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THOMAS 352 Church Road Stockbridge, Georgia 30281 Home: (678) 226-1931 Cell: (254) 535-3768 Email: OBJECTIVE To offer a broad range of analytical, decision-making and problem-so lving skills to an organization that will benefit from my 20 years distinguished military career as a professional in logistics management. Hold a current Depa rtment of Defense Secret Security clearance. SUMMARY * Extensive experience in program administration and project management. * Monitor organizational compliance with milestone and performance data regardin g the availability, condition, and use of materiel and support facilities in pla nning and implementing comprehensive logistics support programs. * Develop and analyze logistics support procedures and regulatory requirements w ith impact on current support operations. * Provided technical guidance in the areas of executive supply management; revie wed records and information documents for accuracy and completeness, post transa ctions to organizations and installations property books and supporting files. * Assess impact of proposed or actual changes in materiel technical requirements , funding, operation, schedules and initiates deviations from existing plans. * Manage multiple projects in logistical operations, personnel administration, p rofessional development, and quality of life * Apply continuous use of excellent communication skills to include computer lit eracy (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint), delivered many presentations to large audien ces, flag officers, and other VIPs. EXPERIENCE Oct 09 - Sept 10 SUPPLY and SERVICES BRANCH CLASS VII, Fort McPherson, Georgia * Provided technical supervision as the logistical advisor over the sustainment mission; key interface between brigade and battalion S4 Supply Operations for 14 subordinate commands Army Central (USARCENT). Provided integrated and automated command and control (C2) planning for distribution and service operations throu ghout the command. * Coordinated and executed over 20 CAISI and VSAT fielding for USARCENT main pos t command and operational post personnel within Central Command (CENTCOM) missio n of providing logistical distribution communication services. * Selected to oversee planning and coordination of supply operations, maintenanc e, distribution and transportation assets valued over 2,000,000; supervise the h ealth and welfare of more than 100 soldiers providing supply support services. * Program manager in the development and execution of programs for testing and e valuating logistical training to subordinates throughout USARCENT main command p ost and subordinates in the unit supply operational arena. * Assisted the Logistics Integration Team in gathering, research and analysis of logistics data obtained from LIDB and ILAP automated logistics systems. * Coordinated and planned all VTCs, teleconference and visits for the ARCENT Sup ply and Service Division in order to review all logistical progress within all a reas of responsibility in order to improve any related systemic issues. * Collaborated with and provides analytical data to staff officers and commander s for operational data and reports in conformity with established policies, proc edures and work standards with-in CENTCOM area of responsibility. * Reviewed plans, directives, and policy guidance from higher headquarters and s uggest changes for internal and external improvements. * Monitor government PBUSE systems to gather and disseminate emergency informati

on relating to occurrence, magnitude, and impact of actual or potential emergenc ies. Nov 08 - Sept 09 BATTALION S-4 NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICER IN CHARGER, Fort Hood, T exas * Managed over 625 personnel's within the Aviation Support Battalion logistical operation by gathering, research and analyzing all lateral transfers, financial liabilities investigations and property book procedures. * Provided technical guidance to subordinates in establishing priorities and ass igned work; conducted on the job training, inspected completed work, records and reports for accuracy and compliances from directives. * Coordinate the ordering, movement and issuing of over $200,000 worth of Army D irect Ordering (ADO) program which purchased clothing and equipment enabling sub ordinate units to continue support the war fighter. * Developed a tracking system that provided invaluable guidance to company comma nders during TPE inventories which resulted in 281 lines inventoried with no los ses. * Coordinated a tracking system which monitored and tracked over 1,000 work orde rs with-in a 12 month period. * Maintained and review chronological logs and events used as official records o f decision and activities within command. * Maintained 100% accountability of assigned equipment valued at over $ 250,000 Nov 07 - Oct 08 BATTALION S-4 NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICER IN CHARGER, Camp Taji, Ir aq * Served as the battalion Fielding Ordering Officer (FOO); managed and accounted for over $50,000 worth of allocated funds each month for a 12 month period. * Coordinated and managed the receipt of Rapid Fielding Initiative shortage issu e for over 120 soldiers in preparation for deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom . * Provided oversight in correcting and expediting requisitions, turn-ins, and re ports of excess using the Standard Army Retail Supply System (SARSS) 2AC/B syste m. * Assured quality and timeliness of reporting changes in inventory status with s everal Standard Army Management Information Systems to include (PBUSE, SARSS, SA MS-E, ULLS-A and G). * Analyzed daily reports to ensure effective supply and financial management dec isions were practice in according to Command Supply Discipline Program (CSDP) wh ich resulted in a 36% overall improvement during command inspection. Mar 05 - Jan 07 COMMAND FINANCIAL OFFICER, Fort Hood, Texas * Trained and provided 6 company commanders with the guidance on education, trai ning, counseling, and referral procedures that promoted financial advice and pre vention of family violence which enhanced mission readiness and quality of life. * Educated and trained over 420 soldiers to achieve financial stability and soun d money management skills by conducting over 45 financial readiness classes. * Assisted over 70 soldiers on financial budgeting classes and army emergency re lief assistance in support of unit's financial readiness. * Coordinated and executed the reception of over 350 redeploying solders from a 12 month deployment from Iraq. * Surpassed Department of Army 95% velocity management standard by ensuring acco untability of equipment valued over $ 50,000,000 for a 12 month period. * Logistical advisor in coordinating 2 Battalion Organization Day events which r esulted in accommodating over 1,000 soldiers and family members. EDUCATION

Associate Degree in General Studies, Central Texas College, 2009 Currently enrolled in Georgia State University pursuing a Bachelors degree in Bu siness Administration Professional Training: Contracting Officer Representative Course 2010 Advanced Leadership and Supervision Course 2010 Property Book Unit Supply Enhancement (PBUSE), 2010 Logistics Management Development Course, 2010 Advanced Noncommissioned Officers Course, 2010 Acquisition Logistic Fundamentals, 2009 Logistic Information Warehouse, 2008 Standard Army Maintenance Supply (SAMS) 2008 Performance Based Logistics (PBL) 2008 Standard Army Retail Supply System (SARSS) 2008 Financial Budgeting Course, 2005 Hazardous Materiel Course, 2003 Supervisor Development Course, 1995 Automated Logistical Specialist Course, 1994 Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course, 1994 SIGNIFICANT AWARDS Meritorious Service Medal ( 2 Awards) Bronze Star Medal Army Commendation Medal (5 Awards) Army Achievement Medal (7 Awards)

CLEARANCE: TOP SECRET Excellent references are available upon request