detailed technical specifications. Coordinat ed quality assurance activities, which involved testing developed software, fixes and enhancements to ensure comp liance with defined system specifications. Worked closely with software vendors to resolve software related issues and bugs in a timely manger. Provided production support to customers in collaboration with other dep artments, which involved verifying systems to ensure the seamless and correct processing of their daily sales order s. -Played a key role in ensuring that Contour's newly developed order processing s ystem met their needs and requirements. -Commended by Contour and internal upper management teams for successfully imple menting the new system on time and processing first orders without any issues. NAU INSURANCE, Anoka, Minnesota * 2008-2009 Senior Consultant / Business Analyst / Project Manager Planned and coordinated a project involving the upgrade of the insurance company 's Oracle database management system. Prepared and maintained all project documentation, including test and ac ceptance documents and progress reports. Scheduled and assigned tasks to all project members in addition to trac king team hours spent on the initiative. Facilitated daily meetings to resolve existing issues and monitor pr oject progress. Provided daily status reports to upper management teams. -Ensured compliance with all the scope and schedule requirements of NAU Insuranc e by working closely with all team members throughout the entire Oracle upgrade project lifecycle. ARCHWAY MARKETING SERVICES (now SKYBRIDGE MARKETING GROUP), Greenfield, Minnesot a * 2008 Senior Consultant / Business Analyst / Project Manager Managed the entire lifecycle of numerous internal projects involving database sy stem upgrades and the implementation of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). Ident ified, analyzed and documented business requirements in addition to preparing statements of work and project pl

anning documents. Delegated task assignments and supervised project team members to ensure compliance with scope, schedule and budget parameters. Monitored team hours spent on the initiative and presented project status report s to upper management on a regular basis. -Spearheaded a successful PCI-DSS implementation to ensure compliance with regul atory requirements. -Coordinated the on-time and within budget completion of a project to upgrade Ar chway's Oracle database systems from 8i to 10g as well as Oracle Forms & Reports from 6i to 10g. SIEMENS EMA, Minnetonka, Minnesota - 2005-2008 Senior Consultant / Technical Team Lead Oversaw the entire lifecycle of various system development and IT-related projec ts while acting as a Technical Team Lead, Product Data Management (PDM) Defect Lead and Sub Project Manager. Planned and coordinated all aspects of projects, which involved preparing necessary documentation in addition to ensuri ng compliance with functional, design, test and production rollout plans. Led, distributed task assignments and monitored the performance of project teams to ensure the on-time and within budget delivery of high-quality s olutions to customers. SIEMENS EMA (continued)... -Championed the successful completion of a database synchronization project whil e simultaneously functioning as the Sub Project Manager and PDM Defect Lead tasked with coordinating efforts for cor recting database defects; managing local and remote resources; and training newly integrated and offshore contracto rs. -Orchestrated the successful development, factory acceptance testing and impleme ntation of a Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for Taiwan Power Company while serving as the Te chnical Project Lead. -Played an instrumental role as a member of the team tasked with testing base va riances on the Oracle database management system of the new SPECTRUM Base 3.9 product release. -Led the on-time and within budget development of a Historical Information Syste m (HIS) for Taiwan Power Company, which involved preparing all project documentation - including development speci fications and test books - in

addition to tracking project costs and ensuring compliance with project plans. AMCOM, Minneapolis, Minnesota - 2004-2005 Consultant / Oracle Developer / Team Lead Managed all aspects of an Oracle upgrade project to ensure its on time and withi n budget completion. Worked closely with the customer to identify and ensure compliance with their business needs an d requirements. Supervised, delegated tasks to and monitored the performance of all project team members thr oughout the entire project lifecycle. -Migrated over Oracle Forms & Reports 9i after developing and executing software testing scenarios. -Coordinated the online deployment of Oracle Forms & Reports 9i using Oracle App lication Server 10g and performed database analyses using Oracle EM for performance enhancements. SIEMENS TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS, Minneapolis, Minnesota - 2001-2004 Oracle Database Administrator / Sales & Business Development Support Recruited to serve as the Oracle Database Administrator of a railway company's m ass transportation system. Quickly promoted to the role of User Interface (UI) & SCADA Team Lead tasked with design ing, testing implementing the Oracle database and front-end of the transportation system. Eventually assumed t he role of Sales & Business Development Support charged with supporting business growth efforts by respondin g to RFPs, which involved preparing and presenting bid offers to potential customers. -Ensured compliance with the business needs and functional requirements of the r ailway client by working in close collaboration throughout the entire lifecycle of the transportation system devel opment project. -Successfully planned and coordinated the exhibition of 2 mass transportation sy stems at an annual railway industry trade show. SIEMENS POWER TRANSMISSION & DISTRIBUTION, Minneapolis, Minnesota - 1997-2001 Software Engineer / Technical Team Leader Managed all aspects of software development projects to ensure the on-time and w ithin budget delivery of Oracle Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) for Siemens' power distribution a nd energy management applications. Liaised with potential customers to identify, document and align their business needs and functional requirements with proposed IT solutions. Led and supervised junior software engineers tasked

with designing and developing customized applications using SQL, PL/SQL and Korn Shell scripts. Conducted fact ory and end-user acceptance tests to detect and resolve source code issues prior to system implementation within p roduction environments. -Quickly earned promotion from Associate Software Engineer to Software Engineer, Oracle Database Developer and Technical Team Lead after demonstrating superior leadership skills and Oracle de velopment capabilities. -Met and exceeded client expectations by coordinating the successful development and implementation of highly customized Oracle RDBMS configurations for Siemens' power distribution and energ y management systems. Career Note: Additional history includes serving as a Manager at ARMAS Corp. in Ukraine. Details provided upon request. EDUCATION Bachelor of Arts in Programming & Software Engineering - Metropolitan State Univ ersity, St. Paul, Minnesota Bachelor of Marine Engineering - Odessa University of Maritime Transport Enginee ring, Odessa, Ukraine PROFESSIONAL TRAINING Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Training - Oracle Database Administration (DBA ) Oracle Advanced SQL & PL/SQL - Siemens Training in Spectrum Programming LANGUAGES Fluent in English & Russian