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RYAN JARRELL 40 Sunset Drive, Westfield, Massachusetts 01085 (413) 562.2395 (413) 433.4262 jordanunc@gmail.

com Qualifications Profile Experienced and proactive security officer, with a decade of law enforcement, sp ecial weapons facilitation, teaching and development, and self-defense/security management experience. Equipped with solid background in providing defense, security, and other special ized services. Recognized for strong work ethics and professional demeanor compl emented with exceptional research and problem-solving skills. Proven reputation of uncompromising devotion to service and effectiveness at exe cuting policies and procedures to optimize competence. Competent to work efficie ntly in both individual and collaborative environment while maintaining high-qua lity work performance. Investigative Techniques Security Industry Standards Law Enforcement Principle Problem Resolution Programs Development Intelligence Sources Technical Surveillance Professional Experience & References Brinks, Incorporated ~ West Springfield, MA Armored Messenger Worked for the leading armored transportation service carrier, providing secure transportation and logistics solutions worldwide; accounted for ensuring secured transportation of cash, gold, jewels, stock certificate, and other impo rtant documents Managed actual delivery of pick up and reconciliation of valuables at cu stomers location; maintained the integrity and reconciliation of all valuables thro ughout the daily schedule Directed armored vehicle crew and closely monitored contents to ensure e fficient customer transaction Constantly provided the highest degree of security and control to client s shipment Performed other functional activities, including preparing shift, incide nt, and inventory reports Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. ~ Springfield, MA Security Officer Provided various security solutions to meet the specific needs of busine sses within the United States, including guarding services, patrols and inspecti ons, access control, security console operators, alarm response, and other speci alized client services Assumed responsibilities in protecting and monitoring government propert May 2003May 2004 May 2004Month/Year

ies Responded to emergency or planned service request; escorted sheriff and detainee to counselor for evaluation processes. Arrow Security ~ Springfield, MA Security Officer Rendered various security services to all types of clients, and efficien tly resolved diverse issues such as life safety and security services for two me ntal health hospitals and a hospital emergency room; industrial plant security; and patrol service Demonstrated trustworthy and dependable attitude, and applied expertise to conform with recognized standards Handled all kinds of medical emergencies professionally and remained cal m and efficient at all times Accomplished obligation to restrict and monitor patients with mental dis abilities Jun 2001-May 2003

Professional Development Firearms Certification Certified in Safety Handling of Firearms Accuracy and Proficiency in Firearms Bail Enforcement Agent / Firearms Training Licensed to Carry Firearms 37 States of America Firearms Instructor-National Rifle Association (NRA)

Self-Defense Training Weapon Retention and Self-Defense Tactics Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Training (OCAT) OC Certification Trained and Certified Bodyguard by a Former Secret Service Agent Recognizing Threats, Reducing Threats, and Use of Force Conducting Threat Assessment Crisis Prevention Intervention Certification

Security Associated Certifications Certified Body Guard: Guard Card Connecticut Licensed Professional Security Officer First Responder Training Path Hand Cuff Certification Defensive / Evasive Driving Supervision of Armored Car, Crew, and Contents