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TERRY JENSEN 3637 Hazelwood Street Vallejo, CA 94591 Cell (415) 828-2470 e-mail:tj15fc0e0@westpost.

net SUMMARY Senior Business Systems Analyst with extensive experience in the creation and ma intenance of billing, customer support, accounting, risk management and cargo ha ndling systems. Strengths include research, analysis, documentation, testing and training. Seeking a position as a Senior Analyst, Consultant, Trainer or Project Manager. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE AAA of Northern California, Nevada & Utah, Walnut Creek, CA. Business Systems Analyst III 2007 / 2010 * Documented AAA Travel procedures and data processes to improve efficiency and identify audit gaps. Resulted in 90% reduction of repetitive tasks from technic al staff to a clerical unit, with accompanying savings in labor costs. * Organized and chaired the inter-departmental committee which identified and pr ioritized defects and enhancements for the Membership, Insurance and Billing sys tems. This team approach facilitated communication, streamlined system improveme nts, and prepared the way for SCRUM Methodology. * Implemented the expansion of Membership and Insurance products into other stat es in order to increase revenue and reduce expense, including researching other Club's software, mapping data, testing, conversion and post-conversion defect ma nagement. Initial efforts in Nevada and Utah became the template for ongoing expansion. * Planned and executed billing modules for a new online underwriting system, whi ch impacted 1.5 million policyholders and the majority of the company revenue, a llowed more flexible billing options, and shortened cash revenue cycles. * Launched the NAIC mandated Model Audit Rule standards (Sarbanes-Oxley equivale nt for the insurance industry) for Western United Insurance and AAA Travel Accou nting departments, which resulted in a flawless audit, and was implemented two m onths ahead of the deadline set by the Department of Insurance. Technical Analyst 2003 / 2006 * Participated in planning stages of a multi-year process to create a new Member ship Management and Billing System for 4.2 million members. Tasks included: ana lysis, specifications, design, testing, installation, and end-user training. * Implemented online debt collection software which allowed technical staff to i mprove recovery of outstanding receivables to 80%. Responsibilities included ana lysis, RFP, selection of software, installation, training, and customized report s. Systems Analyst 1998 / 2002 * Managed the day-to-day operations of POES (Premium Open-Ended System), a mainf rame insurance revolving credit billing system, which was the primary revenue st ream for the company. * Trained IT staff, fixed production problems, prioritized, tested and implement ed enhancements, and dealt with regulatory changes. * Led and was accountable for the Y2K remediation of multiple mainframe billing systems, impacting 4.2 million members and 1.5 million policyholders. Tasks incl uded analysis, specifications, testing and installation. Crowley Maritime Corporation, Oakland, CA Senior Analyst, Business Systems 1995 / 1997 * Supported an online, paper-free workflow process to handle bills of lading and

customs documents necessary for the movement of millions containers of cargo be tween the US and South America. This included collaboration in a major rewrite o f a cross-application mainframe system utilizing Object Oriented methods. * Conducted an exhaustive search of COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk) vendors including a RFP and negotiation, which initially reduced report distribution by 50%. Prior Relevant Experience * Coordinated and participated in all project phases of customization and instal lation of PC based claims handling software, including business needs analysis, time lines, custom programming, training and hardware. * Transformed a keypunched risk management reporting system into an interactive on-line system, training over 700 people utilizing a team building approach * Simplified and improved a report printing and distribution process, cutting th e gap between valuation date and delivery time from 30 days to 10. Education - Berry College, Mt. Berry, Georgia Degree: Bachelor of Arts.