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Keith Aitken 22553 Cobb St Dearborn, MI 48128 (313) 312-3610 ka15feff2@westpost.

net OBJECTIVE A Professional Role that will utilize expertise in Supply Chain Operations/Distr ibution Management, as well as Quality Control and Operations Oversight in order to: a implement proactive management style to provide revenue and profit improvement a develop effective relationships with vendors for advantageous pricing and prom pt delivery a troubleshoot impediments to production process and make process more cost/time efficient a implement processes to meet organizational goals and maintain positive busines s relations a negotiate price and delivery schedules with vendors to improve materials manag ement/inventory control processes QUALIFICATIONS a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Product Distribution Process Improvements Inventory Control Vendor Relations Purchasing Pricing Loss Control Oversight Negotiations Materials Management Production Planning Internal Cost Optimization Reverse Engineering Import/Export Transactions Customer Care Training

EXPERIENCE Comrex Corporation, Devens, MA 1984 to 2009 Electronics manufacturer of 28 product lines with global markets and worldwide d istribution whose clients included major broadcasting networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC, Clear channel, as well as National Basketball and Hockey Associations and White House Communic ations Agency. Shipping/Inventory Manager 23 yrs aOversaw finished goods inventory over 3,000 items on daily basis aPackaged, scheduled and directed shipments to customers based on specific requ irements aFacilitated trade show preparation aProcessed financial transactions

Purchasing Manager 21 yrs aEvaluated MRP and determined accurate order quantities aSuccessfully negotiated price and delivery schedules with vendors to ensure ti mely delivery aFacilitated supply of parts involving over 2,000 items critical to production and repair from domestic and international vendors aProficient in interpretation of Schematics, Bills of Materials, Material Requi rement Planning, Engineering Change Orders and basic contracts. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Business Coursework at Middlesex Community College and Central New England Colle ge Technical Skills: a AES a Accpac a UPS Worldship a FedEx Manager a Mysys a Microsoft Word, Access, Excel a ACHIEVEMENTS Supply Chain Operations/Distribution Management Reorganized production processes to become more cost and time efficient. Assume d leadership role in production process as production fell behind schedule; coor dinated production and testing with definite time lines and accountability; impl emented policy of get it right the first time; supervised direction of intern pr ogram to provide extensive training and define expectations; intern program prov ided labor group with latest knowledge available in field and supplemented exist ing staff to increase levels of production. Results: Changes in production pro cesses enabled company to maintain schedule and increase quality. Facilitated utilization of new UPS system that enabled company to implement auto mated information retrieval. Company utilized outdated UPS system that was base d on manual transcription with carbon paper and required each transaction to hav e separate printed copies; UPS implemented new system that was computerized and eliminated redundancies; facilitated modifications of individual systems within company to become compatible with UPS system; migrated information from manual s ystem to computerized system. Results: Automation sped up shipping schedules; management had better record on transactions; new system was far more accurate a nd cost effective. Quality Control/Operations Oversight Improved overall production process through computerization of inventory. Exist ing record keeping process was primarily manual and hand written on very basic 5 x 8 cards; convinced upper management that operating costs could be significant ly reduced and numerous errors eliminated through automation of inventory record keeping; researched available software systems and methodologies in marketplace ; provided recommendation for most efficient system for organization, which was accepted and immediately implemented. Results: Inventory was processed much fa ster, number of errors was greatly reduced while production and delivery times w ere decreased; research capabilities were enhanced; management had accurate reco rd of inventory and was able to make more effective forecasts. Troubleshot new software system to remove areas that had potential for errors an d malfunction, which enabled company to avert potential costly downtime. After decision by upper management to purchase new software system, investigated and f ield tested numerous systems on market and narrowed search to five selections; d ecided on system that best matched identified needs of company; became knowledge

able of utilization of system and proceeded to eliminate connectivity issues. Results: System was utilized to complete all tasks connected to inventory and s ales; troubleshooting enabled system to be used by entire staff through training and coaching; after implementation, no costly downtime occurred. Introduced systems that could be updated periodically and would be utilized for relatively long periods of time which improved purchasing process for company. Recognized need for implementation of standardized process of record keeping and establishing accountability for efficient operational procedures; organized all records and documents, while setting in motion precise accounting of merchandis e; sorted categories and utilized computer to sort items; obtained most advantag eous pricing; met with representatives of vendor companies to establish effectiv e business relations. Results: Standardization of record keeping for purchasin g provided documentation that enabled company to negotiate better pricing and te rms. Reduced expensive equipment maintenance costs by personally assuming responsibil ity for that equipment. Researched copy machines in market; explored purchasing versus leasing options; determined criteria for equipment and surveyed staff to determine their expectations and needs for copiers; decision was made to purchas e equipment, which raised issue of routine maintenance; became proficient in cop ier repair in order to reduce maintenance repair costs and downtime of copiers. Results: Personally kept copiers on routine maintenance schedule which prevent ed major problems and loss of production time.