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Marketing & Sales Executive Product Marketing / Develop Growth Strategies / Publicize Marketing Activities / Coordinate Promotional Activities

/ Business Development / New Product Launch / Market Penetration & Expansion / Sales Management Marketing executive skilled in building successful programs to seize opportuniti es and penetrate markets. Experienced at implementing and coordinating strategi c marketing initiatives, delivering solutions and increasing profits. Expertise in working with high-level executives to redefine corporate strategies. Grew business from zero to $700K in annual revenues, capturing untapped market. Reorganized sales and marketing initiatives for start-up company, increasing rev enues by $2.5M in one year. Increased industrial sales 90% by refocusing sales and marketing strategies for two stagnant products. Identified new market potential, created strategic business plan and formed new company to implement program. Key Skills: - Establishing strategic direction. - Aligning marketing and operations initiatives. - Leading profitable sales and marketing initiatives. - Thinking strategically. - Keeping abreast of current market trends and targeting new markets. - Coordinating marketing and promotional activities in collaborative environment . - Building relationships between client and company. MBA, Marketing, Columbia University. BA, Economics (Honors), Yale University. Selected Accomplishments - Grew business from zero to $700K in annual revenues, capturing untapped market . To improve safety and mobility in urban areas throughout Europe, traffic calm ing programs were used which did not exist in the US. Partnered with Prismo Ltd ., major European producer and installer of traffic engineering materials. Deve loped strategic marketing plan to introduce three traffic-engineering materials to US market. - Reorganized sales and marketing initiatives, increasing revenues $2.5M in one year. Startup supplier of specialty road marking material was going public and needed to increase market penetration. Reorganized sales and marketing initiati ves with heightened awareness of available materials, securing major accounts fr om competitors, and assessing and implementing a nationwide government bidding s ystem. Maintained profit margins, while escalating sales 63% in one year. - Increased sales 90% by refocusing sales and marketing strategies of two stagna nt products. Sales of two specialty additive products for plastics and electron ic industries had stagnated. Analyzed products, recognizing profit margins for materials were greater than companys standard products. Appointed product manag ers and technical specialists to work exclusively with products. Reorganized di stribution channels to identify more effective partners. Established and launch ed new direct marketing program for each product. - Identified affic Safety stablish and governments new market potential, created strategic business plan and formed Tr Systems. New federal regulations required local jurisdictions to e maintain traffic sign inventories. Determined that city and county were experiencing difficulty managing task. Founded Traffic Safety

Systems to develop and provide software management program to satisfy federal r equirements. Uncovered funding sources allowing government agencies to receive 100% federal funding and developed new business opportunities. Career History - Business Development Manager, The Transtec Group, 2010 Present Initiated and supported marketing and sales programs for assigned products and s ervices, coordinating efforts of internal departments as well as external consul tants and suppliers. Managed promotional and publication activities, including shows, mailings and web-based programs. - Product Manager, Crafco, Inc., 2006 2010 Developed and implemented multi-target new product program, combining approaches to governmental, contractor and private development sectors of highway industry . Trained national sales force, prepared promotional and technical materials, a nd introduced product concept to marketplace initial demonstration program led to annual sales in excess of $1 million per year, with longer term growth antici pated from new Federal government funding and support. - President, Traffic Safety Systems Inc., 1988 - 2006 Founded long-term consulting firm, specializing in executing marketing and sales strategies for highway safety and traffic operations. Directed and managed sta ff of 10 with full P&L. Managed and implemented all aspects of operations, incl uding new business development, marketing, sales, government bidding, and contra ct negotiations. Projects managed: 1) Performed as exclusive USA distributor f or mobile equipment manufactured by French Government, monitoring quality of ins talled road markings. 2) Developed and implemented marketing strategies for com puterized data and mapping system for local jurisdictions. 3) Worked with US fe deral, state, and local governments to gain acceptance of new equipment and prod ucts into US highway safety market. 4) Promoted European concept of traffic cal ming in US market. - Director of Marketing; Director of European Marketing; Division General Manage r, Potters Industries Inc., 1973 1988 (Subsidiary of PQ Corporation, one of the worlds largest producers of industrial chemicals with $500M in revenues). Marketing, sales and business development o f glass products made from recycled glass and/or basic chemicals.