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SUMMARY Excellent oral and written communication to and for diverse populations: the co mbination of a business administration degree

and a theological studies degree a t the Masters level enables me to communicate compassion for individuals in vari ous business settings while maintaining overall goals. Microsoft Office Suite Managerial and General Accounting Problem Resolution Non-violent Crisis Intervention EDUCATION Master of Theological Studies, Brite Divinity, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas 2006. Master of Business Administration, Dallas Baptist University, Dallas, Texas 198 6. AREAS OF ACCOMPLISHMENT Wrote, designed and produced power point presentations based on subject matter. Developed and maintained $500,000 budgets. Turned multiple audit findings to zero audit findings in less than one year. Managed the training and growth of more than 17 professional staff and more tha n 15 non-professional staff. Managed departments building and property resulting in best clean building awar d out of 22 properties. Developed, promoted and introduced new programs sponsored and paid for by outsi de professional vendors. Compiled, organized and presented 67 standards of operations resulting in natio nal accreditation at 100% accuracy. Balanced daily operations and continued personal professional growth to maintai n up to date resources. Developed database to help individuals and students with business and education grants. Developed database to enable students to plan and implement education programs. Delivered oral and written presentations to diverse populations based on subjec t matter. Compiled data and analyzed past and current year training requirements in order to prepare budgets and justify funds requested resulting in extra equipment and services for students and professional staff. Prepared and processed more than 10 reports monthly of achievement, needs met, topics discussed. Researched and recommended skill level, equipment and communication needs and l earning styles. Updated records and compiled statistical reports on interviews, transfers and p erformance ratings. Executed daily operations resulting in safety and adherence to policy and proce dures. Utilized individual training, group instruction, lectures, on-the-job training, demonstrations, conferences, meetings and workshops to promote team building. Implemented proposals resulting in grant funds. Consistently met or exceeded goals and rating standards resulting in recognitio n on District level. Learned all aspects of subject matter participating in approximately 200 Contin uing Education hours. Provided open door policy personalized service to all. Expedited communication in writing or by telephone concerning information reque sted.

Improved individual behaviors through skill substitution and meaningful praise. WORK EXPERIENCE Management & Training Corporation, Venus, Texas 2009-2011 Carefree Treetops RV Resort, Arlington, Texas 2008-2009 Wal~Mart, Willow Park and Arlington, Texas 2006-2008 Student, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas 2004-2006 Fort Worth Independent Schools, Fort Worth, Texas 1988-2003 Long John Silvers, Fort Worth, Texas 1987-1988 Student, Dallas Baptist University, Dallas, Texas 1984-1986 Montgomery Ward, Grand Prairie, Texas 1982-1986