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Gender: Female Mailing Address:8 avenue de Choisy 75013 Paris, France. Voice : (+33) 6 12 38 94 49 E-mail : i_k_r_a_m_._c_h_a_b_b_o_u_h_@_g_m_a_i_l_._c_o_m Web : http://fr.linkedin.

com/in/ikramchabbouh Technical interests Distributed systems and Web infrastructure, Performance of Web applications, Con tent Delivery Networks, Caching/replication of dynamic content, Database replica tion. Education 2003 - 2007 Ph.D. in computer science (with high honours), Graduation date: December 2007, INRIA / UPMC, Paris, France. Special field: distributed systems. Doctoral thesis work: improving the performance of Web applications. 2001 - 2003 Post graduate diploma project: DEA (with high honours), INRIA / FST / ENSI Tunis ia. Special field: E-commerce. 2000 - 2001 First year of post graduate diploma in parallel with the third year of engineeri ng studies, FST / ENSI Tunisia. Special field: real-time systems. 1998 2001 Engineering studies (with honours) FST Tunisia. Special field: Computer-Integrat ed Manufacturing. End of studies project: Design and Implementation of a Micro-processor card-base d e-Wallet. 1996 - 1998 Preparatory studies for entrance to engineering schools, IPEIT Tunisia. Computer Skills LANGUAGES: C ; C++ ; JAVA ; VBA ; PROLOG. INTERNET TECHNOLOGY: HTML; CSS; XML and XSL; PHP. OPERATING SYSTEMS: UNIX(Linux, FreeBSD); WINDOWS 98, XP. DATABASE: ORACLE ; MYSQL ; ACCESS ; JDBC ; ODBC. DESIGN: UML; VHDL; SART; SADT. COMPILATION: FLEX, BISON (LEX, YACC). Work Experience 2009 - present Software architect at Ordinal Technologies. Responsibilities: refactoring and e xtending an existing MES platform. 2007 - 2009 Teaching assistant at UPMC Paris. Topic: programming languages. 2003 - 2007

Academic research. Topic: improving the performance of Web Applications. Designed, researched, and implemented a fragmentation-based CDN to distribute dynam ic content. May 2003 - Dec 2003 Internship INRIA Rocquencourt. Topic: Caching dynamic Web pages. Designed, researched, and implemented a fragmentation-based system to cache dynamic pages. Dec 2002 - May 2003 Teaching assistant at FST Tunisia. Topic: Graph Theory: Optimization in Graphs a nd Networks. Jan 2001 - Dec 2002 Academic research. Topic: E-Measurement. Designed and Implemented a Measurement System for E-Marketplaces. 2000 - 2001 Computer Science Engineer at NARSIL Technology Tunisia. Responsibilities: design and implementation of a consumer loyalty application based on smart cards. Designed a database schema for Oracle database. Designed and implemented the UI. Jul 1999 - Aug 1999 Internship International Planned Parenthood Federation. Network Administration. Tunisia. Publications 2007 1. A Hybrid Fragmentation-Based CDN for Web Applications, Ikram Chabbouh an d Mesaac Makpangou. INRIA Technical Report inria-00134379. 2005 2. Caching Dynamic Content with Automatic Fragmentation, Ikram Chabbouh and Mesaac Makpangou. The International Conference on Information Integration and W eb-based Applications & Services IIWAS05, KL, Malaysia, October 2005. 2004 3. A Configuration Tool for Caching Dynamic Pages, Ikram Chabbouh and Mesaa c Makpangou. The International Workshop on Web Caching and Content Distribution (WCW) Beijing, China, October 2004. 4. Capture and Exploitation of Dependencies and Events for Dynamic Web Cont ent Invalidation, Ikram Chabbouh and Mesaac Makpangou. MediaNet04 Tozeur, Tunisia, November 2004. 2003 5. A Measurement System for E-Marketplaces, Ikram Chabbouh, Mesaac Makpango u and Hella Ben Ayed, The Sixth International Conference on Electronic Commerce Research (ICRECR-6) Dallas, Texas, October 2003. Languages Arabic (mother tongue), fluent in French, English, and Italian Other Interests Basketball, History, Foreign Languages (currently learning German and Spanish).