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Cheryl R. Bratchet 1024 North Bentalou Street Baltimore, MD 21216 410-233-6872 cb1600406@westpost.


Objective: To obtain a position that will allow for growth and development with a chance to contribute and further my managerial and administrative experience. Work Experience: C.S.C/Baltimore Data Capture Center- Essex, MD, General Clerk III, February 2010 September 2010 Remove census forms from envelopes for processing, manually wand in ID code not capture by sorter, check in enumerator forms from locate census offices, box re conciliation; tray preparation; generate and attach bar code to forms, key in ad dress and bar codes data into workstation. Manually sort forms by type and prior ity and assigns them to homogeneous boxes. Transcribe and verify the accuracy of the data according to Title 13 guidelines .

Work Experience: Trizetto/Preferred Health Network- Lithium, MD Enrollment Specialist, November 2000 - June 23, 2008 100% Quality check of new and default group installation, Assist in preparation of direct billed invoice for timely mailing Posting of broker administration premium payments that do not automatically pos t via electronic process. Resolve and correct error found in facets data base Assist the collection departments with recover letters and up dating notes, and the claim department in correcting processor codes and member information. Responsibilities also include processing and prescribing new enrollment applica tions Updating terminology and reinstating members, auditing new enrollment applicati ons Adding and change primary care physicians as needed Adjust members information and mail out new and replacement membership cards. Working with team to coordinate job functions Minimize member and customer service problems Answering inbound and making outbound calls to group members. Partners Accounting Staff- Baltimore, MD Accounting Clerk I - April 2000 - November 2000 Balance cash suspenses and client ledger 100% Quality checks to verify data is being put in correctly Data Entry Mail out bills and invoices for payments. Adjust member accounts Option One Office Staff- Dorsey, MD Chevy Chase Bank ATM Verification Clerk - Dec 1999 - March 2000 Duties included answering inbound and outbound calls Minimize member and customer service problems Assisting customer and other departments with ATM problem

Write and verify ATM deposit slips Locate missing ATM deposit slips and cash Make copies of all check deposits through ATM machine daily. Baltimore Federal Credit Union- Baltimore, MD Security Administrative Assistant - June 1985 October 1999 Responsibilities included Bank teller Collections Assistant make debt collections calls and mail recover letters Answer inbound and making outbound phone calls. Purchasing and managing inventory Tracking and locating missing delivers and packages. Overseeing various security practices throughout the facility Ordering badges for new and old employees and oversee sign in request for all v isitors. Providing various administrative duties Bank of Baltimore- Baltimore, MD File Clerk - August 1984 July 1985 Duties included managing branch databases files and records Answer inbound and make outbound phone calls Bank Teller Providing various administrative duties. State Highway Administration- Baltimore, MD File Clerk- December 1983- July 1984 Duties included managing filing system Answer inbound and outbound phones calls Microfilm all file in manage system file data base Assist departments and customers with inquiries and Equipment/Computer Career Related Skills: Effective Internet and Microsoft Office, including Word,Excel, PowerPoint and O utlook Express Effective oral and written communication skills Collections Copier Machine Fax Machine Citrix Program, Phastrak Facets: holds information for claims, enrollment, billing, collections and lett ers Education: Southwestern High School Baltimore, MD - 1978 National Education Center Baltimore, MD - 1980 Computer Technician Diploma Maryland State Workforce Digital Lab - 2009 Computer Technology: Microsoft Applications Certificate References: Available Upon Request.