I am seeking a position as a Direct Contributor of [titleJob] I am very interested in the opportunities within your company and would like

to speak with you further about how my expertise can be of assistance to you. JOB TITLE:: [titleJob]

DESIRE POSITION: - INDUSTRY FOCUS: Hospitality / Recreation / Travel - WORK EXPERIENCE: 10+ Years - ROLE YOU WANT: Direct Contributor - SALARY: [SalaryRangeMin]-$30,000 EDUCATION: - Education Level: Some College - High School/GED Graduation Year : [GradYear] JOB PREFERENCES: - WHICH POSITION TYPE DO YOU PREFER?: Full Time,Part Time - WILLINGNESS TO TRAVEL: No - RELOCATION: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - Visa Status: U.S. Citizen MY RESUME: A dynamic and driven Event Management/Social Media with extensive experience in Hospitality / Recreation / Travel. Results-oriented problem solver with a keen e ye for detail. Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. Works we ll on teams and independently. Strong time management skills and reasoning abili ty.

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